Chapter 7 - A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

Lucas was sitting on the steps waiting for me holding a ‘Transformers’ toy. A carer next to him was accompanying him.

‘Mom.’ Lucas came at me with joy.

I hugged him tightly and felt the happiness that was lost and recovered. This moment made me so happy that I thought everything couldn’t compare with the happiness with my child by my side.

"Miss Yao, I’ll care the child for you, you can rest assured." The nurse said.

"What about the cost of nursing care?" At this point, I had to put the money at the first thinking.

"You can be assured that Mr. Hua has already paid it." The nurse said with a smile.

I was so happy and grateful deep inside my heart, so I just kept saying "thank you" to her.

The nurse said that she had been entrusted by Mr. Hua and she had taken care of the hospitalization procedures for my son. She was asked by Mr. Hua’s instruction to call me to come over. It was also what his instruction that not telling me clearly on the phone. Lucas heard that her mother was coming, so he had to come to the door and wait for me. So there was such a scene.

Mr. Hua can only be Jacky Hua. He had saved my son, but he didn’t tell me. Not only did he not say it, but also he didn’t let others tell me. He deliberately did so to see me worried over the case.

The nurse took me to the ward where Lucas lived. The other patients in the ward had been moved away. There was a set of gold-clad version of Transformers toys on the empty bed.

This is what Lucas has always wanted. It costs more than 2,000 dollars on the Internet. With my financial ability, there was really no way to buy such an expensive toy for Lucas. Now someone bought it for him.

"Lucas, didn't I tell you that you shouldn’t accept the gifts of strangers?" I said flatly.

Lucas felt grieved, "I knew and I also said this, but Uncle Hua said he was not 'strangers', he was a friend of yours, so I accepted it. He also said that as long as I listen to my mom, he will buy me whatever toys I want."

I felt touched inexplicably.

"Anyway, before receiving other’s gifts, you must first get my consent." I said seriously.

‘Fine.“ Lucas answered reluctantly.

After I had a conversation with Lucas, a medical worker of the hospital came in and told me that the 30,000 dollars medical expenses paid in advance should be enough for this week, but I was also required to prepare the expenses for the next week in advance.

I suddenly felt hopeless again. I finally found my child back, but the problem of the medical expenses were still not completely resolved.

Later, I was with the child in the ward, when Hao Wu suddenly broke in.

There was an obvious bruise on his left face. He seemed to have fought with someone.

I guarded the child nervously, "Hao Wu, what do you want? Don't frighten the kid."

‘I came here today to take you and Lucas home for dinner. We can also discuss about the divorce.’ He said.

Hao Wu took the initiative to propose a divorce, I did not expect this.

But this is also his style. Now that the child has been ill, if we get divorced, we won’t be a burden for him..

"If you want to divorce, I agree with that. But no need for dinner." I said coldly.

"Come on, don’t be so heartless. I prepared a table of dishes as our last dinner before divorce.’ Hao said.

Of course I didn't want to go back to that house, but Lucas said pitifully that he wanted to go home with his dad for dinner.

I don't want Lucas to be unhappy because of our problems. After getting the doctor's consent, we went home with Hao.

He had really made a few good dishes. When my mother-in-law saw me and Lucas coming back, she went out with a cold face, I didn't know where she was going.

Lucas was very happy that we were eating together. Although I was disappointed with Hao, for Lucas, I also faked a smile.

Hao raised his wine glass. "Anyway, we had married to each other. Just toast for the last time."

I don’t drink usually, but he kept persuading me to drink. I had to drink for a little bit. Then he persuaded me to have a second and third glass.

Gradually, I felt a little dizzy, my body became soft and almost lost the balance. There was an inexplicable feeling of hotness inside my body.

"Lucas, play outside. Dad and mom have something to talk about."

Hao lifted me from the chair and walked towards the bedroom. I clearly saw a grinning smile of his mouth.

I wanted to struggle, but I was too tired to struggle. Also I was afraid to scare my child. I had no choice but to be threatened into the bedroom. Then he threw me on the bed and started to strip my clothes.

His computer was on, and the camera was flickering, it was on as well.

I realized that this was a plot. I shouted "let me go", struggling hard, but I had no strength in my hands and feet, not even the strength to roll off the bed.

‘Kiki Yao, do you think you can marry up and get rid of me? How dare you call someone to beat me! Didn't the Fourth Brother protect you? If I recorded a video of you on my bed, guess how much he would pay for it.’ Hao Wu said with a smile.

I was anxious and angry, but I knew I had to stabilize him first. I can't let him touch me, let alone recording the process.

"Hao, the child is still outside. Don't do this. If you just want money, we can discuss it." I said as quietly as possible.

"There is to room to discuss. Kiki, you are a bitch who betrayed me and asked someone to beat me. I’m going to torture you today! Then I’ll let you adulterer spend money to buy the video!’ Hao began to take off his own clothes.