Chapter 6 - A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

After everyone heard what Jacky said, 'No, I don't.' some of the guests stood up in shock.

The most surprised, of course, is the bride Ruoxin Chen. She was annoyed, "Jacky, you must be kidding, right?"

“I had a crush on someone, and she's right here today.” Jacky said.

After these words, all of the guests began to search the room, they desperately wanted to know who is the lucky girl let Jacky break off the engagement.

I felt I was suffocating in here. And I had some bad instincts.

Unfortunately, just as I supposed, Jacky directly came towards me and handed me the flowers under scrutiny of all guests

I finally understood why he asked me to come here.

The whole wedding thing was a plot, and I was just a pawn in his hand. He brought me here to be the scapegoat.

Of course I wouldn’t let him do this. I was miserable, but I didn’t want to be slaughtered like a cut of meat. I wanted to make it clear that I was not the one who broke up this marriage.

"We don’t..."

Before I finished my words, he suddenly kissed me so that I could not speak a word. And that’s what made the scene more and more chaotic .

Then I heard his cold warning. ”If you want your son to be safe, be obedient. Cooperate with me and pretend to be in love with me.“

As soon as I heard what he said about my son, I winced. This son of a bitch, he agreed to help me to find my child, now he had the brass to threaten me!

I lifted my head and saw the camera of the reporter on the scene was shooting at us.

"I’m sorry, Kiki. I will never be separated from you from now on." Jacky said to me fondly.

As he said this, his eyes beckoned to me to play with him.

Under the watch of so many people, it was really hard for me to pretend with someone unacquainted. But he threatened me with my son, I had no choice but to put up with this.

"Jacky, I believe in you." I said stiffly.

I didn't believe it myself. But I had to stare at his handsome face while I was speaking. I had a complex feeling of guilt and shyness.

"Jacky, don’t you dare go out of this room today! If you do this, you will not be able to get back to Hua Family!" An elder in a suit said majestically.

‘Dad, I failed to live up to this woman. She was not only the one I loved, but also the mother of my son. I owe them so much.’ Jacky said.

There was another uproar.

I was also a little stunned, is he really the Fourth Brother that Hao Wu mentioned? Is he the biological father of Lucas?

The elder man's face was livid, and his expression was complex. He seemed to be hesitating and doubting.

"Kiki, let's get out of here."

Jacky took my cold hands and went outside.

Someone wanted to stand in his way, but Jacky's father stopped him to do so.

When I got into the car which had been prepared, I just got what he meant. ‘What you just said, is it true?’

He looked at me and suddenly hissed, "Did you really buy it? You've been watching a lot of dramas, haven't you? Do you really think I like you? It's nothing but acting."

This made me feel very insulted, if Hao Wu didn’t say the child's father called the Fourth Brother, if he didn’t happen to be called fourth brother, if he didn’t say Lucas was his child, I would not have been so shameless to ask him.

"How could you do this to me? It was you who wanted to get divorced, and you want me to take the blame? It was you who said you are the Lucas' father......’

"Do you really think it is possible? Look in the mirror, please."

He looked contemptuous. He reached out to open the drawer, took out a check, "Here is a hundred thousand dollars for your performance fee."

He used the money to shut me up again. He thought he can do anything he wanted with money?

I shouted at him. ‘You've gone too far. You owe me an apology!’

He seemed to have heard something funny. His face was mocking. ‘Apologize? Who do you think you are? Do you want the money or not?’

In his mind, as long as he gave me the money, he could cheat me and trample on me again and again.

I held out my hand to take the check in his hand, crumpled it up and threw it into his face. ‘Do you think money is everything? Do you think you can manipulate others as puppets with money?’

Irritated by my action, he put on his brakes quickly. Before I had time to fasten my seat belt, inertia made me rush forward and I bumped my head.

"Go!" He uttered a word coldly.

"Of course I’ll go, you bastard, hypocrite!"

After that, I opened the door and got off his car. He immediately drove away angrily.

I walked for a long time, only to find the nearest bus stop. But for a long time no bus came by, bringing

me more grievance and frustration.

At this time the phone rang, it was a strange number. I picked up and heard a female voice: "Excuse me, are you the mother of Lucas?"

On hearing the name of Lucas, I was so nervous and said yes to her.

"Please come to the Huadong Hospital. We have something to tell you." The female said.

"Huadong China Hospital? My child just got released from that hospital. Is there any unfinished business?’ I asked.

"Please come here." The caller hung up without explanation.

I dared not to delay and went straight to the hospital by taxi.

On arriving the hospital, I just got out of the car and saw this situation, tears came up to my eyes again.