Chapter 5 - My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

"The necklace is missing? Didn't I just ship it yesterday and you even said that you picked it up yourself?" Jason asked with a shocked expression.

"Yes Brother Jason, I even brought it with me when I was coming this morning and gave it to my brother." Val acted delicately as she hugged Jason's arm.

"Yes sister, I was with it when I came and I thought that I gave it you. Then where could it have gone, could someone have been consumed with extreme jealousy that they stole it."

"Sister... did you by chance steal my necklace." Val asked in a gentle voice as she turned to look at Amanda but the evil glint in her eyes could not be hidden.

"When did I steal your necklace, when I came in, I went straight to grandma to talk to her, your mother and brother came in after us, I did not even go near them, how could I have stolen the necklace, using magic?" Amanda replied, puzzled by their accusation.

"How could we know, maybe we should check your handbag to confirm, after all it is a very delicate and beautiful necklace, even I could not resist its charm." Vallery said.

"Sure, you can check." Amanda handed her handbag over, not knowing that she had already fallen into the trap of these vicious people.

Vallery did not hesitates as she emptied everything on the floor, there was a chattering sound as the necklace fell from the bag onto the floor.

Amanda and everyone in the room were shocked.

What was going on? She did not even touch the necklace, how could it suddenly appear in her handbag, the bag had been with her all this time, what the hell was going on.

"I knew it sister, how could you possibly let me and Jason have a happy life? What is the meaning of you stealing the necklace I'm supposed to wear to my engagement party? What is the meaning of you stealing it. Don't you know that this necklace means a lot to me?" Val said with an innocent voice. She pretended to be wronged and tears almost fell from her eyes.

Jason looked at Amanda coldly. His gaze was filled with undisguised disgust.

"What the hell! How did that thing get in my handbag, I did not even know that you had a necklace, so how could I possibly steal it? I did not even know that you two were together, so how could I be jealous of you? I did not steal anyone's necklace." Amanda defended herself.

But who could believe her.

"I knew that this mother and daughter pair were upto no good!" Juliana sneered.

"Evelyne, how did you raise your daughter. She has turned into a thief, stealing people's things in the passing. How could you expect someone with no morals to eneter the the William's family. You really think highly of yourself." She continued to mock them in a gloating voice.

Today was their dooms day. She could not let this chance slip by. They could not even think of getting away with this. They have been waiting for this moment for a long time and Amanda should end up in jail for them to feel at peace.

"Sister Amanda, I have always looked upto you like a big sister to me, but I could not expect that you could actually resort to stealing. I was wrong all this time." Ryan added salt to the wound.

It is true that at first, he always looked up to Amanda when he was young, but his sister and mother started to poison his mind, they told him a lot of bad things about Amanda and her mother until he developed the negative impression.

Amanda was now trembling with anger. Seeing the gloating look on their face, she could tell that this scheme had been planned for a long time. They wanted her to fall with no means of making a come back.

She never knew how vicious and greedy the heart of a human being could be.

One can resort to any means, as long as their goals are achieved.

Amanda looked at grandma Catherine with an apologetic look. Grandma Catherine also looked at her apologetically. She did not even recognize the people in the room anymore. It felt like she was meeting with them for the very first time.

Amanda looked at everyone in the room coldly and enunciated each word. "I said it and I will say it again, I did not do it. Believe whatever you want but I will say it again, I. DID. NOT. STEAL. ANYONE'S. NECKLACE!!"

After finishing her words, Amanda bent down to pick her stuff.

This place made her feel sick and she just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

After picking up her stuff, she straitened her back, looked at her mother and told her to leave with her.

Her mother was also fed up with these people and she wanted to leave.

"Sister, where are you going. We have not even solved this case, or maybe someone is framing you on purpose, don't you want to find out?" Vallery blocked her way as she said in an innocent voice. No one could tell that all the show was directed by her.

"Move out of my way!" Amanda said coldly.

"Ah, sister, I just want to help you catch the perpetrator. I know you are mad at me for snatching Jason away from you. It is all my fault, I couldn't control my feelings for him, can you forgive me and give us your blessings."

Amanda eyes turned even more cold, Val could not help but fell a shiver run down her spine. But she could not chicken out. To her, Amanda was already dead and a thing in the past.

"I will not say one more time, move out of my way."

Val pretended to be shaken. She moved in as if she was going to whisper something to Amanda but in the next second, a shrill cry suddenly rung out.

Everyone looked up in shock. They saw Vallery clutching her stomach and wailing on the ground. It was as if she had been given a hard push.

Everyone shifted their hostile gazes on Amanda, only grandma Catherine acted as if she did not see anything.

"Val, are you okay." Jason rushed over hurriedly and pulled her up. He held her in his arms as he asked her worriedly.

"I'm fine brother Jason, I think I deserve more than this. After all I really hurt my sister so much."