Chapter 4 - My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

"Jason.... grandson, what is the meaning of this? Are not supposed to be engaged to Amanda? What are you doing kissing her sister in front of everyone?" Grandma Catherine's face was pale but she still managed to speak to her grandson in a cool manner although she almost blew her top up.

"Grandma, I'm sorry to disappoint you but things have changed now. I love Vallery now and we have been together since the time I went overseas five years ago. She cares about me so much that I don't want any other girl apart from her. I have been wanting to tell you for a long time now but I did not have the courage to see your heartbroken." Jason answered honestly.

"What are you talking about? You have been with her for almost five years and I did not even know about this?" Grandma Catherine's face turned cold as she stared at her family in front of her.

She could not believe what she was hearing now. Looking at their faces, they did not seem surprised by this turn of events. And there was not even a look of guilty on their faces.

This could only mean that they were aware of this affair and they have chose to not say anything to her or Amanda. Is their any humanity in hearts. How did she not know that their hearts are as black as the bottom of a pot!!

So they called Amanda here in order to humiliate her. How could they be this heartless? Amanda had not done anything to deserve such humiliation. She looked at her husband with a cold gaze....


When Vallery and her mother had joined their family, her and Jason were already together, at least officially. Vallery and her mother joined her family when she was only 17 years of age, Vallery was only 15 years, meaning they were almost age mates.

At first, she did not care about this sister who came out of nowhere, but as time passed by, she started to love her like her own sister. She did everything for her. Gave her her best clothes and bags. She welcomed her with open arms in their family.

Since she had always longed for a sibling, she treated her wholeheartedly. Her mother was shocked and heartbroken at first but with time she accepted them because she saw how her daughter enjoyed their company.

Little did they know that the love and care they showered them with will come to bite them one day.

Juliana and her daughter robbed them their everything when they chased them out of the family. Even the father who lover her and trusted her joined in the fun of driving them out of the family.

That is the day Amanda saw the true nature heart. Her father threw the divorce papers at her mom. They witnessed how the mother and daughter pair mocked them after they took their place. It was not easy for Amanda and her mother to start a new life. Although it was hard but they strived.

When they were still leaving together, whenever Jason came to visit, Val will tell Amanda how lucky she was to get such a perfect man. She always idolized Jason but she knew Jason hatred her so much so Amanda did not mind her idolizing her man because she knew nothing will ever happen between them, but seeing then here together, she really doubted her judgement about people.

'Was Jason hatred just a show, to fool me into thinking that nothing will ever happen between him and my sister and yet they were fooling around behind my back?'

What did I do to deserve such humiliation and disgrace?


Amanda had already calmed down on the outside though her heart felt like it was being torn apart.

She looked at the man she had loved for almost all the years she has lived upto now, and could not even recognize him anymore.

It felt like they were meeting for the very first time, she felt incredulous about thinking that they will end up together.

"One week after you went overseas, wasn't you the one who sent me a text telling me that I did not need to contact you. That you needed to concentrate on your studies and that you will contact me when you came back. I still have that text if you want to see it, I never deleted it and that was the only thing that kept me going in the last five years." Amanda opened her mouth to explain herself.

"I did not want to disturb you or make you lose your concentration, but I did not know that this will be your way of thanking me for waiting for you those five years?"

She had already calmed down and you could not hear anything abnormal with her voice.

But her mother knew her well and she could tell that her daughter was trying her best to suppress her emotions.

"What text, I did not send you anything like that!" Jason defended himself. He had gone overseas with Vallery and they had spent almost three months before Vallery came back. He did not remember contacting Amanda even one day.

Vallery had kept coming overseas to see him, and their feelings just grew strong with each passing day that they spent together.

Hearing Amanda say that she had received a text from Jason, Vallery's face changed slightly. It was a subtle change that no one noticed, but Amanda was looking at her and managed to notice that small change.

She did not need to think twice to know what it meant.

It must have been Vallery who sent her the text disguising herself as Jason.

Then how long had these two been together?

She looked at her father, but all that could been seen in his eyes were coldness and disgust.

For the very first time, Amanda felt like she was walking through hell and did not know anybody anymore. Everyone was a stranger to her.

"The engagement party is about to begin, Vallery go get ready." Her father said in a gentle tone.

Vallery smiled but did not forget to look at Amanda and gave her a meaningful smile.

She walked away with pride as she went to finish doing her makeup.

"Amanda, don't blame dad for anything, since you choose to go with your mother, you should not expect me to acknowledge you as my daughter. You know what your mother did and you should not blame me for being heartless."

Amanda looked at him silently.

She turned to look at Jason, hoping that he will offer her an explanation but he did not even look at her.

"Hey guys, have you seen my necklace, it is the one I'm supposed to wear for the party. Jason had shipped it from overseas." Came Vallery's worried voice as she questioned the people around her.

"No siz, or maybe someone stole it."

"I have looked everywhere but I have not seen it...."

Vallery, her mother and her brother looked at each other with meaningful gazes.