Chapter 6 - My Second Chance

Sapphire's P.O.V

I woke up at a burning feeling at my wrists. My head was pounding. I groaned loudly at the discomfort.

My wrists were locked above my head. What the hell?! Silver chains were keeping my wrists from freedom. I growled.

"Well... The Alpha will have fun torturing you..." A voice said from a corner. I jumped at the sudden voice. The guy who I fought earlier emerged from the dark. "Shut your fuckhole up." I snapped at him. "You should have known better than blindly walking past our borders." He snarled. "Who the fuck are you?" I growled at him. "Alec. Alec Anderson. Beta of the Dark Moon Pack." He smirked. I growled at him. "But... You have a nice body." He commented. I widened my eyes and looked down in horror, but it was soon replaced by a relieved expression. "Thanks." I sighed as I saw a long cloth around my body, covering it from prying eyes. "Don't thank me too soon." He smirked.

Hey,you okay? Drew asked concernly. I'm fine... My wrists just hurts a little, I replied. Need some power to break the chains? She asked excitedly. Tempting, but you know that we can't, I shrugged. You're no fun... Drew whined. I chuckled at her.

I accidentally pressed my wrist against the chain. "Owww..." I groaned in pain. I'm sure that the flesh around my wrist is now red. "Weakling..." Alec smirked. "You do not want to try me." I warned. "The why are you in chains?" He mocked and I growled at him. "What you gonna do? Call for mummy and daddy?" He snickered. My parents... A pang of pain went through my heart again. He's gone too far, Gwen growled. That's it... Drew? I growled. On it, She smirked. A blast of power went through my left arm at once. I tugged my hand down. The silver chain that were around my left wrist broke at once.

I smirked at the now gaping Alec. This guy needs to know that his place when he's dealing with me. "Believe me when I tell you to not try me." I smirked. He was opening and shutting his mouth like a

goldfish. "How? But,why? How did you even do that?" He gasped. "Let's just say that I can easily overpower you so don't anger me." I warned. He gulped visibly.

I know... Breaking silver chains as a werewolf is practically impossible unless you are super super strong or something. But my demon is so much stronger.

"How come you are so strong?" He growled at me. I shrugged at him and he growled lowly, unhappy with my lack of respect. He suddenly had a blank look on his face,in a second he snapped back to reality. I didn't give it too much thought.

Gwen started to fidget again. What the hell,Gwen? I growled at her,my impatience rubbing in. She whimpered but continued fidgeting. She started chanting something so fast I couldn't quite catch. Gwen? I sighed at her. She didn't reply,but kept chanting. Gwen,come on... What's wrong? I asked. She ignored me.

"He'll be here soon." Alec smirked. I raised an eyebrow at him. "The Alpha." He stated and I nodded. I looked around me,taking in the details of the cell.

"Nice cell." I commented. "It'll be nicer when your blood is all over it." He spat. I just shrug. "You have a nice personality... It would be a shame to kill you."He sneered. "You guys won't. And can't." I added. "Oh... You don't know much about our Alpha, do you? Well... Let me tell you this,the rumors about him are all true." He snickered. Rumour is to say that he has a cold heart,ruthless,rude,evil. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Don't make me lose my temper." I warned him and he kept quiet.

Just then, I smelled an amazing scent. "What's that?" I asked Alec curiously. "What's what?" He asked, looking confused. "That smell... What's that smell?" I asked,sniffing again. "What smell? There's no smell." Alec said, furrowing his eyebrows. "There is." I said firmly. "No. There isn't. Shut up." He commanded me. I growled at him and he tensed. I sniffed harder. The scent was getting stronger and stronger by every second.

I have only encountered something like this once and it was when.... shit. Gwen slowed down her chanting and could finally make out what she was saying. Mate mate mate mate.... She chanted slower now. Oh no... I am freaking out. I don't want a mate. I don't want to get hurt again. I started fidgeting.

"Umm... What's wrong?" Alec furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. I ignored him.Now isn't the time to talk to a dickhead. Gwen! Drew! What am I suppose to do?! I yelled mentally in panic. Calm your tits woman. Drew rolled her eyes. Why doesn't she ever panic?! Gwen continued chanting in excitement. I want our mate... he smells so much better than Leo, Gwen whimpered, her voice thick with lust. I don't want a mate! I don't want to get hurt again. Love hurts! I screamed at them. Gwen paid no notice. He might be better than Leo... Don't freak out. Drew huffed, obviously thinking that I'm overreacting. Drew.... I whined. Sapphire Beyonce Jackson! Shut the fuck up! Drew yelled at me and I shut up. There is no choice in his matter. You don't have enough time to run now. And the Moon Goddess gave you a second chance mate for a reason and no one wants a bipolar mate who freaks out at the first sight of them. Drew said.

Meh. I couldn't say anything about that. But I don't want to get hurt again. The rejection have already scarred me for life. I don't want another one. I don't think that I'll be able to handle another one.

Just then, the the metal doors slammed open. My heart beat quickened.

My mate have arrived.