Chapter 5 - My Second Chance

Sapphire's P.O.V8

I walked on and on. Sweating from the insane heat that was burning my pale skin.

After hours of walking,the sun started to set and the air turned cooler, making it easier to walk. The moon rose into the sky, shining down on me. Last territory, Moon Goddess. Please help me with this last territory, I prayed to the Moon Goddess. I took my backpack off and rummaged through my last bottle of water. This is the third day I turned into a rogue. The third day I left my friends.

I felt amazingly free being a rogue. No Alpha, no rules, no bullies, no dramas. I was free, finally free.

I stared at the border line of the last territory I needed to cross. The Dark Moon Pack. The most ferocious and cruel pack. This pack was feared by all. I've heard many scary stories about this pack. The stories used to scare the shit out of me. I gulped rather loudly. I need at least half a day to cross this territory since it's pretty big. Half a day to reach the city.

I had crossed 7 pack territories altogether. I got noticed and chased by 2 packs.

I got lucky and sneaked across 5 packs unnoticed. This one, I glanced at the border line, I might not even cross without getting killed. Positive thoughts, Drew snapped. I took a deep breath. The last one. The last pack to freedom.

Just then, my wolf started fidgeting. Gwen,what's wrong? I asked concernly. I don't know... I'm just suddenly nervous. Maybe it's just because we're close to freedom... or maybe the fact that we are going to sneak in into the largest pack, Gwen said nervously. Stop fidgeting already, Drew snapped. Hey,be nicer, I scolded. I'm a demon... you can't blame me on being mean... Drew shrugged. I shook my head at her. Seriously, she was hopeless. "Ok... This is it." I said, masking my demon and werewolf scent, to avoid attention.

I stepped over the line. Almost at once, power ran through my body, making me shudder. This is the Dark Moon's territory alright.

I felt extra power coarse through me as Drew released some power. It heightened my senses. I found an awesome way get my demon abilities without changing. The last time I transformed alone, let's just say that I put a whole forest on fire. And I was just 5. I felt my heart tighten at a bad memory. Drew claims that she can't even control herself when she takes full control of my body fully. The evil side of me comes out a little on the red moon. My two best freinds have always helped keep me from destroying anything every year.

Just then, I heard a faint rustle. Umm, Drew... What was that? I asked nervously. Shit... A werewolf. Okay... Don't panic Sapphire... They can smell your fear. Drew growled. Gwen was still fidgeting around, this time, in happiness. Ummm, Gwen, why are you happy? I asked. I have no idea... Gwen replied, still jumping around. I rolled my eyes at her.

Okay... Sapph, don't panic,but... He can sense us now... He's coming closer and closer, Drew said. Okay then, i guess we have to fight to get out of this one, I said, gritting my teeth. Be careful,Sapph. Your body is already weak now... My powers aren't going to help much, Drew reminded.

Okay,now I can sense it in the shadows. Watching my every move. Then, the figure walked out from the dark.

A gorgeous guy with dirty blonde hair walked out. His abs were outlined by the tight shirt he had on. His hair was messy. He growled at me. At once,his canines and claws extended. He soon dropped on four paws. I growled at him as I sensed danger. He gave me a wolfish smirk. Okay, I don't think that I can beat him in a fight when my body is in this state. Okay,Gwen. You're up, I told her. I felt my canines lengthen immediately and my claws grew out. Fur sprouted from my neck as my bones cracked. Soon, maroon fur covered me and I dropped on all fours. A loud growl vibrated my chest.

The grey wolf looked astonished at my unique coloured fur and sudden power. I smirked at him. He quickly recovered and growled louder. We went around in circles, waiting for our opponent's first move. He pounced at me as I returned the attack. I managed to sink my teeth into a small part of his back. Metallic liquid soon filled my mouth. He shook me off his body easily due to my already weak body.

I'm too tired, I complained at my aching body. Get a grip,Sapph... Drew growled as she sent another surge of demon power into my veins. I instantly felt stronger. I got up quickly and leaped at him. He quickly ducked. I landed perfectly on my fours. I panted. I was weak... Too weak...

He leaped towards me and knocked me down. We rolled around, snapping at each other occasionally. I made the first mistake of making the first bite. He took the opportunity and pushed my head towards a large stone. My head collided with it. Drew sent a little more power to make my pain lessen.

After that, I blacked out with warm metallic liquid seeping down my head.