Chapter 6 - My Stupid & Great Husband

2 P.M, the grand villa

Andy Wu sitting still in the couch of the living room, with Changsheng Li standing beside him respectfully.

“Tell me, what have you got there?” Andy asked Changsheng a short moment later.

Changsheng reported to him as he required, “According to what I have surveyed, The Old Man Guangyao Xia had been in bed for the last three years because of his sickness, and had never been anywhere out of Westplain city. What’s more, all the powerful and influential families in Yanjing City think you are dead. No one knew that you got rescued. The Xia Family belongs to the second class of the the powerful and influential families in this region, so I think The Old Man had no power to save you and got you back to the Westplain city without people noticing.”

To Andy, Changsheng’s words made little difference. He said unhappily, “Are you implying that you have found nothing new today?”

“No,” Changsheng answered immediately, “There’s still a clue. I have researched The Old Man’s lifetime. It turned out that The Old Man had been in the army in Yanjing city for many years. So in my opinion, could it be some old friend of The Old Man in Yanjing city that saved you? And created a Westplain citizen identity for you and arranged you to stay in the Xia Family.”

The Old Man had been in the army in Yanjing city?

On hearing this, Andy’s mind started to get clear.

Silent for a while, Andy said slowly, like telling a big secret, “If I am not wrong, the one who saved me

should be the person in the Wu Family.”

Looking at Andy, Changcheng felt so complicated at the moment. As far as he’s concerned, the one who could bring Andy, who was then deeply poisoned back to life and successfully hid the truth from everyone, must be someone extraordinary. Out of curiosity, he asked, “Who’s that person?”

Andy rolled his eyes at him and said, “ It wouldn’t do you any good if you knew too much.”

Changsheng lowered his head and said immediately, “Yes, Sir.”

Andy’s expression gradually got deeper and full of meaning. Apparently he had known who saved his life, but it remained a mystery why and how this person, who was a bastard son replaced his father and took over the power of the Wu Family.

Tian Wu was crafty, and Andy already knew that. But he didn’t expect him to have had such ability to change destiny.

Too deep Tian Wu had hidden himself.

Seeing Andy remaining silent, Changsheng couldn’t help asking, “Is there anything else I need to look into, third young master?”

“Nothing.” He answered directly.

What was about to happen next would be all about the family matters inside the Wu Family. Though Changsheng was the richest man in Jiangdong province, he was still not powerful enough to get involved in the Wu Family.

Changsheng nodded and took out a piece of black card from his pocket. It was the Supreme black card of Jiangdong Bank and it’s the symbol of nobility and ability. The amount of money in the card shouldn’t be less than a hundred million.

Changsheng presented the blacked card to Andy with both hands and said, “This is the card you asked me to process.”

Andy was born with everything, the least thing he needed was money and he had never considered money a big deal and thought money was just a series meaningless figures.

Until when he got back his three years’ memory in the Westplain city did he realized there was indeed something that money can do, such as changing a lot of things.

Such as helping Jenny Xia.

“This is the phone I have prepared for you with my number inside. Young master, if you need me, contact me directly.” He gave him a cellphone after giving the black card.

It was a limited edition which was used only by the nobles and was worth a million, though it looked as simple and out of style as an old people’s phone.

Taking over the phone, Andy read the time on it and suddenly got up and said, “I’ve got to go.”

“Let me drive you.” Changsheng said.

“No need.” He refused.

Then he left in big steps.

Andy went directly to the Jiangdong Bank as soon as he left the villa.

Being a local bank in Jiangdong Province, the Jiangdong bank grew abruptly like the spring bamboo and now it had branches all over the country with great capital flow background.

There were many people standing in line in the bank.

He didn’t become one of them. Instead, he went directly into the VIP room.

Pushing the door directly, Andy went inside.

“Please wait in line in the lobby, only VIP clients are allowed in here.” Qing Xie, VIP manager in the chair, glanced at Andy and said lightly.

Andy walked to the table, threw the card at the table and said coldly, “Withdraw a million.”

The top supreme black card almost blinded Qing Xie.

Having graduated from a famous university, Qing had a great ability in what she did, that’s why she became the VIP manager shortly after she graduated.

She had seen numerous rich people, varieties of them, but someone who had got such an appearance like Andy was so rare and she couldn’t believe he had the supreme black card!

Such card was so rare and unique in Westplain city.

Qing was at shock for a few seconds before she put on her sophisticated smile immediately, and said, “Sure, sir.”

Qing was swift and it didn’t took long before she got the money ready. Then she said to Andy with a sorry face, “I am sorry sir, but we have run out of the safe box and I have already sent for people to buy one, please wait for a while,”

Not wanting to waste time, Andy said, “There’s no need for a safe box, just give me a bag instead.”

Qing nodded and said, “Yes, sir.”

Soon Qing took out a black plastic bag and one million cash was already inside.

Qing saw him out respectfully and as soon as they reached the door, Qing quickly gave her name card to Andy and said in a flirty voice, “Sir, this is my name card. If you need anything just call me directly, I can provide home service, too.”

Qing was quite good looking and attractive as a professional lady, but Andy didn’t even look at her from the start till the end. As for her name card, neither did he take it. He just went away directly.

Seeing his figure going away, Qing said, “Of low profiles and cool. I like him!”

Andy took a cab and went back home.

He hurried home after he got out of the cab, holding the bag of cash.

“Isn’t this my stupid brother-in-law?” All of a suddenly, Julia Xia came out of God knows where and stood in front of Andy.

Julia lived in the same residential area with Jenny, but Julia was only living here for work convenience while her family still lived in the villa.

When it came to appearance and figure, Julia was always the top kind. What’s more, Julia knew about art and had become a famous artist in Westplain city.

As the third daughter of the Xia Family, Julia Xia had a good reputation out there. However, anyone who knew Julia well would know that she made friends for their money. In her eyes, poor people wouldn’t deserve to be her friend. A useless fool like Andy was exactly the type she hated, so every time she met him, she would humiliate him.

Andy didn’t even look at Julia. He just said calmly, “Please let me pass.”

Julia didn’t move. She took a glance at the black plastic bag and laughed meanly, “You stupid man, you took a bag of trash home again. Aren’t you afraid of being scolded?”

Speaking of this, she suddenly realized something, “Oh I remember that you are about to be kicked out by the Xia Family soon, you can only make a living by picking trash.”

She took two sips of the milk tea in her hands and then pushed it to Andy, “Here, take it, mercy from me, and you are welcome.”

Andy glanced at Julia but soon walked past her.

It was 5 P.M, as Andy was just arriving at the door, the door was suddenly opened from inside. Standing there was Jenny.

Eyes red, Jenny looked at Andy and said in a sad voice, “Let’s get a divorce!”