Chapter 7 - My Stupid & Great Husband

Andy had a strong heart as he had been through all kinds of hardships, so he could remain indifferent whether granted favors or subjected to humiliation.

But at the moment, the sudden words from Jenny were like a head-on blow, which stopped him right there, not able to move. His expressions froze and his heart ached as if he had been stabbed through the heart. He was heartbroken.

Jenny, too, was emotionally compromised, which could be told easily from her expressions. Looking at Andy who was still in shock, she said sadly, “I am so sorry, Andy.” when she spoke, her voice was hoarse and cracked.

“Jenny, are you silly or not? Why bother say sorry to him? We don’t owe him and we have perfectly fulfilled both love and duty as we have been providing free accommodation and free food for three years.”

Guilan Huang approached Jenny slowly and continued, “Andy Wu, you don’t get to blame Jenny. Think about it, which woman doesn’t want a good man? Look at Shihao, who is such a promising and excellent young man with tremendous amount of money and ability. As soon as I told him about me owing one million debt, he immediately brought the property certificate to me. This is the true man and only this kind of man can give Jenny happiness. Now look at you! You are such a useless man who would do nothing but cause trouble. How many times have I told you not to bring trash home, here you are again with the trash in your hand. People never change what they are!”

Jenny used to defend Andy against Guilan when she was giving him a hard time, but now she couldn’t say a word as if there had been something stuck in her throat. She had compromised to the reality, after all.

All this time, Jenny thought she was strong enough to endure the hardships in life and live happily.

However, what had happened in the past a few days had took all her hopes and patience away and she couldn’t see a way out. If she didn’t get a divorce, she would be kicked out of the Xia Family! If she didn’t get a divorce, even this little apartment would be taken away by the people from the casino. If she didn’t get a divorce, her mom would never stop bothering and haunting her. If she didn’t get a divorce, how could she survive with this inconsiderate mother and this trouble making husband?

Reality is like a big mountain, and she could barely breathe under it. Besides she’s not an iron woman, and this weight was too heavy for her to burden. She needed someone who she could lean on.

Seeing that Andy wasn’t responding, Guilan said to Jenny at once, “Hurry up and take this fool to process the divorce. This man gives me big headache.”

Eyes red, Jenny yelled at her mom, “Why the hurry! The Bureau of Civil affairs is off duty now. We shall see tomorrow.”

Andy remained silent the whole time. Behind Jenny and Guilan, he could see Shihao Wang sitting on the sofa. He turned around and left, without a word.

“Where are you going?” Jenny asked with deep concern, and watched his figure going away.

Andy replied with a low voice, “I’ll come tomorrow and process the divorce.” He paced up and left.

Nobody could see his awkwardness. Only he knew what kind of torment he was suffering. It was not until now did he realize how much he cared about Jenny. He had believed that Jenny would never agree on the divorce, and that he would never leave her either.

But in the end, she had chosen Shihao over him. She abandoned him after all.

He couldn’t accept this ending. He didn’t want to divorce, yet he wouldn’t do anything to force her, as he respected her decision and didn’t want to give her any hard feelings.

He walked faster and faster, looking a lot like a soldier who had been defeated in the war, frustrated.

Not until he went out of the gate did Andy slow down his pace. His legs were so stiff like filling lead, and his brain was about to explode as if it had been filled with gun powder.

The Wu Family which he had grown up in, fell into pieces overnight.

The small family which he had been living in for three years, broke apart again.

Strong as he was, he couldn’t bear the shock like this again and again.

Blood burning through his veins, emotion rolling over his chest, a stream of breath was about to erupt out of his body.


He finally acted it out, shouting aloud when he went on a small and quiet road.

At 9:30 P.M, when Changsheng finished his work and went back to his own villa, he found Andy lying on the sofa, not moving.

Changsheng’s heart skipped a beat. He went over to Andy at once and asked, “Young master, when did you come back?”

“I just got here.” Andy replied with no emotion on his face.

Changsheng felt relived and asked, “Is there anything I can do for you, young sir?” Though Changsheng himself was a genius in business, he still felt great pressure in front of Andy.

Andy just said, “Nothing, I’ve just come to spend the night here.”

When Andy left the night before, Changsheng had invited him to stay but got refused as andy was hurrying home. Changsheng could see Andy cared about Jenny. But at the moment he suddenly showed up and decided to sleep here without being invited. Changsheng couldn’t help himself but asked, “Is there a problem between you and Miss Jenny?”

“We are getting a divorce tomorrow.” Answered Andy, simply.

Changsheng was shocked.

In Yanjing city, a big shot like Andy Wu, should be matched with a marvelous woman. Those tacky and silly women couldn’t deserve him at all. But in Changsheng’s eyes, Jenny Xia was quite special since she was not only beautiful in her appearance, but also talented and capable, most of all, she was so easy-going and tolerant that she could bear to live with a fool for three years, which made Changsheng admire her even more.

Speaking of Jenny, there’s only one thing imperfect about her and it was her family. But someone like Andy who had both money and power wouldn’t need her to match him financially.

Changsheng had great faith in their relationship.

It surely shocked him when Andy said they would get a divorce. He considered it both unexpected and pitiful. So he asked, “Why?”

Andy apparently didn’t want to talk more about it, so he just closed his eyes calmly and said, “I want to be alone for a while. You can attend your own business.”

Though Andy didn’t show any emotion on his face, Changsheng could still feel that Andy was upset. So he just walked away respectfully without bringing him more disturbance.

At 6 A.M, the next morning

6 A.M sharp, Andy was already standing outside of Jenny’s door. Instead of going in, he jut stood there, neither talking nor moving.

He had been standing for two hours.

At 8 A.M, Jenny opened the door and was about to come out when she saw Andy standing quietly there. Her eyes immediately got red and wet, rushing out while throwing her fists upon his chest, she cried, “Where did you go last night! Do you know that I have been looking for you for the whole night?”

Her voice cracked as she was too emotional.

She showed it all to him, all her concerns, without leaving anything behind.

Andy came to process the divorce and he had been ready to be abandoned by Jenny already. But to his surprise, Jenny behaved so unexpectedly, as he didn’t know she would worried about him even if he had been gone for only one night. Looking at the worn out face, Andy felt great pity in his heart. He couldn’t help himself but to say, “I am sorry.”

The three words froze Jenny right there where she was. She gawked at Andy, feeling so unbelievable.

So many things had been done in the past three years and they had brought great trouble to him, too, but not even once did Andy apologize to anyone. It was the first time that Andy had apologized. She was deeply touched on hearing this.

Her eyes soon became shiny with tears.

She wrapped her arms around Andy, choking, and she said, “I won’t divorce you any more. Let’s not divorce, and you are not allowed to wander around any more!”

Jenny regretted. She had been regretful since the night before.

For three years, Any had been by her side, even if he was admitted to the asylum by Guilan many times, Jenny could always bring him back home. But last night Jenny couldn’t find him anywhere, she was worried, sacred and afraid that something bad might happen to him.

Jenny didn’t sleep the whole night.

Now Andy suddenly showed up in front of the door, she felt like something that had been long lost finally came back to her, like a missing child finally got home. Especially when she heard this silly boy apologize to her, she finally tore down her fence and decided not to divorce any more. Never would she

give up on this silly husband any more!

Andy was a true noble man, and he had never got intimate with any other girl before. But at this moment, with Jenny holding him tight, his body suddenly got stiff.

His heart raced faster and so did his breath.

It was a feeling he had never had before.

Especially when the words that they would never get a divorce came out of Jenny’s mouth, he felt even more emotional.

After hugging him for a while, Jenny finally put down her arms and said very seriously, “Andy Wu, please promise me that you won’t wander around any more and stay in my sight, please?”

Andy answered firmly, “I will.”

After adjusting her mood and emotion, she took Andy inside.

Guilan had just got up and came out of her bedroom. When she saw Andy, she said immediately, “You stupid thing finally found your way home! I thought you escaped! Hurry and go process the divorce!”

Looking at Guilan, Jenny said firmly and formally, “Mom, I have decided not to divorce Andy any more.”

Guilan almost exploded when she heard this. She came over angrily and yelled at Jenny, “What nonsense were you talking about in the early morning? It was Shihao who helped me pay back the one million debt. How do you pay him back if you don’t divorce? Besides, today is the deadline! Do you

want to get kicked out by The Old Lady?”

The decision made by Jenny earlier was because of her deep affection for Andy so she just couldn’t let him go, but she completely forgot to take into consideration what would come next. Now hearing Guilan’s words, her heart sank again.

Just at that moment, Andy started to talk again, firmly and calmly, “Let me deal with the money.”