My Stupid & Great Husband

My Stupid & Great Husband

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Chapter: 20
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Synopsis about My Stupid & Great Husband

Read My Stupid & Great Husband by Scholar Lost. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereThis novel presents the bumpy marriage road between Andy Wu and Jenny Xia. Andy is born in a family with very large property in the country, and he is the only lawful heir of the Wu's family business. He is good looking, smart, gifted in many ways, and above all he is a kind person. However, for some unknown reason, he is poisoned by someone, and became mentally sick, losing the memory, and being declared "dead"... After the accident, actually he was saved by somebody, then Jenny the daughter of Xia family in Westplain city gets married to him following her grandfather's will. Jenny is a nice, independent, capable, kind and dutiful girl, and after the marriage Jenny put up with Andy's stupidities, for affected by the mental disorder, Andy is known as a local madman that everybody despises him, but Jenny remains patient with him, sometimes she falters in heart, but in the end she still has him by her side... After three years, Andy seems to have gained the lost memory and in the mean time his ability and power as well as the charisma begin to get back to normal, which is shuddering the whole world. However life is always filled with ups and downs, his marriage with Jenny, and many other things begin to unfold like dramas...
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All Chapters of My Stupid & Great Husband

Chapter 1 I've got married?

A luxurious manor, in the western suburb of Yanjing City. In the center of this 100-acre luxurious and elegant manor, an extraordinary and indestructible steelhouse stood there, which was completely made of high-quality steel including the doors, windows andbeams. At noon, Qingcheng Liu, known as the country's richest woman, was walking slowly toward thehouse with food plate on her hands. As s

Chapter 2 You are so lucky

Andy Wu, used to be obedient, suddenly he went mad! All the people present were shocked at his words! Air in the villa seemed to be frozen and no one made a voice. "You said ‘shut up“ to me?" Bill responded first and shouted, glowering at him. The others began to whisper to one another. They knew that Bill had been infuriated so drastically thatAndy would get it in the neck. Jenny knew that Bill was an aggre

Chapter 3 At half past three in the morning

Andy Wu started to talk again. This man seemed alright when he was silent, but once he talked, whathe said at the moment shocked everybody present. The silent hall immediately became noisy again. “What’s wrong with this stupid man today? It seems his sickness has become more serious.” “Is it because of his damaged brain that he’s behaving so rudely and fearlessly?” “Yea, grandma is so furious right now, how

Chapter 4 A family event

The Wu Family of Yanjing City, with its business extending across the globe, is famous not only in thewhole country, but also all over the world. Since almost every major member of its relations is extremely rich and news about the Wu Family isalways on the headlines of the media. However, all the news on the internet or other media are positive ones which are used to serve theinterests of the Wu Family. And

Chapter 5 One Million Dollars

Shihao Wang lay on the hood of the car, clutching at his chest and coughing incessantly. At the same time, he kept thinking that the fact that he, Shihao Wang, a rich man in the Westplain City,had been beaten by a fool, which made him unable to accept it. He waited for a moment before sitting up, and then shouted angrily, "You dare kick me, I'll kill you!" However, when he stood up, he realized that Andy Wu

Chapter 6 Let's get a divorce!

2 P.M, the grand villa Andy Wu sitting still in the couch of the living room, with Changsheng Li standing beside himrespectfully. “Tell me, what have you got there?” Andy asked Changsheng a short moment later. Changsheng reported to him as he required, “According to what I have surveyed, The Old ManGuangyao Xia had been in bed for the last three years because of his sickness, and had never beenanywhere out o

Chapter 7 Andy Wu's heart

Andy had a strong heart as he had been through all kinds of hardships, so he could remain indifferentwhether granted favors or subjected to humiliation. But at the moment, the sudden words from Jenny were like a head-on blow, which stopped him rightthere, not able to move. His expressions froze and his heart ached as if he had been stabbed throughthe heart. He was heartbroken. Jenny, too, was emotionally com

Chapter 8 Crooked Shihao Wang

Andy Wu‘s tone was very relaxed. For him, the Wang family was not even worth mentioning. As long asdivorce was not one of Jenny Xia’s options, he was able to clear out any obstacles. “You are still talking nonsense! Yesterday you told me you could bring back a million dollars, insteadyou took back a bag of garbage. You cannot handle anything, you idiot!” Guilan Huang was so angryand punched hard on Andy Wu.

Chapter 9 A furious Andy Wu

Shihao Wang and his men came on a rampage. However, Andy Wu didn't take them seriously at all. He answered the phone calmly, and immediatelyChangsheng Li's voice came over the phone. Listening to Changsheng's briefing, Andy said in a hushed voice, "Good, I know." After saying that, hehung up the phone. At this point, Shihao had already walked up to Andy. He puffed out a smoke ring at Andy and teased,"You foo

Chapter 10 Amazing the whole audience

The fear in the heart of Jenny Xia was replaced by excitement, for a man like the greatest hero in theworld appeared suddenly to save her. But, the thing was quite odd that how could this man be Andy Wu? Jenny could not hold the cup, and she was drunk so badly that she even saw some phantom floating inher eyes, and the figure before her turned out to be Andy, which surprised her deeply. She looked athim abso