Chapter 1 - My Stupid & Great Husband

A luxurious manor, in the western suburb of Yanjing City.

In the center of this 100-acre luxurious and elegant manor, an extraordinary and indestructible steel house stood there, which was completely made of high-quality steel including the doors, windows and beams.

At noon, Qingcheng Liu, known as the country's richest woman, was walking slowly toward the house with food plate on her hands.

As soon as she arrived at the iron gate, a dull voice inside came out, "Just put the food at the door!"

Qingcheng Liu stood at the door and said, "Why not let me in and stay for a while?"

"No!" The man answered resolutely .

Qingcheng Liu did not give up, "I just want to see you. Please let me in. I’ll leave right away after that."

"There are too many hidden traps inside the room. You will get hurt if you come in." A cold voice came from the iron house.

Qingcheng reluctantly said, "My son, the manor is monitored everywhere with strict protection. Moreover, you have learned martial arts and possessed extraordinary abilities since your childhood. Why are you so cautious?"

That's right. The man in the house was Qingcheng's loved son, Andy Wu, the heir to the First Family in the country——the Wu family!

Hearing what his mother said, Andy gave a reply slowly, "False friends are worse than bitter enemies. It’s always right to be cautious."

Qingcheng said, "You are right. But you have been staying in the house since you became the heir to the Wu family. I haven't seen you for four years. Don’t you think you are too cautious on this?"

Andy Wu said disapprovingly, "Mom, do you know that how many people out there are jealous of me and even hate me because I’m the heir to the Wu family? "

Andy Wu cares most about his life. He has been hoping to live to a hundred year with valor since in his early age. That’s why he changed his name to Andy.

As Andy’s mother, she certainly knows about her son. He is so clever that he is good at learning everything. Now he has been a man versed in both literature and martial arts, in addition, he was appointed as the heir to the Wu family when he just came of age.

But he was too cautious! His mother Qingcheng thought so.

Qingcheng could do nothing with Andy. Seeing that Andy didn’t eat, she sighed deeply. After putting down the food gently, she had to leave.

It was not until Qingcheng Liu disappeared from sight that Andy Wu took the food and began to eat.

But then, Andy Wu's complexion suddenly changed.

"It’s poisonous!"

Realizing that something was wrong, Andy immediately stretched fingers into his throat and tried to spit out the food.


As a mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth, he fell to the ground with his expression filled with consternation.


Three years later, in a mental hospital, Westplain City.

Andy Wu slowly opened his eyes on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

His fists were clenched tightly. A strong force was flowing rapidly inside him with his eyes flashing a sharp light in the silent space.

He was very concerned about his security, and staying cautious about everything all his life, but he never expected that he was poisoned.

Thinking of this, Andy felt very irritated.

"Still alive? Put on your clothes and go with me!"

A female voice suddenly came along as Andy was being immersed in memories. A tall woman strode into the ward.

This woman, named Jenny Xia, was known as a beauty in Westplain City.

Andy let loose his fists immediately and looked at Jenny Xia.

After a while, Andy asked, "Who are you?"

Jenny shouted angrily at Andy, "You stupid! Don't you remember your wife?"


Andy was instantly stunned. When did he get married?

He tried to recall. But the memories seemed to be so terrible that made him painful.

As Jenny was looking at such a stupid man, she became more angry at the sight. She frowned and complained, "I can’t understand why Grandpa took such a fool as my husband!"

Three years ago, Guangyao Xia (The old man of Xia family) gave his order that his beloved grand- daughter Jenny be given to Andy Wu in marriage. Later, and shortly after Guangyao Xia died, his last will was that Jenny couldn’t divorce Andy.

Though Jenny didn’t understand her Grandpa's thoughts, she obeyed his will. She didn't divorce but lived in pain.

"I’ve got married?" Andy Wu suddenly sat up and murmured.

Fragmented parts of memory began to float in Andy's mind. Since he got well from poison, he had been living in Westplain City, a strange city for him. At that time, he lost all his memories and all his intelligence and force. Overnight, he descended from a genius, the heir to the First Family, down to a fool without any background. And Jenny married such a fool and lived with him for three years.

Now, Andy had regained all his memories!

"Get up! Follow me!" Jenny felt reluctant and said, walking out of the ward.

Andy looked at her back with complication. After a while, he took off the hospital gown and put on his own clothes, following her out.

On the way, Jenny was driving her Audi Q3 very fast, without saying a word.

Andy sat quietly in the back seat of the car.

During the past three years, Andy had done so many unbelievable stupid things since he became a son-in-law to the Xia family, and he was a well-known local fool in Westplain City, being ridiculed and humiliated by the neighborhood.

Because of him, Jenny had become a joke in Westplain City.

No wonder Jenny held a bad attitude toward him.

Andy understood and felt sorry for her.

"Don't say anything no matter who you meet. Please, don't disgrace me." Jenny suddenly said


Andy pursed his lips and answered, "Okay."

It’s six o’clock in the evening. They arrived at the Xia family's villa.

As soon as she pulled over, Guilan Huang, Jenny’s mother, came over and said anxiously to her, "Jenny, why are you so late? The banquet has begun already."

Jenny got off and explained, "I am bringing Andy here."

Andy got off the car then.

Seeing Andy, Guilan shouted angrily, "Jenny, why did you take this fool here? Are you going to kill me in this way?"

Guilan was the one who hated Andy most. Since Andy became a member of the Xia family, Guilan had suffered almost everyday by Andy, making her look ten years older.

In the past three years, Guilan often kept sending Andy to mental hospital for treatment or for other purposes, but Jenny would bring him back home shortly after his being sent there. This time Andy was so crazy as to hit the wall with his head, almost cracking it asunder. Guilan thought Andy would stay in the hospital for a long time, However, Jenny brought him back again! Guilan was very angry at this.

Jenny said seriously, "He is my husband after all. He ought to attend Xia family’s banquet." Then she brought Andy into the villa.

The Xia family was the second largest family in Westplain City. In the family banquet, every one of Xia family gathered together in the villa.

As soon as Jenny and Andy came in, someone exclaimed, "Look! The silly son-in-law of our Xia family is coming!"

Then, taunts filled the whole villa.

"Andy, I heard that you often took rubbish back home, is that true?"

"Haha. What’s worse, I heard that he washed his face with sewer's water!"

"Do you know I once saw him grabbing a bone with a dog!"

"It was said this time he even hit the wall with bare head. Guess, what would he do next time?"

All the words filled the spot continuously. Jenny knew that these relatives were always making fun of Andy. She thought she could ignore all of these. But actually, she couldn’t stand it. A fool husband always made her inferior to others.

Unconsciously, Jenny lowered her head and hurried toward the table.

Andy glanced at her, who was almost fleeing away, and followed her.

However, Bill Xia, Jenny’s cousin, suddenly stopped Andy and snapped to Jenny, "Andy Wu can't sit at the table!"

Bill was young but extraordinary, who was favored and valued by the old lady of the Xia Family. Therefore, Bill was emboldened to bully Andy superciliously. He never treated Andy as a man but fooled him as an animal.

Hearing what Bill said, Jenny’s sullen expression appeared paler. She retorted acidly, "He is my husband. Why can't he sit at the table?"

Bill said arrogantly, "A fool who grabs food from a dog isn’t qualified to have dinner with us!"

He was unanimously agreed by the rest of the Xia family members. All said that Andy was not allowed to the table.

Although Jenny didn't like Andy either, she couldn't endure these people bullying Andy so brazenly. She raised her voice and insisted, "Our marriage contract was approved by Grandfather. Andy is the son-in-law of Xia family. He should attend the family banquet!"

Bill laughed disdainfully, "Haha, I haven’t thought you should protect this fool so much. Okay, want to eat here? Go there." Bill pointed to the corner of the hall.

In the corner, a Samoyed dog was eating at the dog pot.

Obviously, Bill asked Andy to eat dog food. Andy could indeed do that. But it was absolutely a shame on Jenny. Her eyes turned red almost with tears, saying angrily, "Bill, don't go too far!"

Bill didn't take it seriously, "How? Your foolish husband has eaten dog food before. It’s not bad to eat this Samoyed’s delicious fish and meat."

Bill shouted to Andy, "Go hurry to eat before the dog eat up!"

Formerly, Andy was most afraid of Bill and did what Bill asked to do. But at this time, Andy didn’t move at all as if not hearing Bill at all.

Bill felt disgraced at once. He raised his arm angrily and threatened to hit him, "I ask you to eat now. Don’t you hear me?"

After a while of silence, Andy suddenly thundered, "Shut up!"

Two words. So domineering and aggressive!