Chapter 2 - My Stupid & Great Husband

Andy Wu, used to be obedient, suddenly he went mad!

All the people present were shocked at his words!

Air in the villa seemed to be frozen and no one made a voice.

"You said ‘shut up“ to me?" Bill responded first and shouted, glowering at him.

The others began to whisper to one another. They knew that Bill had been infuriated so drastically that Andy would get it in the neck.

Jenny knew that Bill was an aggressive guy. In order to prevent Andy from being injured by Bill, she pulled Andy away at once and explained to Bill, "His head was badly injured. Please don't take offense at him."

Not listening to her at all, Bill shouted testily, "Get out of here!"

"Do you have to struggle against a fool?"Jenny said in disgruntlement,

Bill said cruelly, "So what? Today I must kick his butt!" He rushed toward Andy in spite of Jenny.

"Are you enough?"

The old lady of the Xia family suddenly came out of the room and thundered strictly as the scene was out of control.

Mrs. Xia is absolutely the leader in Xia family. Since the old man died, the whole Xia family respect her.

As she indeed has abilities, no one dares to go against her.

Seeing the old lady, all of people in the hall were silent right away including the arrogant Bill, who immediately returned to his seat.

Jenny also returned to the table together with Andy.

Andy had been so hungry for the whole day that he had a big mouth of fancy food on the table regardless of politeness as if nothing had happened just now.

Except Andy, no one would start eating unless the old lady went to the table. Without any scruple, he was gorging alone.

Many people at the table looked at Andy with contempt and disgust, itching to slap him. Meanwhile, the old lady did not notice him at all. After sitting on the seat of host, she said, "Well. Don't be overcautious. Let's start! "

The aura became lively immediately when everyone began to eat, talking and laughing.

Guilan, who sat at the same table with Andy, blushed. She complained to Jenny with resentment, "Jenny, why did you bring him here? He not only disgraced us but also offended Bill. "

Jenny said impatiently, "Mom, stop talking that!"

Until now Jenny was also regretting bringing Andy here.

"Your mother is right. How could you bring a fool here?"

"Yeah. Are you spoiling our appetite sitting with such a fool?"

"Bad luck!"

Several relatives at the table began to scold Jenny in succession.

Jenny felt wronged.

Halfway through the family banquet, the old lady suddenly stood up and shouted, "Now, let me announce a good news!" The old lady was over seventy years old, old but vigorous enough, whose voice was sonorous.

Every family feast, the old lady would announce important news. Hearing this, everyone except Andy put down the chopsticks, listening to the old lady carefully.

The old lady paused for a second and continued, "This morning, the Wang's Group visited our family to propose a marriage. The eldest son of Wang family, Shihao, is planning to marry one of our Xia family girls!"

What the old lady said sparked a lot of discussion.

Everyone was shocked at the news.

It's well known that Wang's Group was a prominent Group in Westplain City. As a first-class family in Westplain City, marrying into Wang's Family meant marrying into the purple.

The single girls were extremely excited at the message.

Others were also excitedly discussing who was the lucky one to be selected by the Wang family.

Julia was obviously the first possible candidate.

The most outstanding girls among so many beautiful girls in Xia family were Jane, Jenny and Julia, who were called Three Daughters of the Xia Family. They were not only beautiful but also talented.

Among them, Jenny and Jane both had married, only Julia still was single.

Therefore, everyone speculated that it must be Julia who was going to marry into the Wang family this time. Julia herself was also sure to get it. She smiled effusively with excitement. Despite the discussion, Julia stood up and asked the old lady confidently, "Grandma, it's me?"

The old lady shook her head.

It's not Julia!

All burst into an uproar, feeling puzzled.

As many of them guessed each other, the old lady suddenly said, "No more guesses. It's Jenny."

After that, the old lady looked at Jenny and smiled, "Jenny, you are so lucky."

The noise ceased instantly. Everyone was stunned that the Wang family actually proposed marriage to a married woman? Were they crazy?

Jenny herself was confused. In a minute, she stood up and said, "Grandma, I have married!"

The old lady became serious instead of smiling, "Of course I know. Three years ago, the old man was confused as to insist on marrying you to a fool regardless of my persuasion. You know that since you married him, how many ridicules and criticism have Xia family suffered from? What's worse, our family business has been badly damaged for this. Clearly Andy Wu is the bane of our Xia family. Today, I solemnly announce that your marriage contract is invalid. Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce tomorrow. "


She felt overwhelmed. In the three years, she had suffered too much and thought of divorcing for many times to get rid of Andy and start a normal life. However, she always kept her Grandpa's last words in mind.

Without hesitation, Jenny replied to her, "I don't want to violate Grandpa's will!"

The old lady knew Jenny would say so and she explained patiently, "It matters what the future of the Xia family will be like. The old man would understand it if he knew that. Go and get a divorce. Don't worry. I will explain to your Grandpa when I'm dead! "

The old lady's words were so resolute that Jenny's heart seemed to be smashed. Jenny should assent to it as the old lady had promised to such an extent, which was an opportunity to get rid of Andy. However, when it was time to divorce, Jenny was reluctant to do it.

Three-year life together with Andy couldn't make her heartless.

Jenny looked at him eating alone and sighed deeply, saying, "I don't want to divorce."

Hearing her answer, all the people present were shocked. There was a clearly vast difference between Shihao, the young heir to rich Wang family, and a fool Andy Wu. Jenny could have gone directly to heaven from the hell. She should give up such a golden opportunity!

Guilan couldn't stand it anymore. She shouted at Jenny, "Jenny, are you crazy?"

Jenny answered, "I am not crazy. I do not want to divorce nor marry Shihao Wang!"

She was very resolute saying this.

Shihao was not a stranger to Jenny. He was an idle playboy who had a crush on her when she was single, at which time, she had refused him. Now she would also not marry a man she didn't like.

Jenny's response was really queer that everyone was shocked that this.


The old lady pounded the table angrily and said, "Jenny, are you going against me? Do you think you have grown up that you can do anything you want? No way!" The old lady was usually dignified but rarely flared up except this time.

As soon as she got angry, the atmosphere of the villa became depressing and everyone kept silent.

Being shouted by the old lady, Jenny was trembling, feeling very wronged and upset.

Three years ago, she was forced to marry a fool by her Grandfather. Now, her grandmother made her divorce to marry a playboy. She felt like a chess piece at the mercy of Xia family, without any freedom and rights.

Jenny was completely desperate, with her eyes filled with tears. Her hopeless tears slipped quietly into Andy's heart.

Andy was still eating, who seemed to be indifferent at the situation. But in fact, he had heard everything carefully. If Jenny agreed to divorce him, he would not refuse since he had already held her back for three years. Jenny is qualified to find her own happiness. However, Jenny refused to divorce. Andy understood that Jenny was not cruel but protected him from being bullied. Jenny was the only one who regarded him as a man.

This woman deserves his protection!

As anyone was silent, Andy put down his chopsticks and stood up, facing all of them, "No one has the right to force her to get a divorce!"

At that time, his eyes gleamed as a sharp light!

Andy, the preeminent one of all!