Chapter 10 - My Stupid & Great Husband

The fear in the heart of Jenny Xia was replaced by excitement, for a man like the greatest hero in the world appeared suddenly to save her.

But, the thing was quite odd that how could this man be Andy Wu?

Jenny could not hold the cup, and she was drunk so badly that she even saw some phantom floating in her eyes, and the figure before her turned out to be Andy, which surprised her deeply. She looked at him absorbedly and answered "Yes" weakly.

With head being pulled aside and bumped by Andy, Dahai Hu was seriously injured. The wine bottle fell down to the ground and he was overcame by a severe headache then, in addition he was stunned that Andy was so strong a man. He could only make the final threat, “Release me, or I’ll kill you!”

Andy was furious that he saw Dahai untying the belt as he entered the room and then found Jenny was drunk. What Dahai wanted to do was easy to guess that he wanted to rape her, which irritated Andy immediately.

Bang! Bang!

Andy pulled Dahai’s head and bumped it on the table twice again.

Dahai’s head was hit so hard that blood came oozing out at once, then he fainted away.

After letting go of Dahai, Andy was worried about Jenny, “Let’s go home!”

With that, he held the groggy girl in arms and left quickly.

However, as he just got out of the private room, Andy found more than twenty strong security guards with uniforms blocking the corridor.

The leader, who seemed over 30 and wore a decent suit, was Qilong Sun, the manager of Yuting Hotel! He looks like a gentleman but, actually, he is a ruthless person.

It was impossible that a person, who became a manager in a 5-star hotel, had no capability. Thus, there was no doubt about the ability of Qilong.

“It’s not such easy to leave after hitting a person in my place, is it?” Qilong said in a flat tone.

Andy looked down on Qilong and just said indifferently, ”Go away!”

Qilong’s complexion got bad and the expression in his eyes was cold that meant he was furious, because the guests in Yuting Hotel all treated him with respect, but Andy hit a person and was still such arrogant. Thus, his tone changed into severeness, ”Guy, you can’t leave here easily after hitting someone. You’d better come with me, or expect no mercy!”

Andy said coldly, "I say again, go away!”

Qilong was furious, and swore, "Fuck!” Then, he rushed to Andy.


He was suddenly hit and flipped back, falling to the ground, even before he came close to Andy.

The security guards in the corridor even didn’t see clearly how Andy acted only to find that Qilong


The scene was mysterious.

All the people was confused because Qilong was always good at fighting. How could he become so fragile?

“Young man, you really have some capabilities!” Suddenly, the door of the next private room opened. A man walked out wearing a tunic suit.

He was nearly 50, named Shengli Feng.

In Westplain City, Shengli was considered as a legendary figure. He was born in an ordinary family, but now he became a big shot in the city. His assets were abundant, including hotel, karaoke, nightclub and bar. With strong international relationships and a number of subordinates, he could be regarded as the representative personage of the grey zone economy in Westplain.

Yuting Hotel is one of his assets.

Tonight, Shengli was having dinner with several big shots of Westplain City in a private room on the forth floor to discuss affairs.

At the beginning of the hitting, Shengli heard something but he didn’t care about such a little thing. In his mind, the problem would be solved quickly. But in fact, he finally found the condition outside was getting worse, so he couldn’t help walking out of the room.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw his trusted subordinate, Qilong, lying on the ground. Then he

knew that Andy was a capable person.



When Shengli came out, all the security guards bowed and greeted.

Andy stopped, glancing at him, ”Mind your own business!”

“Ha ha, Feng, you are not as famous as before. The person looked down on you. It’s no wonder that he dared to make trouble in your hotel!” Here came out four men nearly 50 and one woman over 40 from the same room.

All of these people were the big shots in Westplain City.

Hearing this, Shengli was ashamed, "You are right. After all, I haven’t fight in years. I’m afraid that the youngsters don’t know me anymore.”

The success of Shengli was achieved by fighting. He fought mightily and ruthlessly, so he won a place in Westplain City. His achievements depended on his own strength.

Now, Shengli achieved success and won recognition. He had already been a respected boss that he didn’t need to fight anymore because in this city nobody dared to make any trouble in his place. But Andy, who came out of nowhere, not only beat person in his hotel, but also didn’t care about him at all, which made Shengli lose face.

After the self-mockery, he walked slowly to Andy, and said indifferently, "Young man, you are so arrogant, today, I’ll teach you a lesson that there is always someone better than you!”

Then, Shengli took off his tunic suit and throw it to the guard standing on the side.

Shengli didn’t fight for a long time. It’s not easy to meet a hothead, so he wanted to have a fight with him in order to stretch his muscles.

The security guards on the scene were so excited for their boss was going to have a fight with someibe. For them, it’s so fortunate to see a fight of Shengli with their own eyes, which, they thought, could widen their horizon.

Even the big shots came out of the private room also laughed with interest. However, Andy didn’t say anything. His expression remained impassive.

“Put the woman down and I’ll fight you.” Shengli was serious.

Andy said insipidly, "To hit you, I don’t need to put her down.”

Arrogant, so arrogant!

This was the thoughts of everyone present.

“You are digging your own grave!” Shengli thundered, then gave him a whip-leg.

Holding Jenny in arms, Andy could only use his legs. He looked at Shengli’s right leg and also uplift his leg.


The two legs collided!

Shengli’s ankle seemed to have hit against a steel plate. He backward a few steps slightly and his face was warped .

This young man had an unexpected strength.


Shengli could no longer retained his power, and the strong vigor broke out from his body. He rushed to Andy again.

This time, he didn’t consider the woman Andy was holding. He took Andy as a real enemy.

Andy was as insipid as before. When Shengli attacked, he defended. Shengli was good at fighting, but he was better. No matter how Shengli fought, and how swift and violent his action was, Andy was still easy to resist. He looked like an invincible Mars. With only a pair of feet, he could defend all the movements from Shengli.

The crowd in the spot was all dumbstruck.

There was a storm of astonishment in everyone’s heart.

Though the complexion of Andy didn’t change, he was also a bit shocked, because he didn’t expect

that in this little city, a person, called Shengli Feng, was so good at fighting. However, he was still a piece of cake for Andy.

Andy was impatient after fighting for 2 minutes. He didn’t want to waste more time, so he made his first attack.

Everyone just saw Andy, who was always on the defensive before, suddenly jumped into the air and made a beautiful roundhouse kick.

The foot kicked on the chest of Shengli.


Shengli suffered a heavy hit and spitted lots of blood. And he also fell on the ground.

The crowd was staggering again!

All the people were shocked by the gorgeous movements of Andy, expressing admiration from their eyes. It’s unbelievable that he held a woman in arms and could even made such a cool roundhouse kick during the fight.

What a powerful man he is!

All the security guards could not be more shocked.

“The young man is really filled with strength!” These several big shots also shocked in their hearts.

As for Shengli lying on the ground, he was dull as well. He won all the time during his life and never met such a strong rival, so he was hit heavily both on the body and spirit. In an instant, he seemed 10 years old.

At that freezing time, Andy looked down on Shengli who was still lying, warning insipidly, "Don’t make me mad again, or it has no benefit for you.” Then, he walked forward.

Watching Andy’s leaving, Shengli was in a rush. Though he was defeated by Andy, he couldn’t let Andy go, or he wold lose his face veritably and he couldn’t live in Westplain City anymore.

So, Shengli forced himself to get up immediately, and shouted at Andy with anger, "Though you are good at fight, now in this society, power is the most important. In Westplain City, if you offend me, you can’t have a good ending!” Although he failed on the martial arts, he had background and power.

Therefore, he commanded, "Take him down.”

“Excuse me.” In this moment, a large number of men in suits broke in the crowd and rushed over here.

The leader of them was the chairman of Changsheng group, Changsheng Li. The big shots of Westplain City present, including Shengli, all knew him. As soon as they saw him, they went up to him at once and greeted warmly, "Chairman Li, why do you come here?”

Changsheng ignored these people, and went straight to Andy.

Standing in front of Andy, he lowered his head respectfully and apologized, ”Sorry, I’m late! Young master.”