Chapter 9 - My Stupid & Great Husband

Shihao Wang and his men came on a rampage.

However, Andy Wu didn't take them seriously at all. He answered the phone calmly, and immediately Changsheng Li's voice came over the phone.

Listening to Changsheng's briefing, Andy said in a hushed voice, "Good, I know." After saying that, he hung up the phone.

At this point, Shihao had already walked up to Andy. He puffed out a smoke ring at Andy and teased, "You fool still know how to make a phone call. Can you still find people help you? I'll give you time to find them."

Shihao didn't care about Andy at all, after all, he had brought more than a dozen bodyguards here today.

Andy hated Shihao . Especially after learning that he had deceived Jenny, Andy had to teach him a lesson. But right now, Andy was in a hurry to find Jenny, and he didn't want to waste his time with Shihao. So he said coldly, "Get out of the way, I don't have time to play with you!"

Shihao was furious when he heard this.He threw his cigarette to the ground and said fiercely: "Fuck you, don’t pretend you know nothing. I told you, if you don't get a divorce, I'll break your legs, and today……"


Shihao hadn't even finished his sentence when Andy suddenly kicked him out.

Shihao, who had fallen to the ground, became more angry as ever. He had sense of superiority, and there was no one in the Westplain City who wasn't afraid of him. He was always the only one who bullied others, no one dared to bully him. But the fool, Andy Wu, even hit him twice.

The last time he was beaten, Shihao had already remembered Andy's grudge. However, he did not immediately take revenge on Andy, but instead complained to his wife first. To him, having Jenny was more important than anything.

But his plan ended up getting screwed by his own family. He didn't want to put up with Andy any longer, so he went to Andy to fight him in the first place.

But Shihao didn't expect that Andy would also dare to hit him even if he brought so many people with him to threaten Andy, which made him crazy. He held back the sharp pain in his chest and roared madly, "Kill him right now!"

Upon hearing these words, those men holding iron bars attacked Andy.

In less than half a minute, more than a dozen his men were knocked to the ground.

Andy stood there. he became so majestic in the darkness of the night.

He won the fight with ease with one against ten.

Shihao, who was lying on the ground, forgot about the anger and the pain He was stunned completely. He witnessed Andy kill a dozen people at once, and this scene was too horrible. Shihao who had also seen the world, had also seen quite a few fights. But he encountered someone as powerful as Andy Wu was for the first time. How could he be an idiot when he was so good at fighting?

As Shihao froze, Andy took a step away and approached him.

Andy was still the same as before, without any superfluous expression on his face. However, on him, there was an additional mysterious and powerful aura that felt like a demon. Seeing him approach, the domineering Shihao was terrified. He tried to run away, but he turned to jelly and couldn't move his legs.

"Don't come to me." Shihao said.

Andy came to the side of Shihao and looked down on him like a monarch, sternly saying, "Don't bother my wife in the future."

After saying that, he gave Shihao a stunning kick.

Afterwards, Andy got into a taxi and said to the stunned cab driver, "Go to the Yuting Hotel."

The Yuting Hotel, a five-star hotel in Westplain City, included dining accommodations and entertainment.

In the dining room on the fourth floor, six people sit around a large dining table. The six men, who belonged to Anjule Decoration Company and Green Park Real Estate Company, respectively.

The representative of Anjule was, of course,Jenny Xia. And the representative of Green Park Real Estate, was the company's manager, Dahai Hu.

Jenny was transferred to the business department today. She needed to complete a $20 million order

within this month. With so little time to find small companies or individual clients, it's simply impossible to get the job done. Jenny had no choice but to seek the cooperation of a larger real estate company. Since Anjule didn't have advantage in Westplain City nowadays, Andy fond many companies in the morning but no company was willing to cooperate with her. Not even the other party would give her the chance to meet.

Fortunately, Jenny’s efforts paid off. In the afternoon, Jenny found Dahai Hu, the manager of Green Park Real Estate Company. He was willing to meet with Jenny to talk about cooperation.

So, they two made an appointment to have dinner at the Yuting Hotel.

Dahai was able to become the manager of Green Park Real Estate, which was also very capable. Having just turned 40 this year, he had become the typical middle-aged uncle with a slick face and a big belly. He revealed cunning in his eyes and kept trying to find a way to intoxicate Jenny.

Jenny had seen through Dahai. She came to talk business with others and purposely brought her own assistant with her.

Her assistant was named Xiaoli Zhang. Whatever it was white wine or beer, she can drink it. However, even if she could drink more, she couldn't not get drunk if the four men of the Green Park Real Estate took turns to toast her.

By 8:30 p.m, they had basically closed the deal on the order. Only Jenny's assistant, Xiaoli, was already drunk.

Watching Jenny's assistant get drunk, Dahai saw his chance. He immediately poured a full glass of white wine for Jenny ,and then he raised his glass and said to Jenny, "To be honest, I am very happy to

cooperate with Miss Xia. I'll toast you and wish us good cooperation!"

Jenny refused politely, "Manager Hu, I'm sorry. I really can't drink."

Dahai's face turned pale with discontent and said, "Miss Xia, our company does need to get a batch of hardcover houses, but I have many decoration companies to cooperate with. I chose to work with you because I get over you, and you won't even give me that face?"

Jenny said, "But I really can’t drink."

Dahai threatened in a deep voice, ''You said you wanted to cooperate with our company, but you even refused to drink with me. It seems that you didn't have Green Park Real Estate in mind, and since Miss Xia doesn't really want to cooperate with us, then there's no need for us to talk about this business!"

Jenny was shocked after hearing this. She really couldn't drink. But this cooperation, again, was very important to her. If it failed, Jenny was really going to lose her job. Besides, her family company was now in the doldrums and needed a big order to survive. So her company's cooperation with Dahai couldn’t fail.

Jenny hesitated for a while as she picked up the glass in front of her that was filled with white wine and said to Dahai, "Thank you for trusting our company."

Then Jenny finished the wine in her glass in one gulp.

After she drank the white wine, she felt like there was fire burning in her stomach. Jenny obviously felt a little dizzy, and her face began to turn red.

Jenny was even more fascinating at the moment.

Dahai was a little enthralled by her beauty. Jenny was his type. Dahai Hu was a jerk. Over the years, he had hurt many girls. The reason why he promised Jenny to talk about business was completely because he liked Jenny.

Jenny Xia, the third daughter of the Xia family, is well known in the Westplain City. She has married to a fool, and people in the city all know her story. Dahai especially lamented for Jenny, and at the same time he also especially wanted to get her.

Originally, Dahai had thought that he might have to let Jenny drink a lot of wine if he wanted to get her drunk, but saw that she was already drunk after one drink. He was happy because it saved him a lot of time. He directly touched Jenny's hand, said shamelessly, ''Miss Xia, your life may definitely not be happy after marrying a fool. Especially at night, you should be miserable without the company of a man. Women still need normal men."

Before his hand touched Jenny's, she took back her hand and said angrily, "Don’t touch me."

Dahai glared, "Miss Xia, the rule of business is to help each other. I'm willing to give you a order of twenty million, and you should repay me!"

"I am not that kind of woman." Jenny said.

Having received Jenny's rejection, Dahai felt very humiliated. He waved a wink at his subordinates, and then his three subordinates immediately understood what he meant. A female subordinate then took away the drunk Xiaoli, two male subordinates guarded the door of the private room.

Soon, only Dahai and Jenny were left in the large private room. Dahai finally revealed his dirty face. He said to Jenny coldly, ''I treat you gently, but you don't accept it. Then don't blame me for being rude to you."

Jenny was scared when she heard his words and wanted to run away.

However, the drink she had just had was a glass of white wine with strong alcohol. She was unable to stand up. She said weakly , "Don't do anything bad to me.It's against the law if you do so."

Dahai directly ignored her words and said, "Even if this is known by people, they will only think that you seduced me deliberately for business."

Dahai is cunning like a fox, and Jenny can not fight against him.

As soon as he finished, Dahai got up and started to undress himself.

Jenny was terrified. She was extremely anxious, but she couldn't escape from there. She didn't know what to do and her body had no strength. She was helpless and desperate.

At this critical point, the door was kicked open. Two of Dahai's subordinates who were guarding the outside of the private room were kicked inside.

Then a person came in. It was Andy. He walked in with long strides.

Dahai was shocked. he didn't know Andy. But he could see that this man had kung fu. Dahai was also a society man who had gone through ups and downs, and coupled with his position in society, he wasn't afraid of Andy.

He immediately picked up a bottle of wine and pointed at Andy with it and cursed, "Do you know who I am and dare to meddle in my affairs. Do you want to be killed?"

Andy walked to Dahai quickly. Before Dahai could know what had happened, Andy grabbed Dahai by the hair as soon as he could.

Andy grabbed Dahai's head and slammed it heavily on the dining table. Then he said to Jenny, who was standing beside, "Honey, are you alright?"