Chapter 4 - My Stupid & Great Husband

The Wu Family of Yanjing City, with its business extending across the globe, is famous not only in the whole country, but also all over the world.

Since almost every major member of its relations is extremely rich and news about the Wu Family is always on the headlines of the media.

However, all the news on the internet or other media are positive ones which are used to serve the interests of the Wu Family.

Andy Wu had taken a long time searching related web pages about the Wu family, finally he found a report posted three years ago:

The most low-keyed and mysterious heir to the Wu Family died all of a sudden. Qingcheng Liu, his mother, could not bear the pain of losing the son also died shortly in grief!

Qingdi Wu, Andy’s father, the master of the Wu Family, announced that he would relinquish the position as the head of the family and go guarding at the tomb for his beloved wife and son!

Tian Wu, an illegitimate son of Qingdi Wu, succeeded his father as the youngest steersman in the history of the Wu Family.

This news with only a few words cost Andy Wu half an hour to finish the reading, which made his eyes scarlet with tears shimmering.

After a long time, he started to speak in a rather deep voice, “Tian Wu, it was you!” said Andy.

An hour later, after turning off the computer, Andy left the study and went back to his bedroom to sleep.

At twelve at noon, Andy woke up with his bloodshot eyes from a bad sleep last night. Having dressed himself well, he went to the bathroom for washing and then he left the bedroom.

immediately he got out of his bedroom, he saw the table was filled with tasty dishes, without any hesitation, he went directly to the table and sat down and picked up the chopsticks and began to eat.

As soon as he began to eat, Guilan Huang ran out of the kitchen and slapped the chopsticks out of his hand, yelling at him: "Who told you to eat? Get out of here!”

Toward the living room, a young guy was seated in the couch, she immediately shifted into another tone and said with enthusiasm: “Shihao, come over here. The meal is ready.”

Then, a man wearing an expensive suit stood up and moved toward the table.

The man is the eldest son of he Family of Wang, his name is Shihao Wang.

Shihao didn’t make himself an outsider in here. As soon as he came over, he sat on a dining chair to pick up the rice bowl on the table and began to eat. After taking two bites, he praised Guilan’s cooking, "The dishes you made are so delicious.” said he.

Hearing this, Guilan was extremely flattered, “We are family. Don’t call me aunt. Call me mom.” said she, joyfully.

“I haven’t married Jenny yet, have I?” Shihao replied implicitly.

From beginning to end, Shihao didn’t even look at Andy as if he were a puff of air.

“Sooner or later, you will marry Jenny; I will only take you as my son-in-law. Once Jenny divorces from that idiot, you two are to get married.” Guilan said, with a glance on Andy.

She was so angry to see how foolish Andy was, so she padded him on the shoulder and cursed loudly. “What are you doing here? Out of my sight, now!” yelled Guilan.

Casting a glance at Shihao, Andy silently moved toward the sofa and sat down there.

It was not long before Jenny went back home from work, and when she saw Shihao, her brows knitted in displeasure. “What are you coming for?” grumbled Jenny, frowning.

Guilan rushed to speak before Shihao, “I’ve asked him to come here”, explained she. The fact was that Guilan was defending him even though he came on his own.

Hearing what Guilan said, Jenny frowned even more tight. A fool as he is, he is still her husband after all. It was her her mother’s fault to have invited Shihao over for dinner at home.

Jenny reproached Guilan and yelled angrily: “Mom, what are you DOING?”

“Ok, let’s stop talking about this.” said Guilan, trying to change the topic, “Come over for dinner” she pulled Jenny to sit beside Shihao as she yelled loudly; the only thing she hoped for was to make them a couple.

Jenny looked at Andy embarrassedly and said: “Andy, come and eat together”

“He has already had meal; leave him alone!” said Guilan, lying.

After Jenny sitting down beside the table, Shihao immediately took out a gift box, opened it and handed the gift to her, "Jenny, this is for you.” said Shihao, generously.

Lying in the present box was a precious watch, with the value of 200,000 dollars.

Although she couldn’t afford to buy it, she was still able to identify its value. She didn't hesitate to refuse and said: "I can't accept such a valuable item!" As a woman, she’s also attached to such kind of valualbe items, but because it was from Shihao, she would still like to decline the offer.

On hearing this, Guilan was unpleasant. She accepted the watch on behalf of Jenny, and said excitedly to her: “It’s a present given by Shihao. I’ll take it for you.”

“Mom, give it back to him!” said Jenny.

“Why can’t I take the gift from my future son-in-law?” rebuked Guilan. She has been always greedy for money; but no one dares to take a penny from her!

Jenny was disrupted by Shihao while she was trying to say something. “No big deal, just show a little kindness”

“It’s not too much money for you, but for me, it’s not!” said Jenny, seriously.

Feeling that Jenny was still declining him, he hurried to explain: “Jenny, I know, you dislike it when I goof around with less attention on business, and idle away in pampering and flirting.”

“But Shihao is now being excellent and promising, much better than that idiot!” said Guilan.

There is no denying that Shihao does have changed a lot. Jenny could also feel his changes. He used to be a man of cynicism, arrogance and fickle-mindedness who spent time idling and flirting around all day long; and for him, women were playthings. But now, he turned more modest and behaved more politely and gently. Gradually, Jenny became less cold to him and began to speak to him at the table.

Seated on the chair, Andy was totally isolated and those three persons looked like a family.

Andy had thought yesterday that he could accept it, even though Jenny decided to get divorced from him, because they were merely nominal couple, as he married Jenny when he had lost his memory. But now, a sense of jealousy and anger overcame him when he saw Jenny talking pleasantly with Shihao.

After dinner, Shihao’s interview video began to be broadcast on TV.

Hearing the voice of Shihao, Guilan, who was at the table now, hurried to see what it was.

Her eyes began to glisten when seeing Shihao on TV and yelled with excitement: “Shihao, it’s you on TV, right?”

In fact, all this had been planed before he came today. He deliberately came to this house and turned on the TV, which was all for this very moment.

On hearing Guilan’s words, Shihao stood up slowly to move toward the TV and said leisurely: “Yes, this is the interview when I was negotiating business yesterday with Changsheng Group.”

Changsheng Group?

The name of Changsheng Group, one of the most famous companies in the country, mainly dealing with real estate, with an extremely large scale and stunning power, did shock Guilan indeed. Most importantly, it was located in the provincial capital and its president, Changsheng Li is the prominent, richest person in the Jiangdong province.

Guilan stared at Shihao with her eyes opened as big as a bull's, and asked surprisingly, "So your company has business with Changsheng Group?

Shihao pretended to be modest and said: “Yeah. They are planning to start some projects in Westplain City and President Li came specially for supervising the work. I have had shaken hands with him yesterday!”

For normal family, Changsheng Li is such a legend that it would be lucky enough to see him once, not to mention to shake hands with him. Therefore, Shihao was in unique status, for he had shaken hands with him.

At this moment, Changsheng Li emerged on the TV. The time he showed up, all the interviewers present were rushing to toward him.

Guilan was staring at the TV with eyes fixed on it, even Jenny was walking near to watch TV, while Shihao was telling Changsheng Li’s great deeds, cause’ he intended to show his ability by talking about Changsheng Li.

Shishao, at this time, was absolutely full of superiority.

No one noticed the special lusters flashing in Andy’s eyes as he saw Changsheng Li on TV.

While Shihao was bragging, all of a sudden, Andy stood up and walked silently toward the door.

“Where are you going?” asked Jenny, seeing him leaving.

“Just take a walk.” answered Andy.

When he opened the door and walked outside, Guilan shouted at him: "Don't bring me any more junk back!"

Walking straightly out of the building, Andy left the department.

A Porsche Cayenne suddenly rushed out of the apartment, blocking the way of Andy.

Shihao got out of the car when it stopped then he stood in front of Andy and said arrogantly: “Do you understand human language? Let me tell you today, that Jenny is mine; you get away from her and get divorced from her as soon as possible. You understand?”

His tone was extremely arrogant, as if he were the God; it is possible for him to get whoever he wants. But Jenny is the only one that he ca not get. The less likely he could get her, the more inclined would he be to occupy her.

In order to get her, he has devoted countless efforts. What happened these days were all under his control; and he had thought he was almost there. As long as Andy got divorced from Jenny, she would naturally be his.

“Get out of my way!” shouted Andy.

He extremely hates Shihao, so he didn’t talk nonsense, but replied to Shihao indifferently with these words.

At Jenny’s house, Shihao pretended to be polite and gentle, but before Andy the idiot, he needn’t to do that. Having exposed his nature, with his sleeves rolled up, he pointed at Andy’s nose and threatened him, “You hurry to get divorced RIGHT NOW! If you don’t follow my words, I will break your leg and make you a beggar!” yelled Shihao, harshly.


The moment Shihao finished speaking, he was kicked fiercely by Andy.

With only one hard kick, Shihao, the arrogant man, was then kicked away onto the engine hood of his Cayenne.