Chapter 3 - My Stupid & Great Husband

Andy Wu started to talk again. This man seemed alright when he was silent, but once he talked, what he said at the moment shocked everybody present.

The silent hall immediately became noisy again.

“What’s wrong with this stupid man today? It seems his sickness has become more serious.”

“Is it because of his damaged brain that he’s behaving so rudely and fearlessly?”

“Yea, grandma is so furious right now, how dare this fool disrespect her? What a fool!”

“He became ill again as soon he got released from the asylum! Should have kept him there all his life!”

The sound of sarcasm surged like waves, one after another.

Jenny noticed it too, that Andy had been behaving strangely today. Though he would do lots of silly things every time when he had a sudden onset, this time was way too much, as the way he was talking was disrespectful and unexpected. She couldn’t let him be silly just like this, so she patted Andy on the shoulder and said seriously, “ Didn’t I tell you to remain silent? Sit down now!”

In Andy’s eyes and heart, there was no one else, Jenny was everywhere. He didn’t want to go against her, so he just sat there quietly since Jenny didn’t want him to get involved.

The look on The Old Lady's face was cold as ice already. Pointing at Andy, she said in a low voice with some seriousness in it, “ Jenny, take a look at this disgraceful fool! What’s the point of keeping him instead of divorcing him?”

Jenny knew it too, that Andy’s condition was getting more and more unstable. God knew what kind of trouble he might cause. Keeping him by her side indeed was a bomb that might explode anytime.

However, it was still a tough decision for her to make at the moment, after all, she thought it too cruel, not to mention the fact that she didn’t want to marry Shihao Wang.

It took a while before Jenny replied with great pains in her heart, “ Please, just give me more time to consider about it.”

Seeing Jenny agreed to compromise, The Old Lady finally relieved. She’s aware of the fact too that Jenny shouldn’t be pushed too hard, after all, the marriage with the Wang family was of great significance and she couldn’t afford to lose it. So The Old Lady compromised too, “Fine, I’ll give you three days to consider about it.”

Then immediately she changed her tone which was sharp and mean, “ You must divorce Andy and agree on the marriage with the Wang Family in three days’ time, or there would be no more place for you in the Xia Family!”

The Old Lady turned around and went into her room.

“What’s wrong with this Jenny Xia? What’s on her mind? Does she even need to consider about it? Since it’s such a good marriage.”

“Yea, between a fool and a rich young man, why is she hesitating?”

“She’s pretending to be loyal. You see, she will divorce at last. She is only trying to show us how committed she is.”

The family feast ended together with the discussion.

At last, everyone returned to their own home.

Jenny was driving Andy and Guilan Huang to her own home.

Guilan, on the passenger seat, was angry to death. She stared at Jenny and shouted, “ Jenny, are you out of your mind? Why is it that you don’t want to divorce? What else can this fool do except causing trouble?”

Jenny was extremely annoyed and upset and she didn’t want to give any explanation, she said instead, “Mom I am driving, will you leave me alone, please?”

Guilan held her anger, as well as her words.

The three got home half an hour later.

Guilan couldn’t help talking again as soon as they got home, “Jenny, don’t be silly, you have to listen to The Old Lady. You should be aware that our life has been so hard since Andy came to our family, how could we survive if we were kicked out of the Xia Family?”

Jenny remained silent and felt very frustrated.

Seeing her daughter being quiet, Guilan continued, “You should know how important it is to have a good husband. Jane married a good husband and thus she got better treatment in the Xia Family. Now her parents have moved into a big villa. Look at us now, what a shabby house we’re in, besides, I have

to help take care of a stupid man. Now I am more miserable than a nanny! Your father died too early, I can only count on you now, can you at least consider my feelings?”

Tears were running down as she talked.

Guilan really felt sorry for herself. She could still remember when The Old Man was still alive, when her life was comfortable and abundant and Jenny was loved and protected by her grandfather. The place they lived were the big Xia villa. But who could expect that The Old Man asked Jenny to marry a man who was mentally ill and then passed away not long after the marriage? Ever since then, Jenny had been rejected by the Xia Family and they were forced to move into this small apartment. Guilan’s life dropped from heaven to earth.

It had been three years before Guilan finally got this chance to change her situation. Three years she had been struggling and suffering, now that her daughter could dump Andy and marry Shihao Wang, how could she let this chance pass away easily?

On hearing her mother’s words, Jenny felt even worse. She said, “ I will think it over.” Then she went to her room and shut the door.

As soon as Jenny’s gone, Guilan turned to Andy and started yelling, “ We have supported you for three years and we have been good to you. Now that my daughter is going to marry into the purple, I hope you can be kind enough and get a divorce with her.”

What Andy said on the family feast really pissed her off.

Andy didn’t seem to care about her at first, but Guilan was talking so fast as a machine gun and kept scolding Andy for more than half an hour without resting!

He couldn’t take it anymore and left the living room and went back to the bedroom.

Jenny was already on the bed when he came in. She said to him, “ You have just come back from the hospital. Go take a shower and get changed. I’ve put your pajamas in the bathroom already.”

Jenny was kind of a neat freak so she had been asking Andy to keep at least tidy.

Andy replied with a light “yes” and went into the small bathroom.

When he came out, he came to the bedside and started to fall asleep, naturally.

They were actually the so called couple, which meant they had been sleeping separately for the past three years, with Jenny on the bed and Andy on the floor.

Jenny was indeed very picky about Andy, since every time he had a sudden onset, he would do something unexpected. Not only did she need to clean up the mess, but also she became a laughing stock because of him. This kind of life was really hard to stand.

At first, Jenny had some expectations and illusions about Andy, after all he was chosen by grandfather, hoping to find some special qualities in him, but it turned out that this man was a useless fool who could do nothing right but cause embarrassments.

Jenny almost broke down because of him. Now that she could divorce, a sense of pity grew in her soft heart. She didn’t get it--Why was it so hard to dump this useless fool?

Failing to control her feelings, Jenny said softly, “ Andy, would you survive if I left you?”

No response for a few seconds.

She looked down the floor and found Andy already deeply asleep.

Jenny said, “ It must be good to be a fool, as you don’t have to think about anything except eating and sleeping.”

Three years they had been married, Jenny barely looked at Andy face to face. Now she was right beside him and she took a few glances at him and found that this fool actually looked handsome.

“Oh, If only you were not a fool!” She sighed, failing to control her feelings again.

If Andy had been a normal guy, Jenny would have accepted him a lot more easily. Compared with a rich playboy like Shihao Wang, Andy would be the preference for Jenny, after all, Andy had never been rude to her and he had been obeying her orders. It’s such a pity that Andy had this sudden onset every now and then and it really drove her crazy.

Not only Jenny, but also the whole Xia Family was ashamed of Andy. That’s why the Xia Family were trying to force her to divorce. Jenny understood it all, but she just couldn’t imagine herself being married to Shihao Wang.

However, grandma’s order and mother’s happiness being in the future were something she couldn’t ignore.

So struggled in her mind that she kept turning her body and it was not until midnight did she gradually fall asleep.

It was half past three in the morning. After making sure that Jenny was deep asleep, Andy got up.

He tucked her in first and then sneaked out of the bedroom and came to the study.

On the table of the study was a computer, the one that Jenny used when she worked at home.

Andy seated himself and turned the computer on.

There was a log in code but it was a piece of cake for Andy, as he was a genius in every respect including computer science. He quickly unlocked the computer and clicked the search engine-Baidu.

He typed the following words slowly:

The Wu Family, Yanjing city.