Chapter 8 - My Substitute Ugly Wife

"What?" Gloria was frightened,"I can't!"

Although she hated the man, she feared life.

Even though she was born, it was only the trouble caused by Loren and Tina's contraceptive failure and Anne boss her around like a servant in Talyor family these years, she still worked hard to live.

She did not know why "Leon" could say such a matter of life and death so lightly, but she would not agree with him.

"Do you want to accompany me to die?" Kenny raised up his eyebrows

The tone was still indifferent, but it showed an unquestionable firmness.

Gloria’s face was face, and she got things helplessly.

She felt that from the moment she married into Clarke family, her life had already collapsed to be irreparable. It didn’t matter if it got worse.

She even thought that if "Leon" really died when she took out the bullet for him, it would not be too bad for her to accompany such a charming man to die.

Gloria has been trying to keep calm, but still can not control her hand shaking.

She used a blade to peel off the flesh on the edge of his wound while paying attention to the condition

of "Leon".

She found that except for his pale face and sweat on his forehead, he had no special reaction, even his eyebrows frowned slightly.

The special thing was that he has been looking at her.

She could feel he was weak now, but his eyes burned her.

Gloria couldn’t bear,"You don't look at me."

In fact, Kenny was not as calm as he had shown. He suffered from wounds and excessive blood loss. He almost fainted.

However, when he watched Gloria, the pain was miraculously decreased.

"Don't be nervous. I won't die. I believe you." The voice of Kenny was light but firm.

Gloria has never been trusted like this. She ground and more focused on taking out bullet for him.

Gloria felt it's been a century long.

When she finally took the bullet out, she was already sweating.

She washed her hands in the nearby basin and asked Kenny with concern, "how do you feel?"

Her impression of "Leon" was a "playboy" before, but after taking out the bullet, she could not help admiring him.

During the whole process, he didn't cry out for pain or pass out. She only saw this kind of non-human perseverance in the movie.

At the same time, she also felt that this man had a kind of profound mystery, but also he was terrible.

"Get a pen and I'll make a list for you." Although the Kenny’s face was pale, he was very intimidating when he spoke.

Gloria wrote down the medicine list and went out to buy medicine for him.

She ran several drugstores very cautiously to buy all the medicine.

When Gloria came back, Kenny noticed that she was carrying several plastic bags printed with different names of drugstores, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised.

What a clever and kind woman.

He can see that Gloria hated him.

Or, what she hated was "Leon".

She probably thought that he was being chased by his enemies. She bought medicine at several different stores to cure his injuries for fear of causing suspicion.

Gloria took out medicine and squatted down in front of him: "I will give you medicine. If it’s hurt, you let me be gentle."

Until she finished the medicine, Kenny didn't moan at all.

Just as she was about to get up, the man suddenly reached for her, pressed her lips and kissed her.

"I said, no glasses."