Chapter 7 - My Substitute Ugly Wife

Kenny also didn't expect to meet Gloria here.

He followed the man to this place, but was attacked unexpectedly.

There were many houses and the terrain was complex. He can't distinguish the direction at all. He wanted to threaten a man to take him away, but he didn't expect to encounter Gloria.

He didn't know why, when he saw the stiff face of Gloria, he had an inexplicable sense of trust in his heart.

He put the gun away, and stared at her with his deep eyes. His voice was low and cold: "what are you doing here?"

"I live here." Gloria was frightened by the gun in his hand, and she was obedient to tell the truth.

There was a surprise in the eyes of Kenny. The third Lady of Taylor family lived in such a place?

But soon he became normal and ordered, "take me where you live."

"No way." She would rather be killed than take this man to the place where she lived.

"Heh heh." The Kenny already expected that she would have this reaction. He sneered and his voice was terrifying as a ghost: "want me to tell my cousin you tempt me?"

He threatened her again!

Gloria clenched hands tightly. Her small face was red because of anger but she can’t do anything to

this shameless man.

At last, she turned around and walked where she came,"you come with me."

It was only half a minute for them to talk here.

As soon as they left, two men in black came up.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Kenny hurried into another alley with Gloria alertly, and went in after finding a house.

When the two men left, he took Gloria out.

Gloria was so nervous. She didn't know who was offended by "Leon", but she also knew that it was not the time to ask.

Two people hurriedly returned to the small single room of Gloria.

Gloria stood at the door and looked around like a thief. Then she came into the room.

"What are you..."

She closed the door, turned around and was about to ask "Leon" who had been offended by him. Before she could finish, she saw him suddenly fall down.

"What's the matter?" Gloria’s face changed, hurriedly walking to help him.

But Kenny was tall and muscular. She was too weak to help him up, but the blood stained one of her hand.

Only then did she find that the face of "Leon" was extreme pale. Because he was wearing black clothes, the blood could not be seen.

Looking at her flustered face, Kenny suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand. He said with thin lips, "what are you afraid of? Don't worry. They will let you accompany me when I die."

His tone was so indifferent that it was hard to tell whether he was serious or joking.

Gloria did not have the mood to listen to his words. She thought of the gunshot that heard before, saying with a serous face: "you let me go. I will take the cell phone to call an ambulance for you!"

His face suddenly sank and his voice was cold: "no ambulance."

Gloria feeling he aggravated strength, her one hand was hurt. His cold face gave a lot pressure on her so that she dare not refute.

She said tentatively, "well...I'll bandage the wound for you? "

Kenny directly ignored her words and said in a deep voice, "blades, a lighter, candles, bandages, towels."

Gloria understood that he was to want to take out bullet by himself.

She shook her head in fright. "No, you can't take out your bullet by yourself. You'll die."

"Who said I would take it out by myself?" Looking at her, Kenny's dark eyes were as deep as the black whirlpool which can make people in.

When she was attracted by his eyes, she heard him say quietly, "take it out for me."