Chapter 1 - My Substitute Ugly Wife

Sitting in front of the dressing mirror, Gloria Taylor was waiting for the makeup artist.

The door was opened suddenly, and Tina Taylor came in in a hurry.

Seeing Gloria’s messy hair and long gray cotton padded jacket, she scolded, "Clarke’s are all here. Why don’t you change your clothes?"

Gloria pushed the black framed glasses on her nose, looking much more dull. She looked down with her eyelids covering her eyes, "Mom, have you decided?"

Thinking Gloria regret, Tina’s face turned pale because of anxiousness.

The Clarke’s were waiting outside. Even a small change would destroy Taylor family!

She was so anxious that she knelt down in front of Gloria. "Gloria, please. Your sister deserves a better man. Help her!"

Gloria’s dull eyes became cold gradually. Her biological mother, Tina Walker, gave all her love to the two children left by her father's deceased ex-wife.

Therefore, even if Tina knew that her younger sister, Anne’s fiance was ugly and impotent, she still insisted on letting her, Gloria, marry that man!

Outside the door, the servant urged, "Madame, Lady Gloria, the Clarke’s are coming upstairs."

Gloria didn't reach out to help Tina, but said coldly, "Get up. I'm leaving."

At this time, she had lost all her hopes.

She opened the door and saw a group of strange bodyguards standing outside. These were sent by the Clarke family to pick her up.

There was no wedding nor groom, but she was getting married today.

"Let's go." She walked in front and took the lead downstairs.

Clarke family was the top-ranking family in Huyang city and its only heir in line, Kenny Clarke, who was kidnapped more than ten years ago, was disfigured and was hurt in his sexual function.

Since then, Kenny had never appeared in public.

It was said that he was cruel and ugly. Every woman who was sent to his house didn't come out alive.

Despair is the greatest sorrow. Even if Kenny was a devil, she didn't care now.

When she arrived at Kenny's villa, the bodyguards took her into the room and then left.

It wasn't until the sky outside the window was getting dark that the door was open again.

Gloria turned around, and saw a tall and upright man coming in.

He closed the door and turned on the light.

The dazzling light offended to Gloria’s eyes. Subconsciously, she blocked her hands in front of her eyes. After doing that, she looked up at the man.

She froze at a glance.

It was not because the man was ugly but because he was too handsome.

The dark suit wrapped his tall and strong body, showing a perfect figure to her. He strode over, gracefully and nobly, just like a king.

His perfect facial features were like an art work of the god. He was too handsome to make Gloria believe she was not in a dream. However, the overbearing aura spreading from the man in front woke her up.

Watching Gloria for a few seconds, Kenny frowned slightly. "You are so ugly," said Kenny. It was the first sentence he spoke, a simple and unadorned comment without any other meanings.

Gloria collected herself at once. She didn't care much about his rude words but just looked at him warily, "Who are you?"

His dark pupils radiated a sharp light, "Don't you know whom you marry today?"

As he got closer, the cold breath made Gloria shiver.

For a moment, she slightly smothered because of the powerful atmosphere, but she still straightened her back, "of course I know that the man I marry is Kenny Clarke!"

Hearing the words, the sharpness in Kenny's eyes disappeared gradually, and then he understood. It seemed that she also believed the hearsay.

She married an "ugly and impotent" man, but her expression seemed too calm. He now was a little interested in her.

He smiled, pretending to be a playboy. "It turns out to be you, my cousin’s wife. I'm Leon, Kenny's cousin. Nice to meet you. But I think on the night of your new marriage, you must don't want to be with an impotence, right?"