Chapter 2 - My Substitute Ugly Wife

He deliberately emphasized the word "impotence". His voice was low and attractive, like he was flirting with Gloria.

The man closed to her on purpose. As his approaching, the sharp and cold aura became stronger.

Gloria felt uncomfortable and moved aside. After being doubtful for a few seconds, she chose to believe his words.

After all, the villa of Kenny was not accessible to ordinary people.

"He's your cousin. Watch your language, please." She thought Kenny must live a bad life for his cousin could insult him in front of his newly married wife.

Gloria felt the sympathy to him from the bottom of her heart.

Even if Clarke family was a top-ranking family, according to Kenny’s condition, he must have had a hard time these years.

Astonishment appeared in Kenny's eyes. He had no idea that this ugly woman would say that.

He couldn't help seizing her up again.

She had messy hair, black frame glasses and long cotton padded clothes. The heavy bangs on the forehead almost covered her eyes, and a few small freckles are on her dark yellow face. Her appearance could only make people disgusted.

No doubt this ugly woman was not his beautiful fiancee.

But those people in the Clarke family didn't care whether the woman married him was ugly or beautiful. As long as she was a woman who can bear babies, they won't pursue even if she was changed.

Kenny's eyes flashed a dark light. He reached out his hand and pushed Gloria to the bed. "No one else here and don't pretend. You are a bitch, aren't you? I'll take it as doing good to satisfy you."

With that, he reached directly into her clothes...


Gloria slapped in his face with all her strength, "Not all the people are as dirty as you. Before your cousin comes, leave here NOW! I can regard as nothing happened."

Although she had tried to keep calm, her trembling hands betrayed her.

On her way here, she just imagined how ugly Kenny was, but she did not expect such a thing.

Kenny's face was terrible and he became cold"No woman ever dare to hit me."

Because of the struggle, her glasses have fallen off, showing a pair of clear and pure eyes. The constantly shaking eyelashes showed her tension and fear.

Kenny stopped. He didn't know why he didn't bear to bully her now.

He stood up, straightened his skirt and gave her a cold look. "Then wait here for that useless man."


Until the door was closed, she was relaxed a little.

Outside the door, a bodyguard saw the red mark on Kenny's face and said, "young master, your face..."

Kenny touched his face and said expressionlessly, "I was hit by the door."

"A door can leave five finger marks on the face? Funny thing... " The bodyguard thought secretly.

But the bodyguard did not dare to ask more. He only respectfully handed in a document, "This is the lady's personal data."

Kenny opened the document and saw the name on it: Gloria Taylor.

That ugly girl named "Gloria"? What was next? Wow, a good mommy, spoiled her stepchildren but ignored her biological daughter.

Suddenly, he frowned and asked the bodyguard, "Is she a fool?"

The bodyguard nodded.

Kenny said with a poker face, "Check again."

Gloria was obviously a normal girl when talked to him.

Besides, he had never seen a fool who can slap him in that situation.

Thinking of it, his face became darker. He threw the document to the bodyguard's arms, "Don't come over before you can find satisfying information!"