Chapter 4 - President's Substitute Wife

I struggled to the door, opened the door, and lay in the big bed where I had been sleeping for three years.

I fell asleep in a daze

I had a dream. Twelve years ago, I first met Ji Qingxuan. At that time, when I was only 10 years old, I went to an unfinished construction site near the orphanage.

It will be winter and there will be no one on the site.

There, I met Ji Qingxuan, who was wounded and dying. I called him for a long time, but he didn't respond. I thought he was dead. When I was going back to find the teacher in the orphanage, I heard a weak voice behind me saying, "help me."

At that time, I was skinny. I used a tricycle to pull cement at the construction site and pushed him out of the construction site and took him to the nearest hospital.

Because I had no money, the people in the hospital refused to leave him alone, so I knelt down and kowtowed to the people in the hospital.

Finally, a young doctor called the vice president and agreed to send him to the operating room.

I'll just wait outside.

Later, he woke up, asked my name, said he remembered me and said he would come to me later.

But dreams are dreams, not reality.

The reality is, later, Ji Qingxuan woke up, I was not allowed to enter the ward, can only look at him from a distance, not long after, came a group of men in black suits, pushed his bed to transfer.

When the bed passed by me, he saw me, raised his good-looking lips, laughed at me, and gently grasped the corner of my clothes.

That was our last meeting.

But that smile, but printed in my heart, even after 12 years, are still fresh in my memory.

Wake up, tears wet the whole pillow towel.

The window was already dark.

I'm thirsty and hungry. My body doesn't hurt so much, so I want to go to the kitchen for a drink.

Look, outside, I thought they should be asleep.

As a result, as soon as I got to the stairway, I heard Qin Jiameng's voice coming from the living room, "when will she live? Didn't the house say that she would spare me some clothes?"

When I was curious why she didn't go home with Ji Qingxuan, I heard her mother say, "don't worry. I'll try

to get her to sign an agreement tomorrow. Go away. For the sake of the 4% share, you can bear it."

Four percent?

If you're talking about me, I don't know that.

But soon, Qin Jiameng said the answer, "you really want to take her back for the 4% shares that grandma said. How much is 4%, and you can't change money! I have to call her sister and pretend to be a good sister! "

"You think I don't think she's disgusting and rustic. Every time I eat, like I've never eaten in my life, there's not a grain of rice left in the bowl! Every time a guest comes to my house, I hate shame! "

"That's right. I gave her some clothes I didn't wear. She was just like picking up a treasure. She really had no face to say that she was my sister. I'm so happy to see her beaten today

"Well, I'll let her sign the agreement as soon as she wakes up in the morning! There's a wedding on your grandmother's side. She won't pursue it! "

I stood upstairs, listening to Qin Jiameng and his mother's words, holding the stair handrail's hand, shaking badly.

It is said by the director of the orphanage that the food should be clean. In this way, the cookers will be happy.

I don't like most of the clothes Qin Jiameng gave me, but I'm afraid she will be disappointed, and there are no other clothes to wear, so I accept them gratefully every time.

In order not to let the Qin family hate it, except that the tuition fees are subsidized by the kind-hearted people in the orphanage, the living expenses are all earned by myself.

It turned out that the family affection I carefully cared for in the palm of my hand was such a thing.

Yes, it's 4% shares!

And a well planned surrogate marriage is just an excuse to kick me out of the Qin family!

I'm the only one who's foolishly dreaming about family love.

It turns out that kinship can be so bad!

I clenched my lips, tried to control my emotions, limped downstairs and asked, "is that so?"