President's Substitute Wife

President's Substitute Wife

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Read President's Substitute Wife by Jasmine Tea. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereJune Carter, who was born in a wealthy family, was forced to become an orphan because of the negligence of the hospital. She grew up in a welfare home and returned to her original family with difficulty. However, she found that she could not integrate into the family atmosphere at all. She thought that she could get love and care by giving everything and wiping her life to substitute her sister to marry Sean Jessop. Finding that everything was just a conspiracy, and she was just a chess piece that could be sacrificed at any time.   Key: president's substitute wife president's substitute wife novel the president's substitute wife president's substitute wife full novel president's substitute wife by jasmine tea president's substitute wife free download president's substitute wife novel online free president's substitute wife by jasmine tea novel
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Chapter 1

Every woman expects to marry the man she loves. Me too. Today, I am married to a man who has loved me for 12 years, only in the name of my sister Qin Jiameng Although my sister and I have the same face, I was sent to the orphanage because of the negligence ofthe hospital. It was not until three years ago that I returned to the Qin family. I'm a wild girl. I don't fit in with the big Qin family. But because I

Chapter 2

In the morning, I was awakened by the pain of tearing my lower body. Everything last night was like anightmare in my mind My first time, my wedding night, was treated like an enemy by Ji Qingxuan. Broke all my previous fantasies. The bed by my side is already cool. A little cinnabar blood on the snow-white sheet is particularly dazzling. I got up and went to the bathroom, took a painful bath, changed my clot

Chapter 3

Seeing this scene, my heart trembled and I was just about to ask what happened. My father walked up tome first and slapped me. I was hit by the wall behind me. Before I recovered, I heard him scold, "QinJiaqi, we have raised you for three years. Is that how you repay us?" There was a smell of blood in my mouth, and I was in a trance. Trying to stand up straight, looking at his father, he asked, "what..." "Wh

Chapter 4

I struggled to the door, opened the door, and lay in the big bed where I had been sleeping for threeyears. I fell asleep in a daze I had a dream. Twelve years ago, I first met Ji Qingxuan. At that time, when I was only 10 years old, Iwent to an unfinished construction site near the orphanage. It will be winter and there will be no one on the site. There, I met Ji Qingxuan, who was wounded and dying. I called

Chapter 5

It seems that my mother and Qin Jiameng didn't expect that I woke up and the floor lamp was dim, but Icould see that their faces were not very good. Mother first put on that pair of hypocritical smile and asked me, "Jiaqi, how is your injury? Do you needto go to the hospital? " If it was before, I would be moved, but now my heart is colder than winter. Qin Jiameng looked at my indifferent expression. Of cour

Chapter 6

Leaving the Qin family, I have nowhere to go. I can only call my best friend Jiang Qin. The phone is off. She and I were classmates in the orphanage, two years older than me. She was sponsored by a kind-hearted boss of the enterprise. After graduating from high school, because of her appearance andtemperament, she studied in the aviation college. After graduation, she became a stewardess directly.In fact, my

Chapter 7

Ji Qingxuan heard me, disgusted, but his hand moved from his neck to his chin, and his black eyeslooked at me, as if to see through me. The air is quiet and terrible, only the smell of alcohol. After a while, he gave a sneer, "what do you want?" At this time, I naively thought that he believed me, and then said, "I press my fingerprints on thewedding agreement. As long as you don't press her again, I'm yours

Chapter 8

When I pulled out my cell phone from my bag and saw the familiar numbers above, I almost threw itaway. Fortunately, Jiang Qin caught it for me. She looked at the string of 9 numbers on the screen and guessed, "Ji Qingxuan?" I nodded silently. The voice of the mobile phone continues to sing. Jiang Qin saw that I didn't plan to pick it up, and said directly, "I'll pick it up for you." With that, press theanswe

Chapter 9

"Is Ji always playing with me?" I took the agreement in front of me in my hand and stood up without anysign of weakness, pointing to the clause. Finish saying, throw agreement to Ji Qingxuan body, turn round to leave. I dare not turn my head back. I'm afraid that if I walk a second late, I will not be able to pretend. I will show my embarrassment in frontof him. I quickly walked all the way to the gate of th

Chapter 10

When I was a child, Ji Qingxuan couldn't rescue because he didn't have money. But I had to go to thehospital with 120. When I got to the hospital, I helped Qin Jiameng pay for the medicine, and I was just about to leave. To the door, but was stopped by a policeman, he stood behind, is the third floor of the couple. The hostess pointed at me and said firmly, "it's her. She pushed the girl down." The policeman