Chapter 3 - President's Substitute Wife

Seeing this scene, my heart trembled and I was just about to ask what happened. My father walked up to me first and slapped me. I was hit by the wall behind me. Before I recovered, I heard him scold, "Qin Jiaqi, we have raised you for three years. Is that how you repay us?"

There was a smell of blood in my mouth, and I was in a trance.

Trying to stand up straight, looking at his father, he asked, "what..."

"What do you have the face to ask? You think we don't know what you're doing? You plan your sister, feed her sleeping pills, attend the wedding for her! If we hadn't found out ahead of time and taken Mengmeng to the hospital for gastric lavage, I don't know if she could live now! "

My father raised his hand and slapped me hard.

This slap was more fierce than before. I was in a trance and fell to the ground.

Although the eyes spent, but my brain is particularly clear!

A few days ago, my parents said that Qin Jiameng fell in love with Fang Liwen of their company, and didn't dare disobey Ji Qingxuan, so they asked me to marry him instead.

The day before yesterday, I personally took my sister to the airport and watched them enter the security check.

In the end, how did it become my dream of calculating Qin Jia?

My brain is in a mess.

Some things come to the surface, but I don't want to believe them.

My father seemed to be angry. He picked up a wooden stool from one side and hit me on the head!

I was scared to hide, but I was still hit on the back!

It hurts!

I'm in great pain, but I can't bear to cry. This is the problem I left in the orphanage.

Because at that time, even if I was sick and uncomfortable, there was no one to accompany me. Who did I cry for? To whom?

For a long time, no matter how much pain, I will not easily say.

When my father saw that I didn't cry and didn't get rid of my anger, he hit me a few times and I bit my lips.

Finally, the mother couldn't look down and grabbed the stool, "OK, hit her again and kill her!"

"You deserve it My father threw the stool and said angrily.

When I heard the stool landing, I dared to stop in the same place. I looked up and saw that Qin Jiameng was in Ji Qingxuan's arms, but my eyes looked at me and said, "Qingxuan, you see, my parents have

fought. Can we forget this? After all, she grew up in the orphanage, and inevitably learned some bad things."

Although her tone is sympathy, but I see clearly, she saw my expression is not sympathy, but smart calculation!

This is my guess!

I fell in the corner and said nothing, because my spine was very painful at this time. I was afraid that if my father beat me again, my spine would break.

Ji Qingxuan looked at me, but a trace of complex emotion flashed in the black eyes. After a while, he said, "let's talk about it."

After that, his parents, Qin Jiameng and Ji Qingxuan all sat in the living room.

When my father saw me, he scolded, "go upstairs and kill you here!"

I watched Qin Jiameng sitting next to Ji Qingxuan, holding the man in his arms, and they clasped their fingers.

This is a couple

I bear the pain and bow my back. For me, the steps in front of me are the ladder. Every time I walk, the pain in the place where I was just hit makes me sweat.

But, compared with the body pain, my heart is more painful!

Although I don't know why things turned out like this, I'm clear that I was calculated.

After Qin Jiameng's coquetry, Ji Qingxuan's doting words, parents' loving words.

I understand, that is their world, and I, just a clown, never really into.