Chapter 7 - Pursuing Her

Chapter 7 Cannot Stand The Sight Of Her

“Got it.” Still, Sophie wasn’t bothered about it. Instead, she ordered, “Don’t contact me these few days.”

“Why? Are you really in trouble?” But then, she’s the only one who can handle some of the assignments!

“No, I’m just tired and would like to change my style of living.”

“What? Why are you suddenly tired? Don’t tell me you want to quit Wings of Light? No way! I’m not going to agree to that.”

At that, Sophie couldn’t help chuckling.

“I’m not planning to quit Wings of Light, Butterfly. It’s just that I’m busy with something else recently, so I don’t want to take on any assignments. No matter who it is and how much money they offer, simply decline them all.”

“What exactly happened? If you can’t handle it, you can tell me. Every member of Wings of Light can help you figure out a solution.” Wings of Light had plenty of talents, so they could resolve the issue no matter who she offended.

“It’s nothing.” Sophie didn’t want to continue talking about that, so she hung up right away.

Butterfly was familiar with Phantom’s character. If the latter didn’t want to speak about something, it would do her no good regardless of how hard she pressed for an answer. Besides, she believed that Phantom could resolve all problems.

Anyway, she could never understand the world of geniuses.

When Sophie returned to her class, she noticed that the look in other people’s eyes as they stared at her had turned even stranger.

Nonetheless, she didn’t pay it any mind.

Casting a look at her, Queenie couldn’t help sneering. Regardless of whether it was five years ago or the present, she’s still as annoying as ever!

After the first period, Sophie got to her feet to visit the washroom. A girl in front of her stood up as well.

“Nice to meet you, Sophie. I’m Ysabelle Lombard.” The girl who spoke had a bob cut and a pair of big, beautiful eyes.

Sophie merely grunted in acknowledgment, obviously not in the mood to entertain her.

“Wait a moment, Sophie!” Ysabelle wasn’t as tall as Sophie and hadn’t had the latter’s long legs either, so she struggled to match her pace.

“Is something else the matter?” Sophie could tell that she didn’t mean any harm.

“Sophie, they uploaded the pictures of you fighting to the school’s forum. You were so cool when you fought!” Admiration was written all over Ysabelle’s face.

“What pictures?”

Ysabelle then handed her phone to Sophie.

“Can I gang up with you henceforth?” Ysabelle asked with a sheepish smile.

“I don’t form gangs.” Sophie glanced at the pictures and saw that the discussion on the forum centered on her past. Caustic remarks about her amorality and shamelessness abounded.

“Don’t be angry, Sophie. Such is their attitude, always spouting nonsense. Don’t take it to heart.”

“Go back. Don’t mix with me.”

“Why? I like you a lot!” Ysabelle wasn’t bothered about Sophie’s indifference.

Sophie couldn’t do anything about someone like her, and she didn’t have any malicious intentions, so the former allowed her to tag along.

“Would you please teach me how to fight?” Ysabelle inquired earnestly.


Oh well, I really can’t bring myself to hate her.

“Why not?” Ysabelle bit her lip before murmuring, “Do you not like me?”


“But why? Am I not cute?” Ysabelle acted cute with Sophie.

Although Sophie remained impassive, she still didn’t give up.

“It’s okay. You still don’t know me well at the moment. When you know me better in the future, you’ll definitely like me!” Ysabelle rambled despite Sophie’s silence.

“Look at Ysabelle, Queenie. She actually went to the washroom with Sophie!”

“Hmph! Teach her a lesson so that she knows who exactly is the boss of Senior Class 8!” Queenie snarled.

She wanted the entire class to ostracize and pick on Sophie. Above all else, she wanted the latter to get out of Jipsdale.

“Okay! She’s undoubtedly a rotten apple since she’s siding with Sophie!” All the girls in the class didn’t like Ysabelle. She was beautiful, and her grades were passable, but her family background was, unfortunately, lacking.

When the school bell rang, Ysabelle followed Sophie back to the classroom.

Sophie’s seat was in the last row. Meanwhile, Ysabelle sat in the third row as she was pretty short. But when she walked in, someone stretched out a leg and tripped her.

As a result, Ysabelle stumbled forward.

Hearing the movement, Sophie whirled around and swiftly caught Ysabelle. Following that, Ysabelle fell right into her arms.

“Who did that?” She swept a gaze over everyone, upon which the classroom instantly plunged into dead silence.

Verily, Ysabelle suffered a fright. She knew that many in the class loathed Sophie, but she liked her from the depths of her heart at first sight.

Nevertheless, she hadn’t expected them to make a move against her so quickly.

“I’m fine, Sophie.” Afraid that a fight would break out, Ysabelle immediately mollified Sophie.

The girl who stretched out her leg earlier was a touch fearful at Sophie’s gaze. But still, she stood up.

“She was the one who was careless and tripped! What has it got to do with me? Why, do you want to fight?”

Sophie helped to steady Ysabelle on her feet. Then, she stalked toward that girl.


“I’m sorry.” The girl apologized without a hint of sincerity.

At that, Sophie saw red.

She stepped right on the girl’s foot.

At that trod, such excruciating pain swamped the girl that her foot went numb.

“How could you?”

The girl burst into tears.

“Sorry, I didn’t see your foot.” After saying that, Sophie spun on her heel and returned to her seat.

Seeing that, Ysabelle liked her all the more. Never had she seen such a cool girl.

When the other girls saw Sophie’s brutality, they didn’t dare utter a single word.

Queenie balled her hands into fists. Sophie’s behavior was different in the past, so she was a tad petrified by the present Sophie.

“Yvonne, go and tell the teacher about this after class. It’s Jipsdale Premier High here, so he’ll unquestionably hope that Sophie will get out of here as well!”

Therefore, Yvonne Zales went crying to Derrick after class. On top of that, she even called her parents.

“Look at my daughter’s foot, Mr. Hayes! It’s all red. Evie has always been a diligent and obedient child. We sent her to school in perfect condition, but she can’t even walk now. You must give me an

explanation today!” The Zales family has some influence in Jipsdale, so they couldn’t possibly allow their child to suffer such bullying without seeking justice.

Derrick’s brows furrowed.

“Calm down, Mrs. Zales. There must be some misunderstanding here since they’re all kids in their teenage years.”

“How could I possibly remain calm? Evie, tell your teacher who did this to you.” Selena Ardern was utterly dissatisfied with Derrick’s attitude.

“It was the new transfer student, Sophie Tanner. Mom, I heard that she used to fight and brawl a lot in the past. That aside, she even cohabitated with a ruffian and had an abortion. I don’t want to be in the same class as such a student.” Yvonne wailed even louder.

As Derrick listened, his expression turned increasingly darker.

“Where did you hear all this, Yvonne? It’s not good to say such things about your classmate. All that are unfounded rumors.”

No matter what, Sophie was his student, and such rumors were devastating to a girl.

“Are you biased toward Sophie, Mr. Hayes? If you don’t give me an explanation today, I’m going to seek Mr. Langston out personally!” Selena threatened furiously.

Just then, Sophie arrived at the office.

When she caught sight of Yvonne, she knew what it was all about.

“I have a question for you, Sophie. Were you the one who stepped on Yvonne’s foot?”

“Yes,” Sophie answered frankly.

Derrick couldn’t help but frown at her answer.

“Then, is there a conflict between the two of you? It’s normal for girls to have some conflicts.”

“There’s no conflict. I simply can’t stand the sight of her.” Such a paltry lesson is nothing when she dared to play tricks right under my nose!

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