Pursuing Her

Pursuing Her

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Chapter: 860
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Pursuing Her Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Do Not MoveIt was annoyingly hot in Horington by the time June arrived.After the self-study session ended at night, Sophie Tanner waited till the other students filed out beforeshe got on her bicycle. She took the road to a quiet alley to head home. It might be deserted, but shecould shorten her journey by over ten minutes.Before she could cycle out of the alley, she caught a whiff of blood with he

Pursuing Her Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Men Are All Shallow“No problem!”Felix arranged for Tristan to be sent to Horington General Hospital without hesitation. The bulletmight’ve been removed, but it was necessary for Tristan to undergo a checkup at the hospital.The doctor at Horington General Hospital gaped in disbelief after he saw Tristan’s wound.This doctor was the top surgeon at Horington General Hospital. If he was tasked to operat

Pursuing Her Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Does She Even Have A FamilyThe next morning, Sophie arrived at her classroom to be told that the discipline teacher had come tolook for her three times in a row.“Soph, did you do something wrong?”Everyone knew Sophie was a delinquent who loved getting involved in physical fights. However, no onehad ever seen her fighting after she transferred to this high school. Sophie often slept in class, butalm

Pursuing Her Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Ask For Help“Sir, you’ve gotten the wrong person.” Sophie pulled her hand out of his grip.Caleb frowned. Looks like she hasn’t forgiven us yet.“Sophie, I know you hate us. We didn’t have another choice back then.” He tried hard to persuade herto change her mind.“You didn’t have another choice? Ha! You did make your choice back then,” Sophie mocked.“Sophie, Grandpa’s back. He wants to see you. Even

Pursuing Her Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Tell Me Who She IsAfter hanging up on his call, Andy rushed out of the office and cried, “Please wait, Old Mr. Tanner. I’lltake Ms. Sophie Tanner as a student.”His attitude had taken a one-eighty from before.Even Josiah had no idea why the principal had suddenly changed his mind.“Are you sure, Mr. Langston?” Josiah asked.“That’s right, Old Mr. Tanner. I’ll have her placed in a class right away.” Th

Pursuing Her Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Who Did I Offend This TimeSophie looked through the information Butterfly sent and learned that hackers from Anglandur weretrying to break through Chanaea’s firewall.If the hackers succeeded, they could steal government information from Chanaea and plunge thecountry into a huge crisis.Sophie promptly deleted the information and took a taxi back to the Tanner residence.The moment she arrived, she he

Pursuing Her Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Cannot Stand The Sight Of Her“Got it.” Still, Sophie wasn’t bothered about it. Instead, she ordered, “Don’t contact me these few days.”“Why? Are you really in trouble?” But then, she’s the only one who can handle some of theassignments!“No, I’m just tired and would like to change my style of living.”“What? Why are you suddenly tired? Don’t tell me you want to quit Wings of Light? No way! I’m notgoi

Pursuing Her Chapter 8

Chapter 8 I Am Here For You“Did you hear that, Mr. Hayes? How could there be such a student at Jipsdale Premier High? She’s tooarrogant! She’s simply overbearing!” Selena was so livid that she leaped up from the couch.“Do you not know the kind of creature your daughter is?” Sophie was exceedingly annoyed at heraggressive attitude.“How dare you? Mr. Hayes, if you can’t handle this, have the discipline teacher

Pursuing Her Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Do Not Doubt His WordsSeeing that they had all left, Felix instantly made a call.“Hey, have Zales Corporation vanish from Jipsdale in three hours.”Only then did Selena realize the gravity of the matter.“Who exactly are you both?”Her knees went weak, and she couldn’t quite remain steady on her feet anymore.“Well, he’s Tristan Lombard, whom you mentioned earlier! You wanted his niece to apologize to

Pursuing Her Chapter 10

Chapter 10 An Unpleasant Encounter“Eat your food. Are you going to be full just by staring at me?”At that, Ysabelle promptly buried her head in the food. While Uncle Tristan is devastatingly handsome,I still can’t get full from staring at him.Sophie didn’t turn to rebuff their kind intentions, and she ate everything the both of them presentedbefore her.Her appetite wasn’t ginormous in the first place, so she