Chapter 8 - Pursuing Her

Chapter 8 I Am Here For You

“Did you hear that, Mr. Hayes? How could there be such a student at Jipsdale Premier High? She’s too arrogant! She’s simply overbearing!” Selena was so livid that she leaped up from the couch.

“Do you not know the kind of creature your daughter is?” Sophie was exceedingly annoyed at her aggressive attitude.

“How dare you? Mr. Hayes, if you can’t handle this, have the discipline teacher come over.” Selena knew that Andy was very busy and had no time to handle such a matter. By then, she was already so infuriated that she couldn’t wait anymore.

“Mrs. Zales, this matter—”

“What about this matter? It’s already clear as day that she picked on my daughter! Are you still determined to defend her now? What exactly is your relationship with her, Mr. Hayes?”

Left with no other choice, Derrick could only have the discipline teacher come over.

As soon as Selena saw the discipline teacher, Rhett Quillen, she instantly demanded, “You must give me an explanation today, Mr. Quillen! Look at my daughter’s foot. If you can’t handle this problem well today, I’ll have no choice but to hand the matter over to the police. This is intentional assault!”

Rhett alternated his gaze between the fuming woman and Sophie, who said nothing at all.

“What exactly happened here, Mr. Hayes? Isn’t she a new transfer student? It’s only her first day here, and she has created such a huge mess?”

“Mr. Quillen, it’s normal to have conflicts between girls. I think there’s no need for us to make a mountain out of a molehill.”

“I’m making a mountain out of a molehill? How could you say that, Mr. Hayes?”

“Since Sophie is at fault, have her parents come and take her away.” Rhett made that decision after glimpsing Yvonne’s foot.

Meanwhile, Ysabelle called Tristan at once when she saw someone summoning Sophie away.

“Come over quickly, Uncle Tristan! Someone at school picked on me!”

Tristan was in a meeting when he received her call.

“Go to your father instead.”

“Uncle Tristan, my father will kill me if he learns about this. Hurry up and come over!” Ysabelle was on the verge of tears. After all, Sophie only trod on Yvonne’s leg because of her.

Knowing how much William loved that granddaughter of his, Tristan left his work uncompleted in the end and went to Jipsdale Premier High with Felix.

At the school, Rhett had Sophie call her parents and have them come over.

Ysabelle knocked on the door. After obtaining permission to enter, she immediately went in.

“Mr. Quillen, this matter has nothing to do with Sophie. It was Yvonne who picked on me.”

At the sight of her, Rhett’s brows inexorably creased.

“What do you know, girl? Yvonne has always been a good student with impeccable character and grades, while Sophie has always been notorious. Do you think Mr. Quillen will believe that?”

“All I said was true! Mr. Hayes, it was really Yvonne’s fault!”

Ysabelle was frantic to the point of tears when she saw that they didn’t believe her.

“You’re not needed here, Ysabelle. Go back.” Sophie hadn’t expected her to come over.

However, Ysabelle walked right up to her.

“Don’t be afraid, Sophie. I’m here for you!”

Truly, Sophie never thought that she would hear such words from another girl.

“Look, Mr. Quillen! They’re in cahoots. Expel them both! Allowing such students to stay will only affect the reputation of Jipsdale Premier High!” Selena continued kicking up a fuss unreasonably.

Rhett couldn’t quite figure out Ysabelle’s background, so he didn’t dare make a decision then.

“Mrs. Zales, this matter—”

“If you can’t handle this matter today, Mr. Quillen, then I’ll have no choice but to call Mr. Langston.” Selena put pressure on him.

Rhett knew the status of the Zales family in Jipsdale. As an inconsequential character, he didn’t dare offend them.

“In that case, we shall expel them both,” Rhett murmured helplessly.

“Mr. Quillen, neither of them committed any major mistakes. How could you expel them just like this?” Derrick felt that it was too hasty a decision. He held himself responsible for every single student in the class, so he didn’t harbor any prejudice against Sophie despite knowing that her grades were atrocious.

“This matter is decided, Mr. Hayes. Mrs. Zales, I heard that your company are recently—”

“Mr. Quillen is really unreasonable!” Even Ysabelle, who was as timid as a mouse, couldn’t help getting mad by then. She then continued, “Don’t worry, Sophie. I’ve already given my uncle a call. He’s very powerful!”

At that, Sophie arched a brow. Did I say that I’m afraid? It’s merely Jipsdale Premier High. A single phone call from me determines who’s expelled or dismissed.

“Who do you want to expel? Mr. Quillen, I think there’s no need for you to be at this school anymore.” When Felix heard at the door that Rhett wanted to expel Ysabelle, his temper spiked.

Right after saying that, he pushed open the door and allowed Tristan to enter before him.

Tristan didn’t expect to see Sophie there though he knew that she was also a student at Jipsdale Premier High and was planning to go and visit her later.

“Who are you both?” Rhett had never met Tristan and Felix. But from their auras, he knew that they weren’t easy prey.

“What a coincidence!” Felix was likewise surprised to see Sophie there.

Seeing the two of them, Sophie couldn’t help frowning. Why am I bumping into them everywhere?

“That isn’t important. The important thing is, you have no right to expel them both.”

“How arrogant! Do you think this is your house? It’s the school here! What can you do when Mr. Quillen is determined to expel them?” Selena hadn’t had any opportunity to have contact with people from Tristan’s circle, so she didn’t recognize the man before her. “Just expel them both, Mr. Quillen! Zales Corporation will handle it if there’s any problem!”

“Zales Corporation?” Tristan spoke at long last. “Is Zales Corporation very powerful, Felix?”

“No idea. What kind of business is Zales Corporation involved in?” Felix really couldn’t recall any company known as Zales Corporation right then.

“Did you see that, Mr. Quillen? They don’t even know of Zales Corporation, yet they’re putting on airs here!” Selena threw a contemptuous look at them.

“Why, is Zales Corporation all that mighty?” Felix countered.

“Do you believe I can make it so that you two are dead meat with a single phone call?” Selena grew all the smugger. They’re afraid now, huh?

“Honestly speaking, I’m really a touch scared now. I’ve still got my entire family to support, so what am I to do if I don’t have a job?” Felix fretted sarcastically.

Selena was too confident in Zales Corporation, and her sense of triumph soared after she heard that.

“So, what’s your choice? If the two of you are willing to drop to your knees and apologize to me now, I can still spare you both.”

“What?” Hah! She’s walking all over us! Just because I gave her an inch, she’s taking a mile!

Tristan was already at the end of his patience. Why bother yakking with such a person here?

“I’m giving you three hours to have the Zales Corporation she mentioned vanish from Jipsdale, Felix. Also, ensure that the Zales family do not appear anywhere I might go henceforth!”

When it came to being arrogant and domineering, no one could compare to him.

“What are you saying? Are you dreaming? Make Zales Corporation vanish? Do you think you’re Tristan Lombard?” In Jipsdale, only that man dares to say such a thing!

“Mr. Quillen, I don’t want anyone to know about the incident today.” After saying that, Tristan turned around and headed out.

Ysabelle promptly followed, tugging Sophie along. I just knew that Uncle Tristan could resolve the matter as soon as he intervenes!

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