Chapter 5 - Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

"Shh, pipe down, auntie," said Alana as she hastily covered Alondra's mouth with her hand.

"What's so surprising about that?" replied Alondra. She pushed Alana's hand away and continued, "The child you bore for the Ryker Family is already 4 years old after all. If Abel finds out that you are still a virgin during your wedding night, then we might be in serious trouble!"

"Nah, I haven't been one in a long while," replied Alana, visibly more relaxed. She no longer felt like she needed to pretend anymore. She continued, "I wouldn't dare take advantage of Cristopher without compensating him fairly."

"Then hurry up and give him a call," urged Alondra. "Just sleep with him again if you have to. You can figure out how to get rid of him once you become a mistress of the Ryker Family.

Emmeline woke up the next day and started scrolling happily through the messages from her sons.

Sun wrote, "Abel has another son, mommy!"

Moon wrote, "His name is Timothy and he's the same age as us!"

Star wrote, "I heart that Alana is his mommy!"

Emmeline responded with a surprised emoji.

Abel had a child with Alana?

Then why did Emmeline bother with chasing after that bastard?

She could just easily move on with her life and forget about him! Emmeline did not need or want Abel to own up to what he did to her all those years ago, but she wanted to know if the children she bore were indeed his!

If he was the biological father, she wanted his blood to save her child.

Emmeline finally got out of bed. She planned to run a DNA test on the hair strand she got from Abel and compared it to her son's.

She easily acquired a strand of hair from her son's bed.

But what of the strand of hair from Abel?

Oh crap, Emmeline wrapped the strand of hair in a piece of tissue paper and stuffed it in her pocket after she grabbed it from Abel!

However, she had inadvertently washed her jeans last night!


Emmeline hurried up to the balcony to find the pockets of her jeans empty.

Damn it! Why was I so careless?

She went through a lot to get that strand of hair off of Abel's head and now she had to do it again! Emmeline was not about to give up, she was determined to get another strand no matter what it took!

Picking up her phone, Emmeline made a call and said, "Find out where Abel is right now."

After a short while, the phone rang. "He just arrived at the Ryker Group building and is currently in a meeting."

"Got it," replied Emmeline. Just as she was about to hang up, the voice at the other end said, "Don't forget your promise, boss. You said you'll stage your appearance today."

"I'll see how things go," replied Emmeline as she hung up impatiently. She then hailed a cab.

After 40 minutes, Emmeline arrived at the entrance of the 89-floor building belonging to the Ryker Group.


Abel was sitting in the CEO's office after his meeting when the secretary walked in and announced, "Ms. Alana is here with some homemade refreshments."

Abel replied in a deep voice, "Let her in."

Just as he finished speaking, Alana pushed open the door and entered with a box of desserts in her hand.


The secretary hurriedly left and closed the door behind her.

Being Abel's fiancée, Alana was going to be one of the future bosses of the Ryker Group, so everyone was trying their best to curry favor with her.

With a scowl, Abel remarked, "Don't get too cozy with me, I don't even know you that well."

"..." Alana was silent with an uncomfortable look on her face, before breaking into a smile and raising the box in her hands. She said, "Try it, I made these myself."

"I did not let you in for the desserts," said Abel with a glare. He continued, "Who gave you the authority to use the Ryker Family name to remove those three children from their kindergarten?"

Alana let out a gasp of surprise.

Had Abel found out what she did?

Of course, he had, Those three brats were in Ryker Mansion, it was plain for all to see when they did not go to school in the morning.

"Abe….Oh, I mean, Mr. Abel," said Alana. "They offended Madame Ryker, so I figured I should stand up for the Ryker Family."

"Who are you to interfere in our family matter? Don't do that again!"

Was Rosaline angry at what she did?

Alana was immediately gripped with fear. Madame Ryker was the last person she dared to offend!

It was Madame Ryker who convinced her son to marry Alana in the first place!

"Then…" replied Alana nervously. "I'll go and apologize to Madame Ryker at once."

When Alana came out of the elevator, she bumped into Emmeline, who was wearing a simple white tee and a pair of jeans.

Despite her plain unassuming outfit, Emmeline had this captivating allure that grew with each passing day. On top of that, she had a certain arrogant look to her. Alana could not understand what drove Emmeline to possess such confidence.

Alana instinctively knew why Emmeline was there in front of her.

There was no way she allow Emmeline to meet Abel.

"Security! Throw this woman out at once!"

Several security guards rushed forward with rubber clubs in their hands.

Before one of them could stretch out their hands to grab her, Emmeline avoided them in one quick dodge and with a loud thud, she sent the guard sprawling on the ground.

"I'm here to see Abel! So be a good dog and let me pass!" growled Emmeline angrily.

Alana's face turned pale. Raising her eyebrows, Alana asked, "Why are you seeing my fiancé? Are you trying to seduce him in front of me?"

"Do I look like I give a crap about that?" sneered Emmeline. "I just want to find out if he's the father of my children!"

Alana was about to hurl insults at Emmeline before she caught glimpse of the elevator to the CEO's office coming down from the corner of her eyes.

Alana immediately composed herself and with a gentle voice, said, "Are you blaming my fiancé for what happened 5 years ago in the Grand Struyria Hotel, cousin? I saw Adrien go into your room that night. Did you not find him worthy of your affections?"

"What did you say?" Emmeline felt a buzz in her head. "You saw Adrien?"

"Yes, it was 5 years ago, on a rainy night in Autumn. You ran away from home. I was worried, so I went looking for you and I saw…"

There was no mistake, what Alana described was that faithful day 5 years ago.

After she was driven out by her stepmother, she found herself roaming the streets during a drizzle. She

then checked herself into the Grand Struyria Hotel that night.

Could it be…that the man back then was not Abel?

"What else do you have to say?" asked a cold voice from behind her. "Was the strand of hair you took from me useless?"

"But how do you explain the bank card with your name?" asked Emmeline as she turned around to look at the man.

"Isn't that obvious?" replied Alana with a smile. "Maybe Mr. Adrien took Abel's bank card?"

Emmeline did not know what to say.

She did not care which of the Rykers was going to be the heir to the Ryker Family, but she knew of Adrien's reputation in Phoenix as a playboy.

She shuddered to think that the father of her children was a lecherous playboy.

However, she was certain of one thing, she had to figure out who was the father of her children. Hesperus's life depended on it.

Hesperus was diagnosed with a blood disorder when he was one year old. Despite having received treatment for the past two years, they had to identify who his father was just in case Hesperus needed a blood transfusion.

Emmeline stood there in a daze when her phone suddenly rang. Annoyed, she answered the phone.

"Boss, they're insisting…"

"Tell them I'm occupied!"

"But boss…"

Emmeline immediately hung up.

This time, it was Abel's phone that started ringing. He turned around and answered the phone.

The voice on the other side went, "Mr. Abel, the doctor refused to come and treat the chairman."

"What? Why?" asked Abel with a frown. "I'm about to head to the hospital myself!"

"We tried…but the doctor hung up on us and turned off the phone..."

"I don't care what it takes! You can grovel before him for all I care, get me the Wonder Doctor! Offer him 50 million as his consultation fee if you have to! This is the only chance for Old Mr. Ryker to make it through!"

"50 million dollars?" replied the panicked voice on the other side. "At once, Mr. Abel."

Emmeline was already gone when Abel hung up the phone.

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