Chapter 6 - Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Abel rushed to the hospital to find Oscar in critical condition.

Lewis and Rosaline were already there. Landen, his uncle, had also just arrived.

Everyone was worried and they could only pray that the old man would survive.

"Lewis," said Landen, "Why don't you try getting your contact to plead with the Wonder Doctor again? Our father's life depends on it!"

"They've tried to contact him three times now. I even got them to offer 50 million to the doctor, but they said he hung up on them."

"Try again, they'll find a way to get him…they have to…"

Just as the two brothers were in a state of desperation, a bodyguard came in and announced, "The Wonder Doctor is coming. He's on the elevator right now!"

Everyone there instantly perked up.

The visitation area of the VIP ward went completely silent.


Suddenly, everyone let out a loud gasp at the same time.

"For real? The Wonder Doctor is coming over?" asked Landen

"Yes, Mr. Landen," replied the bodyguard excitedly. "He's on his way up as we speak."

With a trembling voice, Lewis exclaimed, "Go and meet him right now! Finally, help is here!"

Coming to their senses, everyone rushed out the door to meet the Wonder Doctor.

Abel also helped his mother out of the room behind the crowd.

The elevator was slowly rising, and everyone was transfixed at the panel displaying the floor the elevator was that. Their excitement rose along with the number.


The elevator arrived at their floor and the door slowly opened. All eyes were fixated on the door of the elevator.

Emmeline was immediately greeted with stares from the Ryker family as she walked out of the elevator.

Thankfully no one recognized her as she was in a full protective suit with a huge face mask over her face.

The assistant behind her let out a surprised gasp when he saw the crowd.

Both Lewis and Landen immediately gave a polite bow and greeted the doctor, "You're finally here, Wonder Doctor."

The rest of the Ryker family followed suit and bowed before the doctor.

"Mmhmm," replied Emmeline without batting an eye. She pushed past the crowd of people and walked towards the ward.

She may not need money, but an easy 50 million dollars was hard to turn down. What's more, she could save a life in the process.

"Huh?" exclaimed Rosaline as the doctor brushed past her.

"What happened, mother?" asked Abel quietly.

"The doctor's eyes…seem familiar."

"What?" replied Abel. "This doctor may be famous in the medical world, but his background was always shrouded in mystery. You rarely leave home as it is, how is it possible that you've met him before?"


Before she could finish speaking, she saw everyone else walking into the ward after the doctor. Both she and Abel tried to catch up to them.

"They didn't recognize you huh, boss," whispered Benjamin to Emmeline.

"Thankfully!" replied Emmeline quietly.

After both of them entered the ward, the hospital director that tailed behind them stood at the door. He

prevented the members of the Ryker Family from entering.

Only the doctor and the assistant are allowed in there. Please be patient and wait where."

"Let's just wait then," said Landen as he rubbed his hands. "There's no need to worry now that the Wonder Doctor is here."

"yeah, dad will make it through this time," replied Lewis as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

With Benjamin's help, Emmeline got to work. The acupuncture treatment lasted for two hours.

When the two figures in protective suits finally walked out, the people who were anxiously waiting in the lounge area stood up and rushed toward the duo.

"How is my father doing, doctor?"

"Is my grandfather awake, doctor?"

"Wonder Doctor…"

Benjamin immediately stood between the crowd and the doctor, saying, "Just go inside and see for yourselves. The Wonder Doctor is tired, so we'll be taking our leave."

"Then I'll send the good doctor off," said Abel humbly.

"That won't be necessary," said Emmeline coldly as she briefly glanced at him.

That voice…

…and those eyes…

Abel was stunned. He stood there mystified as Emmeline and Benjamine walked past him and went out of the room.

"Doctor!" yelled Abel as he came to his senses and gave chase.

However, before he could get to the doctor and the assistant, both of them had entered the elevator and the door closed behind them.

Abel did not know why he felt compelled to run after the doctor. He just felt that he had to do it.

Failing to do so, Abel could only return to the ward disheartened. When he entered the ward, Old Mr. Ryker was conscious and seemed to be in a good mood.

"How are you feeling, granddad?" asked Abel. He was overcome with joy.

"Leave, all of you," said Oscar. "I want to speak with Abel in private."

Everyone had no choice but to obey.

Being the chosen heir of Oscar, it was given that Oscar would want to speak to him alone.

Rosaline was the last one to leave and she closed the door on her way out.

Outside the ward, Julianna, who was Landen's wife, looked unhappy.

She glanced at both of her sons, her eyes filled with dissatisfaction.

"What are your orders, granddad?" asked Abel with his hands holding onto Oscar''s hand.

"Look at this…" said Oscar as he lifted his left hand up from under the sheets. His thumb and index fingers were touching each other.

"What am I looking at?" asked Abel with a frown. He was confused as he could see nothing between Oscar's fingers.

"As expected, you can't see it," said Oscar as he wiggled his fingers. He continued, "Isn't this a needle?"

A needle?

Abel drew his head closer to Oscar before finally noticing the almost invisible outline of a needle between his grandfather's fingers.

"What is it for? It looks very peculiar!"

"The Wonder Doctor dropped it," said Oscar with a smile. He continued, "The doctor's reputation is well deserved. I felt much better after just a few needles were inserted through my skin. For a moment, I thought I was cured! But it seems like she had her moment of carelessness too."

Fiddling with the strange needle with his fingers, Abel replied, "Yeah, he must be really careless to misplace sure a priceless-looking thing!"

"I need you to do something for me," said Oscar. "Consider it my last wish to you."

"What is it, granddad?" asked Abel as he held his grandfather's hand tightly.

"Ask and I will deliver."

"Find the Wonder Doctor and make her wife."


Abel almost choked when he heard that. Amused, Abel said, "Are you alright, granddad? The Wonder Doctor is a man, I have no interest in men."

"Foolish boy! Did I raise a dense grandson to be my heir? The doctor is obviously a woman, a young and beautiful woman. Why would you say she's a man? Idiot!"


Abel asked, "How did you know that it was a woman? Wasn't the doctor in a full protective suit all this while?"

"It's her eyes, you fool! Her eyes betrayed her identity!"

The eyes?

Abel was finally coming around, as even he and his mother were drawn to the Wonder Doctor's eyes for reasons unknown. Having Oscar confirm that something was up meant that they were right.

Those sparkly and captivating eyes were an enigma.

Oscar had come across countless people in his life, so there was hardly any reason to doubt him when he claimed that the Wonder Doctor was a woman, and a young one at that.

As for whether she was beautiful, that was a different question, as the eyes alone were not enough to tell whether she was beautiful.

"Are you catching on now?" continued Oscar, "For a young woman to have such skill in medicine, she's a keeper! Our family will only continue to grow powerful if she joins the family, so make her your wife, Abel."

"But…you know when it comes to women, I…" murmured Abel in embarrassment.

"Didn't you just say you were not attracted to men? So that means your sexual orientation is not an issue, right? replied Oscar.

"That's not what I meant…"

"Then there's nothing else to talk about. As the heir to the Ryker family, you have no reason to turn down my request. This is your mission!"


When Rosaline returned home, she was greeted by Alana at the front door.

She was there to visit Thomas, as it was the weekend. The Rykers only permitted Alana to see her son on weekends.

At that moment, Thomas was playing in the garden with Sun, Moon, and Star.

The four boys were getting along well with each other.

"Look at how happy you all are. I bet your mommy loves you very much huh?" asked Thomas with a sullen look. There was a glint of sadness in his obsidian-colored eyes.

"What are you talking about? All mommies love their children," replied Helios.

"Yeah, what kind of question is that?" asked Endymion.

"If Thomas had to ask that question in the first place, it means that there's also a different answer to it." deducted Hesperus.

"You are correct," said Thomas dejectedly. "My mommy doesn't even love me."

"Do you mean Alana?"

"That lady is scary!"

"No wonder she doesn't love you!"

"My luck sucks!" said Timothy with a sigh.

"We have the best mommy in the world!"

"She is also the most beautiful woman ever!"

"Why don't we introduce you to our mommy one day?"

"Yes, please!" replied Timothy happily as he clapped his hands together.

As the four boys were happily talking, the butler entered the room and beckoned to Timothy. He said, "Your mother is here to see you, Timothy!"

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