Chapter 8 - Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

"What do you mean? You don't have a say in this anyway," Julianna said. "Everyone knows that Emmeline is a slut. Therefore, she is unworthy of being married to Mr. Adrien," Alana replied.

"That's the Ryker family's fault. She was pregnant before marriage and was uncertain of who the father is. However, now that we know the truth, we must hurry and accept her into our family. It's not easy for a woman to care for three children by herself!" Julianna uttered.

"Granny is right! Mommy had a rough time!" Helios nodded. "She gave it her all to take care of us!" Endymion said. "Mommy developed neurasthenia and she can't sleep well at night!" Hesperus added.

Julianna squatted and embraced the three children. "The three of you had it rough as well!" she said.

"Emmeline is incompetent and she goes out with people on the streets. She has nothing going for her. Mr. Adrien deserves someone better. Isn't it better to only let the children stay?" Alana said. Julianna hesitated and gave it some thought.

"You're vicious! How can you say that!" Helios yelled. "That's right! I don't want to leave mommy behind!" Endymion glared at Alana. "You must be envious of my mommy! You gave birth to Timothy yet daddy didn't marry you. You must be bad!" Hesperus uttered.

Alana was embarrassed. "My grandchildren are right. You are envious. It's been four years yet you are still not part of the Ryker family." Julianna said.

Rosaline carried Timothy in her arms and said, "That's not an issue. My grandchild is here with me so I'll make the call. Abel and Alana's wedding will be conducted this month. After that, they give birth to a handful of grandchildren for me!"

"Grandad gave me a task so I must complete it," Abel said. "What does that have to do with your marriage? Why don't you think about Timothy instead?" Alana smiled and said, "That's right. Once we get married, I can help you complete the tasks that you mentioned!"

"That won't do. I want to marry the Wonder Doctor!" Abel uttered. "Not bad. If the Wonder Doctor becomes a part of the Ryker family, it would greatly increase our reputation!" Adrien sneered.

Julianna clapped and said, "Indeed. Abel, the Wonder Doctor is famous in the medical field. If she becomes a part of the family, that means her knowledge will be passed down with the Ryker family!"

Alana turned pale. Rosaline was left speechless as well. "Anyway, we won't interfere with your plans,"

Julianna said. She carried Helios and said, "Adrien, carry my two other grandchildren. We're heading back now. Be sure to call Emmeline over so that we can arrange your marriage!" Adrien carried Endymion and Hesperus joyfully.

Abel stood up from the sofa and said, "Wait, I brought the children over with Emmeline's consent. Therefore, you have to ask for her approval before taking them away."

"I'm their father!" Adrien uttered. "Emmeline is their mother. She raised the kids by herself so you don't have a say in this," Abel replied. "That's right. The kids are staying here. Wait for Emmeline's return before making the decision," Rosaline added.

"Alright, Adrien is their father at the end of the day, and that won't change. We'll be back for them," Julianna said as they put the children down. Alana carried Timothy and said, "I'm taking Timmy out for a walk."

"Take good care of my grandchild!" Rosaline uttered. "Don't worry. I'll look after him!" Alana replied and hurried off. She brought Timothy to a children's playground on the fourth floor of a shopping complex.

Alana bought an entrance ticket to let Timothy play by himself. However, he looked at her and said, "I know that you will ask for something from me after this. It's better if you speak now, or else you'll ruin my day."

Alana poked Timothy's forehead forcefully and uttered, "You're a sly brat, you know that?" Timothy held back his tears and asked, "You're not my biological mother, am I right?"

Alana was dazed and said, "Nonsense. How can that be?"

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