Chapter 7 - Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

"I won't go! I refuse to see her!" Timothy exclaimed as he ran off. Alana had other intentions aside from wanting to meet her son.

"Madame Ryker, are the three kids still at the Ryker Mansion?" Alana asked. Rosaline sipped her cup of tea and replied, "That's right. They're playing with Timmy in the garden right now."

"In that case, do you know the parents of these children?" Alana questioned. "Emmeline said that Abel is the father. Hopefully, that's true. I'm waiting for Abel to return and go for a paternity test." Rosaline said.

"That won't do!" Alana uttered. "Why's that?" Rosaline was taken aback by her response. "I mean that Emmeline recalled that Adrien is the father," Alana swiftly explained.

Rosaline was dazed. "It's Adrien? How can that be? I don't agree with this!" she uttered.

"Madame Ryker, disagreeing with it won't change anything. Besides, if you look after them too much you will come across as being envious of Auntie Juliana. Once Abel and I are married, I'll be sure to give birth to multiple grandchildren for you! How does that sound?" Alana said.

Rosaline was speechless. However, she felt dissatisfied and proceeded to phone Abel to come over with Adrien. Alana sneered as things were going according to plan. If Rosaline insisted Adrien undergo a paternity test, she would urge Abel to marry Alana.

After a while, Abel and Adrien arrived. The four children gathered before them. "Who are these three? When did you give birth to them?" Adrien asked. "Congratulations, Mr. Adrien. These three are yours. Were you unaware of that?" Alana said.

Adrien almost fell from the sofa. He stared at Alana with widened eyes and said, "What did you just say?" Alana smiled and continued, "Mr. Adrien, five years ago during early autumn, I saw you enter the Grand Struyria Hotel with the mother of these three, Emmeline!"

Adrien finally fell off the sofa from immense shock. He pointed to the three children and muttered, "These three, are mine?" Abel and Rosaline were upset.

"Adrien, you should undergo a paternity test just to be sure," Abel said. "That's right! There's a hospital close by. That should make things convenient," Alana added.

Rosaline stood up and said, "I'm exhausted. If the results prove that they are Adrien’s children, don't bother informing me about it!"

"You got it, Madame Ryker! You should get some rest now," Alana replied. Rosaline turned to Abel and added, "Abel, it's about time to prepare for your wedding with Alana. Timmy is grown up now, but I'm still eager to look after your children. It's not just one that I hope for, I want at least three grandchildren!"

Abel drank his tea in silence. He was looking forward to embracing the three children. "Isn't Abel our daddy?" Helios frowned. "That's right. Why did it suddenly change?" Endymion asked. "What's going on?" Hesperus was confused.

"You all have no right to quarrel here. Once the test results are out, you'll see for yourselves that Adrien is your father!" Alana said. How can you speak to them in this manner? Timothy is my son, which means he's part of the Ryker family. Where did you get the courage to scold them?" Abel uttered.

Alana realized that she was getting carried away. "I'm bringing my son upstairs to read," Abel said as he lifted Timothy. Alana remained at the Ryker mansion to wait for Adrien to return with the results. She had informed Christopher about it beforehand. Once the results are out, no one else can dispute the fact that Adrien was the father of the three children.

Christopher delivered the paternity test results after lunch. Alana stood on the stairs as she gave him a wink. Everyone else had their attention on the test results and failed to notice the gestures between

Christopher and Alana.

"Mr. Adrien, the paternity test results indicate that your DNA is a match. That means you’re the father!" Christopher said. Although Adrien had expected the results, he could not suppress his joy. He embraced the three children with teary eyes.

"Congratulations, Adrien," Abel said with a bitter tone. "As you can see, I was right all along," Alana said as she walked down the stairs. "I was certain that they were Adrien's kids. They look just like his father!" she added.

"Abel, it was the same woman that brought these kids over. However, you only have one while I have three!" Adrien uttered. "Adrien sure is the best. He gave me three healthy grandchildren just like that. Hah, this is wonderful news!"

Everyone turned their heads towards the laughter coming from the entrance. It was Julianna. "Mom, come see your grandchildren!" Adrien uttered.

Julianna glanced at Rosaline and said, "I came over after receiving the phone call. It sure is my lucky day!" Rosaline turned away as she snorted.

Julianna reached out to Helios, Endymion, and Hesperus. "Nice to meet all of you. I'm your Granny," she said. The three children glanced at each other in silence.

Helios turned to Abel and asked, "Daddy, is this true?" Abel could feel his heart aching. "I've told you that I'm not your father. It's him," Abel replied.

"Did mommy make a mistake?" Endymion said. "It's up to mommy to make the decision!" Hesperus uttered. "You're right. We have to tell mommy!" Helios replied as he pulled out his phone.

"It's better to let your mother know so that she can be a part of the family and all of you can be reunited!" Julianna said. "That's right! She gave birth to three adorable children so I must marry her!" Adrien added.

Abel frowned as he was feeling upset. He had no reason to feel that way but he could not control his feelings.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Alana said.

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