Chapter 8 - Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 8 Do You Know Who My Mommy Is?

‘This woman is a bit like the one in the photo in Daddy’s wallet. Could she be Mommy?’ The boy was so excited with the thought in his mind that he ran up to Kisa.

Kisa stared at them in astonishment. “Who are you? Why are you here?” She did not recall there were children in the Kooper residence.

“Ma’am, do you know who my mommy is? Where is she?”

The questions startled and puzzled Kisa. “I don’t know who your mother is, and I don’t know who your father is. But how did you guys get here, and who brought you here?”

Andrew had a disappointed look in his eyes.

“This is our home. Ma’am, why did Daddy lock you up?” Ada asked.

Kisa’s heart skipped a beat. ‘Daddy? Their father is Gilbert? Gilbert has children? There are two of them, and they are already this old?!’

She tried hard to fight back the shock. To be sure, she asked in a trembling voice, “Is Gilbert your father?”

“Hmm.” Ada nodded.

Kisa took two unsteady steps back instantly.

‘It turns out that he already has children. But why should her child die and his children with another woman live so well?’

When she thought of the child that had died tragically in her womb five years ago, hatred and resentment filled her.

‘Why do they think their children are precious while mine is not? Why should my child be the one dead? Why?’

Seeing that the woman’s eyes were red, Andrew cautiously asked, “Ma’am, are you alright?”

“Get out!” Kisa scowled. As adorable as the two children were, she could not like them when she thought of Gilbert’s ruthlessness and the tragic death of her child.

Ada hid behind Andrew in fear. “Ma’am, we just want to ask you if you know where our mommy is. Daddy has never told us. He said that if he did, Mommy would be in danger.”

‘Heck! Look how well Gilbert has protected that woman. But who could that woman be? Judging from the age of these two children, Gilbert should have had children with the woman five years ago.

‘Hell! No wonder he could care nothing about the child in my womb and even be heartless enough to kill my child. It turns out that he already has other children. The difference is just between like and dislike. But that doesn’t matter anymore. The most important thing now is how to escape. That man’s private life no longer has anything to do with me.’

She looked out the door and wondered if any bodyguards were guarding the outside.

Andrew saw right through her and asked, “Ma’am, are you thinking of escaping?”

Kisa ignored him.

“Ma’am, I can help you if you want to escape,” Andrew said.

“Help me?” Kisa smirked. “Aren’t you afraid your father will punish you?”

“He won’t. Daddy loves us and has never punished us.”

Kisa had a lump in her throat upon hearing Ada’s innocent words. ‘If my child were still alive, he would have been about this old and would speak to me in this voice of innocence. It is just that my child wasn’t that lucky and never had a chance to take a good look at this world.’

Her heart bled whenever she thought of the fire back then. ‘Gilbert is really heartless. How could he kill his own child?’ Her eyes welled up at the thought of this.

Seeing the woman suddenly cry, Andrew panicked. “Ma’am, don’t cry. I can really help you escape.” With that, he came up to Kisa and whispered in her ear.

Kisa’s eyes widened instantly when she heard what he said.

A few moments later, Andrew and Ada strutted downstairs, with Kisa in tow.

The family butler’s face changed when he saw this. “Andrew, Ada, why did you guys let her out? Your father will get mad when he finds out later.”

He hurriedly asked the bodyguards to take Kisa back again. Upon seeing the bodyguard coming, Ada hurriedly gave Kisa a wink. Andrew also whispered a reminder. Kisa panicked but still nimbly took out a knife and put it in front of Andrew’s throat.

The family butler was shocked at the sight of this. “Oh my God, how dare you hold Mr. Kooper’s child hostage?”

“Back off, all of you, or I will hurt him and see how you are going to explain to Gilbert.”

Ada hurriedly grabbed the family butler’s arm and cried. “Help Andrew, George. Save him.”

The family butler was so anxious that he was sweating profusely and hurriedly shouted at the bodyguards, “Back off! Back off! The child is important to Mr. Kooper. He must not be hurt.”

The several bodyguards all backed away and made way for Kisa. Kisa secretly rejoiced. She hurried to hold Andrew limping outside. Just as she stepped out of the mansion’s front door, a pair of fierce scarlet eyes greeted her.