Chapter 9 - Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 9 Do You Know Who You’re Holding Hostage?

“Kisa Becker!”

Gilbert gritted his teeth and growled her name. He wished he could strangle this heartless woman who was holding his son hostage in order to escape. He clenched his fists with blue veins popping up on the back of his hands, his face ashen.

Kisa looked at his grim, murderous face and smiled bleakly. ‘He must hate me even more. But it doesn’t matter anymore.’ She gripped the knife tightly, looked into Gilbert’s icy eyes, and said in a deep voice, “Let me go.”

Coming back with him was Sharon. After five years, Sharon had become even more beautiful, dressed up fashionably and with classy makeup, looking like a movie star. When Sharon saw her, she obviously froze for a moment, followed by a touch of surprise and delight surfacing on her face.

“Kisa, you’re really alive.”

Kisa ignored her. She just kept a close eye on Gilbert.

She told herself she had to get out of here today, as she knew that someone as astute as Gilbert would have quickly seen that Andrew was deliberately helping her escape. If you could not escape this time, Gilbert would prevent his two children from coming near her again, and then she would lose any chance of escaping.

Gilbert approached with a murderous look on his face. “Do you know who you are holding hostage?”

“It is your son.”

“She is threatening you with your child.”

Gilbert stared dead at Kisa. As he recalled what Sharon had said to him outside the prison five years ago, the murderous look on his face and his cold persona grew even stronger. He knew he must not have any illusions about this woman, not even a little. In his eyes, she was vicious with a heart like that of a scorpion and would never change for the better. He took a deep breath, stared at the woman he hated so much, and spelled out his words. “If you dare to hurt him one bit, I will crush you into pieces.” His tone of voice was frosty and vicious to the extreme, with no affection.

Kisa’s heart sank. ‘He really loves that woman so much that these children mean so much to him. But my child with him is no better than trash in his eyes.’ She desperately fought back the sadness inside her and said in an icy voice, “If you don’t want your son to get hurt, then let me go.”

Gilbert’s face was grim to the extreme, his hostile eyes staring at her viciously, and he did not intend to let her go.

Kisa saw this and got anxious.

She certainly would not really hurt the child, even if this child was his with another woman. It was just that she could not escape if he did not give in to her threat. But she must leave today, no matter what.

Compared to Kisa’s anxiety, Andrew was cool, calm, and collected, even feeling a little excited. ‘This woman is really not that simple; Daddy sees me being held hostage yet refuses to let her go. This proves that this woman is very important to Daddy. Maybe she is Mommy.’

“Gilbert, are you going to let me go or not? If you don’t let me go, I will hurt your son.” After a long standoff, Kisa was getting impatient and pretended like she would hurt Andrew.

Sharon saw this and scrambled to discourage her. “Please, don’t, Kisa. He is just a kid. You shouldn’t have held a kid hostage. Let us talk things over.”

“Kisa, you are indeed the most vicious woman I have ever met.”

Gilbert looked frostily at her. But Kisa just burst into a sarcastic and self-deprecating laugh. She knew that was what he had always said about her, so it was nothing unusual. “If you know I’m vicious, let me go, or I might really do something you regret.”

“I dare you!”

“I have died once; there is nothing I don’t dare to do anymore. Try me.”

“Kisa Becker!” Gilbert gritted his teeth in a fury.

Ada saw the situation, dashed up to Gilbert, and hugged his legs, crying. “Daddy, just let her go. I don’t want Andrew to get hurt. Daddy, Daddy.”

Gilbert did not respond but still glared at Kisa. If stares could kill, Kisa would have died a hundred times.

His stare made Kisa panic. “If you don’t let me go, I will—”

“Okay, I will let you go.” Before Kisa could finish her sentence, Gilbert suddenly spoke. “But the next time you fall into my hands, you will wish you could be dead rather than alive,” said Gilbert ruthlessly.

His words sent Kisa shivers up her spine. She knew he always meant what he said. When he had said he wanted her to die in prison, she ended up in prison and nearly died there. She was incredibly lucky to be still alive.

Still holding Andrew hostage, Kisa got into a car parked up in the courtyard. She glanced at Gilbert once before starting the car into motion.

Gilbert stared at the car, disappearing into the distance with hatred and hostility in his eyes. He looked so frightening that the surrounding bodyguards did not dare to take a breath.

It was the family butler who was bold enough. “Sir, d-do you want me to send a vehicle to go after them?”

Gilbert did not respond, that silent look of his intimidating.

Just then, Sharon suddenly said, “Don’t be angry, Gilbert. Kisa can’t escape.”