Chapter 9 - Runaway Bride

"What?" Elizabeth Song was confused. After she reacted, her face turned pale, "You, didn't you ask me just to wash it for you..."

"Need me to say it again?"

He was very impatient, and the cold air all over his body made Elizabeth shiver. It was obviously a shame, but she couldn't refuse, and unbuttoned her clothes tremblingly.

The water in the bathtub was a little bit cold, making Elizabeth shiver all the time. She climbed onto him, tears of shame fell, and her body sank little by little.

His size, she couldn't adapt at all. After only entered a little bit, her face turned pale.

It was so painful.

Johnny Lu was very impatient with Elizabeth's sluggishness. He pinched her thin waist with his big hands and pressed her down hard. Elizabeth's body tightened instantly and there was no blood on her face.

If it weren't for biting her lip, her voice would break out.

"Relax." Johnny was rude, patted her hips with a big hand, the water splashed all over, his voice was muffled, "Do you want to make me die without descendants?"

He rubbed her fulness with one hand, and it felt great. But it was small, not as big as his palm.

Johnny frowned.

He was full of anger last night, so he didn't pay attention. At this time he thought of it, he was a little puzzled. Before he was blind, he and Jingyu Song often met. He knew that she is very plump, but why it is so small to when touching?

"Looking big, feeling small!" Johnny said, pinching her waist to move on himself hard.

Elizabeth could only cover her mouth tightly with her hands, tears kept flowing down, covering her face.

Because she is not Jingyu at all!

It was not until the latter half of the night that Johnny stopped, threw her in the cold bathtub and left directly.

Vaguely, Elizabeth heard Johnny talking to the servant outside, "She didn't drink the decoction last night. You boil a bowl and feed her to drink it in person!"

Elizabeth Song knew what kind of decoction it is.

When her consciousness was completely lost, she thought, she was very eager to drink it, and his behavior was just what she wanted!"

Mrs. Colonel." Early in the morning, the servant came up and called Elizabeth, as if there was something serious to say. Elizabeth, who was still groggy, had to get out of bed.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"The colonel said that since you are married, there is no need for a servant here, so we will leave a driver with you. You are responsible for taking care of the colonel's daily life. We will go back to Lu Mansion in the afternoon."

"Okay, I see." Elizabeth got a terrible headache so she lay back on the bed. Anyway, she was used to taking care of herself in Fei City, so it was fine without a servant. "You go."

"Madam, there's one more thing." The servant said hesitated. "The colonel said, after you have sex, you need to call me to report, and then I will bring you the decoction."

Elizabeth stood up, picked up a small half bowl of unfinished decoction last night and poured it into her mouth abruptly. After drinking it, she handed the bowl to the servant and pursed her lips, "I know, Can you go out?"

"Yes." The servant walked out obediently with the bowl, and Elizabeth lay back on the bed.

In the afternoon, Elizabeth developed a high fever.

All the servants in Jinyuan returned to the Lu Mansion, so Elizabeth was left alone.

She struggled to get up to look for the medicine, and after taking it, she went back to bed and lay on it again. This fever continued for three days.

Fortunately, the driver called back and said that Johnny was handling official business so he won't come back for a few days. She was more relaxed, otherwise she might faint while cooking.

After the high fever, Elizabeth was refreshed. She went downstairs to cook but found that there was no

more vegetables, so she called the driver.

The driver was following Johnny, so he couldn't return at the moment. The driver said, "Madam, the colonel said you can go out and buy by yourself. The money is in the drawer. Besides, the colonel will come back tonight."

"Okay." Elizabeth hung up.

If she can, she hopes Johnny will never come back, then she will be so grateful! ~