Chapter 10 - Runaway Bride

Nanping has always been the fat that the local warlords want to eat, but they are all afraid of the Lu family. Moreover, Johnny Lu is the favourite pupil of the former President Cheng Yuan. His methods are so harsh that no one dares to do anything.

Although monogamy in Europe has been promoted in various places and practiced by many people, the old tradition was deeply ingrained. Rich men still had many wives. Young ladies from large families cannot go through the filthy land, so servants do everything.

Elizabeth Song dressed plainly, because her grandmother used to be a Etiquette mammy of the princesses in the late Qing Dynasty. She learned a lot when she lived with her grandmother. She has a very good temperament. When she entered the lively vegetable market, she was thought to be a young lady from a rich family.

The vegetable market was crowded and lively. Although the smell of chicken, duck and fish was not good, Elizabeth felt alive and smiled gradually.

When she lived with her grandmother in Fei City, her father paid very little money every month. She relied on her grandmother's doing handicrafts and writing letters for others to make money. Shopping was all carefully planned.

Soon, Elizabeth left the market with vegetables and a fish.

She went to the side of the road to take a rickshaw. A rickshaw was pulled by a master and stopped in front of her. Jingrou Song walked down. She was wearing a light purple hand-embroidered cheongsam. The buttons were all emerald, very beautiful.

"Second sister." Seeing that it was her, Elizabeth called out politely even though she didn't like her.

"Humph!" Jingrou seemed to response her. When she saw Elizabeth go out without makeup, she wrinkled her eyebrows, "Elizabeth Song, didn't I teach you to put on makeup? What can you do if you are seen by the servant like this?"

"Jinyuan's servants have been transferred back to the Lu mansion." Elizabeth said. She can pretend to be the eldest sister, but she doesn't want to put on makeup and look at other people's face every day. "Johnny Lu is blind, he can't see it either."

There are no servants in Jinyuan?

Jingrou did not expect that Johnny was so cruel. He didn't give Elizabeth servants. She looked at Elizabeth carefully, and saw that her face was much paler than before. Thinking that Elizabeth probably didn't go well during this time, she was gloating.

"Elizabeth Song, how Johnny treats to you, Dad can't control, but before my sister comes back, you must not be tossed to death, otherwise your mother and your grandmother will be in trouble!"

Elizabeth laughed sarcastically, "Then you won't worry about it. However, if I find out that you didn't send money to my grandmother, I swear that your fate will only be worse."

"You! The money was sent long ago." Jingrou cursed her red lips and hummed softly: "I also asked Dad to sign your notice, and I will let someone send it to Jinyuan for you."

"No, I'll go back and get it myself." Elizabeth interrupted her.

In the past few days, Elizabeth also figured out that since she would suffer so much humiliation instead

of her eldest sister, the two silver dollars that Hongming Song gave to her grandmother a month was a little bit less, so she should gain more money.

"Whatever you want!"

Elizabeth was tired for carrying the fish. Seeing the rickshaw came, she was going up after calling the master to stop.

"Elizabeth." Jingrou shouted to her, saying meaningfully, "Tomorrow night, Lu Mansion is going to prepare a dinner party, Johnny should take you back? I will go there too, and will give you a surprise."

"If He takes me, I will go there. I will pretend to be innocent if he didn't say it." Elizabeth avoided her hand with a cold face, "As for the surprise, you should keep it for yourself. Just remember to send money to my grandma every month."

Elizabeth got into the rickshaw very neatly, and the master rushed away. Jingrou behind her did not seem to have expected her attitude will be so cold and glared the rickshaw angrily. ~