Chapter 3 - Rush into Your Heart

Fitzgerald laughed and doubted: "don't fool me. How can you casually pick up a stranger as your boyfriend? Don't be naive, Sofia Pai."

"Fitzgerald, you are overconfident. Wait and see!" Sofia smiled and glanced at Fitzgerald in the car. He seemed arrogant.

Then, Sofia turned around suddenly and stood on her tiptoes. She kissed the man softly. Next, Sofia smiled and left.

Fitzgerald stopped smiling. He could not believe what happened. They were a couple for seven years, but Sofia never kissed him. Sofia Pai indeed kissed another man on the road!

"Honey, the rain is so heavy, let's go! It's my fault. Don't be angry." Sofia's smile was like a flower. She held the hand of another man and walked towards the white Land Rover.

It took a long time for Fitzgerald to be aware. Then, he hurriedly got out of the car, seeing the white vehicle leaving.

"Sofia Pai, I won't believe it!" Fitzgerald felt upset and irritated. He swore and left.

In the white vehicle, Sofia Pai felt cold and rolled up herself. Just now, she didn't touch the man's lips but his chin.

"Sorry, I took advantage of you. I owe you. Please park aside and let me go. I'm sorry to make your car dirty."

The man next to Sofia frowned and looked at the water stains and the awkward woman. He was utterly

unaware of her thoughts. However, her lips on his face just now seemed like feathers that were flirting him. It was a new feeling for him.

The car stopped beside the road, and the man said nothing. Sofia expressed her thanks. Then, she was about to get out of the vehicle when a cold voice suddenly came from behind.

"You said you owed me for using me. Now, you would like to leave this way."

Sofia turned around and looked at the cold man in the car, not knowing his meaning. Sofia then found she left no contact for him.

"Your phone, please." Sofia stretched out her tender hand. The man took a look and gave Sofia his phone.

Sofia Pai quickly stored her number for the man.

"My name is Sofia Pai, and this is my phone number. Thank you for helping me today. I promise you a meal when I am free. Goodbye." Sofia finished speaking and prepared to get off the car.

Before she stood up, she was dizzy and shook her head.

"Miss, are you okay?" Sofia smiled at the driver, shook her head, and said that she was okay. Then, she fell off when she was about to get out of the car.

Sofia felt the cold rain hit her face and became insensible.

The man got out of the car and looked at the petite figure on the ground. In the end, he bent over, held

the woman, and put her into the car.

Zack turned up the heating in the car. He didn't quite understand why the Young Master today would help an unfamiliar woman, although Miss Pai seemed not to be greedy for money.

However, the Young Master never allowed women to approach him.

"Back to Maple Villa." The man said coldly. Zack then started the engine and drove away.

At night, Sofia felt hot and cold, feeling that someone was giving her medicine and taking care of her by the bed. It seemed that a mom was feeding her children.

At 3:30 in the morning, someone knocked on the door of the sanctum. The man did not look up and allowed coming. He was still tapping the keyboard.

A woman came in with a cup of milk and put it aside.

"Young Master, the girl gets better and falls asleep."

"Thanks for your hard work, Wu Ma." The man stopped his work and looked at the milk on the table.

"Young Master, you are so polite. I watched you grow up. It's my pleasure to take care of you. However, Young Master, take care of your own body. If the lady knows you are staying up again, she will feel distressed."

"Yeah." Seeing him getting busy again, Wu Ma didn't say anything. The Young Master was always quiet, but he treated the servants well.

For so many years, the house had been cold, and it was time for a mistress to come in. It seemed that the lady's wish would come true.

Sofia Pai slept all night. And when she woke up the next morning, she had a terrible headache. Her mind went blank while seeing the luxurious and unfamiliar room.

She sat up and looked down, but found that her clothes were changed. Where was she?

She only remembered that she got out of the man's car. And then, she felt a little dizzy and didn't remember anything.

Sofia got out of bed. She stepped on the soft blanket with her bare feet, comfortable and relaxed. The whole room was white and black, which made her feel dull and bored.

Sofia Pai opened the door and saw the man helped her yesterday wearing a sports suit. It seemed that he had returned from morning exercise.

The two looked at each other for a while. Sofia saw that he turned to leave and ran after him.

"Well, you brought me back yesterday?"

"So what?" The man stopped and said two words impatiently. Sofia mumbled a few words. Why was this guy so rude?

"Um, thank you for taking me in last night. Where are my clothes..."

"Young Master, breakfast is ready."

"Yeah!" The man didn't answer Sofia, but turned around and entered the room, leaving Sofia standing in the corridor.

"Hello, my clothes..."

"Miss, you can call me Wu Ma. The Young Master brought you back last night. You got a high fever from the rain. I changed your clothes for you. I have cleaned your clothes. I put them in the bathroom. Go to wash and have breakfast here".

"Yeah! Thank you, Wu Ma, my name is Sofia Pai. You can call me Sofia. I'll get back right away."

Sofia heard Wu Ma changed her clothes. She felt happy about this. Then she trotted upstairs to change clothes and wash. Seeing Sofia's back, Wu Ma smiled.

By the time Sofia Pai changed clothes and came down, he sat at the dining table changing into a black suit, which looked a lot calmer, but the poker face made people around him uneasy.

"Miss Pai, come for breakfast." Sofia sat aside. As soon as she sat down, she felt a little stressed for no reason.

Looking at the man who was reading the newspaper, Sofia hesitated for a long time and finally spoke up.

"Thank you for helping me……"

"No, leave after eating. I don't like keeping women in my house." Sofia took aback. How he could be like this? Why he still looked like an enemy even though she talked gently.

"Eh..." Before Sofia finished speaking, the man put down the newspaper with his cold eyes falling on her. He suddenly got up and leaned over to Sofia. So she instinctively flashed back. At the same time, he put his hands on the table and immediately imprisoned her in his arms.

The delicate facial features were not the same as those of the aristocratic ladies he has seen. Only those eyes were beautiful. This time was much better than the embarrassing look of the previous two times.

At such a close distance, Sofia looked at those eyes and felt a little nervous and breathless.

Wilson sneered: "What are you looking forward to? Do you think I helped you, so you want to thank me for giving yourself to me? I don't know who you are, but I don't like women playing cat and mouse game. No matter who you are, go back and tell them that no one can change what I decide."

After that, he took a sip of the coffee, turned around and took a briefcase, and left the house without looking back.

Sofia looked at the indifferent back with a dazed expression. What does he mean? What is he thinking about?

Wilson? This stinky man named Wilson?

"Miss Pai", the young master didn’t mean it, please do not mind."

"Didn’t mean it? What kind of bad temper. Rich people are terrible." This was the first time she has seen such an arrogant and asshole, he must be dumped.

However, Sofia did not take it to heart. After breakfast, she said thanks and left. Wuma smiled and told her to let her come to play often, Sofia smiled and agreed, thinking that she would never come here in the future.

Sofia was worried about her dad. The woman Leann, never failed her words. As expected, she saw that the nurse in the hospital moving her father to the corridor of the hospital when she rushed to the hospital. In such cold weather, he wore a thin hospital gown. When she came, her father's lips were getting purple with cold.

"What are you doing? Who asked you to remove my dad?" Sofia pointed at the nurse and shouted.

"Our leader said that this ward must be vacated. For those who have no money and no status, I am afraid that they can't even live in a general ward. You should pay the fees first!"

"What do you mean?"

"These are the arrears list. If you don't have money, the hospital gate is over there." A nurse said, pulling out a large pile of lists and throwing them on Sofia.

Sofia squeezed the list in her hand. How would she find two hundred thousand?

Sofia took out her mobile phone and the first thing that came to her mind was Jean Chen. But pressing her finger on the name and looking at the dial button, she hesitated again.