Chapter 4 - Rush into Your Heart

Although Jean had a good family background, she said the day before yesterday that she broke up with her family and now lives outside by herself. All the cards were frozen, and she couldn't protect herself. How could she borrow money from Jean?

"So you don’t have money to pay the treatment, then how can you have the delusion to stay in VIP? I suggest you get the fees paid and take your dad away, we don’t have time for it.

"You..." Looking at the faces of these nurses one by one, Sofia could do nothing but endure everything furiously.

"Miss Pai, you should better know that if I ask the guard, it will be embarrassing." A nurse said, hurling his luggage from the ward on the corridor,. after which, she strutted away with her pals like a peacock.

Sofia squeezed the phone, and it was Leann called. She hesitated a while, but when she looked at her father who was lying motionless, she finally pressed it down.

The phone rang for a long time before being connected, and Leann sneered at her.

"You are still young and inexperienced in the game." Leann sneered, and slowly opened the answer button.

"What do you want on earth? What shall I do for you can leave my dad alone." Sofia took a deep breath and waited for Leann's answer.

"Why, figured it out? When you talked to me last night, wasn't it tough?"

"What do you want me to do?" Leann laughed arrogantly on the phone, listening to Sofia's helpless and

unwilling tone, and felt happy.

"Aren't you very clear? At 8 o'clock this evening, at the MD Hotel, Mr. Liu doesn't like people being late."

"About my father, I want you to tell the hospital now."

"Yes, you don't dare to play any tricks for me." Leann agreed very simply. Less than a minute after the phone was hung up, the dean came personally and arranged Sofia's father, then apologized to Sofia.

Sofia listened coldly, everyone was so snobbish. She didn't want to waste her mind dealing with them. She just said a little casually, watching her father's body warm-up, and she felt relieved.

"You all go out! I want to stay alone with my dad for a while."

Sofia sat all afternoon, talking to her father about her childhood. As she spoke, tears appeared in her eyes.

"Dad, do you remember? I like your sweet and sour pork ribs the most, but mom can't eat too much. At that time, my mother robbed me and said, "You don't love her, you love me more." Wake up! When you wake up, I will make sweet and sour pork ribs for you. Now I am good at cooking!"

Sofia took a deep breath, put his father's hands under the quilt, and looked up at the ceiling, trying not to let the tears fall.

There is nothing to be afraid of, it will always get better, right?

"Dad, I must leave now, and I'll see you tomorrow." Sofia looked at the person on the bed and smiled. She picked up her bag and turned to leave the ward.

The moment the door closed, two lines of tears fell from the corner of her father's eyes, and there was no response.

Sofia was not used to carrying so much money with her, so she went to the bank first and deposited the money.

Sofia Pai calculated the time as she took the subway to MD Hotel. She gazed at the splendid hotel and thought that she wouldn’t be able to afford this place by herself. It seemed that Leann Qin had spent a large sum of money this time.

Sofia took a deep breath outside the room. She felt suppressed and couldn’t breathe.

She grabbed her bag and opened the door. In the room, Leann and her uncle Bai Songcheng were warmly chatting with a middle-aged fat man.

Sofia spotted his oily fat face and beer belly. What was even more disgusting was his yellow teeth would show every time he talked.

“There she is. Sofia, come. We’ve been waiting for you. Sit here.” Leann pulled Sofia to sit beside Mr. Liu.

Since Sofia came in, Mr. Liu’s eyes had been fixed on her body.

“Haha! Miss Bai is so beautiful. It’s good to be young. Miss Bai is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever

seen. Haha!”

“What do you think about Sofia, Mr. Liu?” Leann noticed that Mr. Liu seemed interested and inquired purposefully.

“Well, Miss Bai is the so-called ideal partner for a gentleman. Haha! Miss Bai, please order whatever you like. Take it easy.”

Sofia sneered and glanced at the gold chain on his neck. She wondered if it was a dog chain.

“Oh? Mr. Liu. Is that so?”

“Of course. I have nothing but money. Miss Bai, make yourself at home.”

Sofia smiled and took the menu while avoiding his perverted hand: “Then, I won’t hold back.”

Sofia stared at Mr. Liu’s embarrassed face. His forehead was sweating. She wouldn’t make it easy for him, did he think that she’s a fool?

“Sofia, you have to pay attention to this. Mr. Liu, she is still young, pardon!”

“I, Liu Qishan, only has money left. Sofia can eat anything she likes. Sofia. I’d like to propose a toast to you.” Sofia smirked. Did he think she’s still a primary school student?

“Mr. Liu, you may not know, but I am allergic to alcohol. I will get a rash all over my body, and my face will be covered with pimples, which I can’t even bear myself.”

When Sofia said this, Mr. Liu’s glass lowered. He cast a puzzled look at Leann.

“I need to go to the bathroom first. Go ahead and help yourselves. Sofia, take your time.” When Mr. Liu left, Leann look displeased.

“Sofia, what are you doing? Didn’t you see Mr. Liu’s face when you order that expensive dish? Are you trying to make a mess? I’m telling you, don’t even think about it. Think about your unconscious father. Pull yourself together if you want him safe.”

“Sofia, Mr. Liu’s ex-wife, she died in a car accident. He will certainly treat you well, so don’t be stubborn. The company depends on him.”

Yes, it’s their incompetence that turned the company into its current state. Now, they tried to rely on her to save them. It wasn’t a contract thing. They were selling her like goods.

Her uncle used to help her in the past. But since she went to study in the UK, her uncle became cold towards her. These people didn’t know the hardships she had to suffer in the UK.

Sofia didn’t say anything. Soon, Mr. Liu entered the room while carrying four glasses of orange juice.

“This juice is tasty. Drink it. It’s good for a girl’s skin.” Sofia looked at the orange juice in front of her and smiled.

“Aunt, I prefer your cup.” She switched her glass before Leann refused.

She didn’t believe him. There must be something in her orange juice, so she took Leann’s orange juice and drank it.

“We have to leave for other affairs. Have fun and take good care of Mr. Liu. He is your fiance.” Leann said while pulling Bai Songcheng out of the room.

Sofia also got up to leave: “Mr. Liu, thanks for your treat. You don’t need to send me. I can go home myself.”

“Go? Seriously? We’re all adults. Your aunt took my money, so you are mine now!”

He exclaimed, reaching out to pull Sofia, but she managed to avoid him.

“What are you doing! Go away!” Sofia grabbed her bag and retreated.

All of a sudden, she felt dizzy and couldn’t stand upright.

“Hey! Stop pretending! I know about you. You think you are still a virgin, huh? But I don’t mind. I still think you are precious.”

“No, don’t touch me…”

“Haha! Why don’t you ask around about me? I, Liu Qishan, how I manipulated my money in the market. I shall always get my money back, in one way or another.”

He came over with an obscene smile and pulled Sofia into his arms. Sofia wanted to break away, but she felt weak and could not push the fat man away.

Sofia smelled the stink from his body the instant he came over, but she was helpless.

“I have put the drug in every glass, uh-uh! Don’t worry, you will beg for it soon.”

Sofia could only let him take her upstairs as she was unable to resist.

She felt dizzy and unaware of her surroundings. Suddenly, she was thrown onto a bed.

Sofia felt hot and could not hold in her voice.

“Look at you. It must be hard for you now. Just wait for your husband to take a bath, I will make you feel like you’re in heaven.” The man’s obscene laughter entered her ear.

Sofia saw a shadow entering the bathroom and sat up. She had to leave while she was still conscious.

She found her phone after a long search, but God seemed to be playing with her. The phone was out of batteries.


Sofia roared. She held her bag and staggered, observing the movement in the bathroom while moving towards the door.\

Sofia wondered that the man wouldn't come out so soon because he was taking a shower. So she opened the door, however, before she took a step, she was dragged her back by one hand.