Chapter 11 - Rush into Your Heart

Sofia Pai admired Wilson's efficiency, he did things without delay. She had just agreed to marry him and got the Marriage Certificate, and she had not left the Civil Affairs Bureau when she received a phone call from Zack. He assured her that her father's affairs had been completed.

Jean Chen had heard of that hospital, it was the best private hospital in the city. The environment and the equipment were all first-class, of course, the cost was also very expensive.

She just hoped that her dad could live comfortably and got well treated without being disturbed.

But Zack told her to go for Wilson instead.

Sofia hesitated at first, and then she called Wilson. No one answered, she sent him a message telling him that his dad didn't need such a good environment, still he didn’t reply.

Sofia secretly took Wilson's favor to heart.

No matter what the man's original intention was, Sofia decided to take this unknown marriage seriously based on the promise he had now fulfilled.

"That's impossible! How did you do that?" Sofia just smiled and wondered if she should tell Jean what happened.

Jean insisted, and Sofia finally gave in.

When Jean heard about Sofia's flash marriage, it took her a long time to recover. Looking at Sofia, Jean still couldn't believe that her best friend had married.

"You must let me see that man. It is about the rest of your whole life. It sounds reasonable, but I'm not sure. We could make an appointment with him the other time. But not tonight, you have to be with me tonight."

Jean didn't give Sophia time to say no. Jean dragged Sofia into a taxi for their party, celebrating Sofia’s girl’s night and stepping into the grave of love.

They had a happy night, and they also forgot the time to go home. It was after nine o 'clock when Sofia came back to the villa.

Sofia also worried that she would go wrong, standing at the door, not knowing how to get in. Until Zack saw Sofia standing at the door, he hurriedly opened the door.

"Young Mistress, why do you come back so late? Young Master nearly turned over the whole Y city to find you." Sofia's face turned red from the drink.

Zack walked her to the door and gave her a meaningful look. Sofia always found it creepy. When she took off her shoes and entered the room, she saw Wilson sitting alone in the living room. The whole room was so quiet.

Sofia found that she seemed to have forgotten that Wilson told her he would come back for dinner, but she and Jean played till now.

Sofia looked up at the unspoiled dishes on the table in the dining room, which should be cold. Had he been waiting for her to return for dinner?

Sofia walked over to him slowly like a child who had done something wrong.

"Eh...I'm back." Sofia stood to the other side and saw him in a coffee-colored nightgown, the neckline unfurling to reveal the honey-colored skin on his chest. Now and then he answered the phone, looked up at her, and said nothing.

Sofia took a look and quickly looked away, blushing meaninglessly.

Sofia stood by and waited for him to hang up.

Wilson stood up from the sofa and looked at his newly married wife. Two steps closer, he could smell the faint smell of alcohol on her.

When Wilson took two steps forward, Sofia backed away subconsciously. There was a sofa behind her, and she fell back carelessly.

Fortunately, Wilson reacted quickly and took her to his arms. He took advantage of the situation to change direction, with Sofia lying firmly in his arms.

'Have you been drinking?' It sounded like a casual question, but in a flat tone of questioning. Sofia felt guilty for some reason as if she had done something wrong.

"Jean and I ate out and drank a little," Sofia explained. She thought he didn't know who she was talking about when she saw his eyebrows slightly furrowed. She added, "Jean is my best friend since childhood."

Sofia didn't know how ambiguous she was lying in his arms at the moment. The warm smell with light wine sprayed on Wilson's face was like a few soft feathers sweeping over his heart.

Wilson just stared at her quietly, but such gaze made Sofia feel more guilty. Perhaps, in such a family, he did not like his wife to drink. Besides, they just got a Marriage Certificate today, and she seemed to have done something wrong.

Sofia remembered the first time she met him. She was also drunk and went to the wrong bathroom to throw up in the men's room. She was embarrassed to recall it.

Sofia was filled with remorse. Did he think his wife is an alcoholic? By the look on his face, she didn't think he liked his wife drinking.

"If you don't like it, I'll try not to drink outside in the future," Sofia said with a lot of determination. Because when she and Jean eat out happily, they were sure to drink.

"You may drink a bit later when I am with you." Sofia paused. Did he just say she could have some drink while he was there? Before Sofia could respond, Wilson tightened his arms.

Sofia felt her waist was tightened, and then found out how ambiguous they were. They were close together, and she pressed on his body. Unconsciously, Sofia felt her heart speed up and her pink face suddenly turned red.

"Oh... I'm sorry. I'm on top of you." Sofia was so embarrassed that she kept her hands on the side and wanted to get up. But what she didn't know was that she was wearing a V-neck sweater, and when she bent over she had a little wardrobe malfunction. It was hard for Wilson to pretend that he didn't see it.

If it wasn't for her innocent appearance, he suspected that she was deliberately trying to seduce him. His pride in self-control began to fray.

Sofia was the most innocent one. She just stood up, but slippers were a little too big. She lost her footing, fell again, and fell into Wilson's arms, with his warm and soft lips on his cool lips.

Sofia tried to escape with her eyes wide and her face red.

Unexpectedly, Wilson retracted his arm and fixed her in his arms, deepening the kiss. The scent of wine between her lips and teeth, like sweet jade, made him crave more.

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