Chapter 10 - Rush into Your Heart

"I'll go back by myself. Go, and do your things!" Sofia Pai laughed and waved to the person inside the car until the car was out of her sight.

Looking up at the sky, even though it's gloomy, Sofia was not too depressed.

Sofia wanted to casually walk around, but Jean Chen called her and asked her to go shopping with her, Sofia agreed.

When Sofia and Jean were wandering around, they met people they didn't want to meet. It's Leann and Wendy Pai who was in the shopping mall choosing clothes.

Jean had just found a white fur coat and was ready to take and try it out while another hand grabbed the clothes at the same time.

"Waiter, since when did your shop allow nobodies to try on your clothes? Be careful. These two ladies don't even have money in hand for the cheapest clothes in your store. If they try out the clothes and ruin them, they couldn't afford to pay."

The shop echoed with Leann's sharp and mean voice. She held her hands in her chest and stood tall in front of Sofia while staring at her from time to time.

If it were not for this girl who messed up Sofia's affairs, Leann would not have been scolded by her husband.

"How could Aunt Qin solve your family's company crisis so quickly, and how did you even still has the money to squander in here?"

"How can my husband's company have problems? You must be joking." Leann would like to go and tear Jean's mouth so that she would not talk nonsense.

Only insiders know about the company's affairs. How could outsiders know HT Group’s things? Sofia was to blame, how dare she refuse the cooperation and got Gerry Liu beaten.

"Aren't you doing this to defend yourself? Waiter, I'll take this cloth."

"Can you afford two hundred thousand yuan clothes? Do you think you're still in your rich family, Miss Chen? Jean, you've been driven out of the house, don't be pretentious. Waiter, we'll take this dress. Swipe the card."

Wendy couldn't see Sofia and Jean win. No matter what, she has to live better than Sofia.

"Mom, Fitzgerald gave me a silver card, he said, as long as I am happy, I can swipe it. It's a little gift that your future son-in-law bought for you."

"You..." Jean was angry, and she wanted to argue with Wendy, who was a whore. However, Fitzgerald was such a son of a bitch, who didn’t cherish Sofia but fell in love with Wendy. It's clear that Sofia was ten-thousand miles better. How could she bear this?.

"Jean, there's no need to be angry with such person. It seems that only older people wear fur. You are also funny. We are so young, of course, we don't need to wear such old-fashioned clothes. Do you want to look older than an old person?"

Sofia laughed, and as she said, Leann blushed with her hands grasped hard on the LV bag she carried.

"Oh auntie, you have to be careful, this is LV top product, and it's very expensive, don't ruin it. I feel distressed again in this night.

As soon as the waiters next to her heard that the bag was a fake one, they immediately looked at Leann and saw Leann's jewels

"Who are you calling with 'Aunt' Sofia? Don't you want your father to live?"

As Leann said this, she wanted to go and fight Sofia. Now Sofia didn't even have to beg them anymore, so it’s not their right to give her a lesson.

Sofia saw Leann raising her hand, took the time to grab her wrist, and threw it to one side. Leann stumbled and almost fell on the ground.

"You both are all like. Don't you think that you both can easily bully me. Jean, let's go. Don't let such people affect our shopping mood."

After Sofia finished, she took Jean out, but Leann blocked her at the shop's door. The Waiter did not dare to speak.

"Sofia, think about your father. Don't say that I'm a heartless aunt and won't give you a chance. If General Manager Liu likes you, as long as you nod and apologize to him, he could let bygones be bygones. Of course, if you do it well, you don't have to worry about your father's treatment anymore."

Sofia didn't know how could Leann be so narcissistic, why must she have no other way out but to marry those two old, ugly, and fat disgusting men to save her father.

Seeing Sofia silent, Leann thought she was hesitating. For so many years, she has known this girl too well. What she valued most was her father.

"Sofia, Liu is sincere with you, and you are not to be his lover. There are so many people now who married twice. As your aunt, I'm thinking about your future."

Sofia sneered and looked at her. She only said those words for her own sake. Leann only did everything for herself, and Sofia knew all this. She was not dumb.

"Auntie, you talked about Gery so well, but it would be better if you let my cousin marry her. And if you dare not tell my uncle about this. I can now go and tell him and help you with this matter. How about it?"

"I said, auntie, you're so old and still wandering around. Be careful not to sprain your waist."

"What are you talking about? You small beast! I'm thinking about you. How can Wendy marry Gery?"

"Sofia, you can't avenge me just because Fitzgerald likes me and abandons you. I know you have a grudge in your heart, but you can't force his feelings. Who he loves is me. He is willing to treat me well, which is something inexplicably. If you want to blame someone, it's got to be you. It’s your destiny."

"I'm not going to see Gery." Sofia was too lazy to talk nonsense with these two bitches. She reached out and pushed her hand to the side: "Good doggies wouldn't block the way. Jean, let's go."

As Sofia said this, she pulled Jean out of the shop. Leann was so angry that she yelled at her. Jean walked with Sofia while thinking of Leann's subdued appearance and laughed.

"Leann must have been crazily mad. When she was a child, she didn't like to be told that she was old. Every time she saw a child, she wants to be called a sister. It was disgusting. By the way, don't you need my help with your father's affairs?"

Speaking of this, Sofia felt better, and all that thanks to Wilson.