Chapter 6 - Secretary’s Secret Lover

Chapter 6 Well–Matched

He held his waist and crawled up in a sorry state, his face full of grievance. “Ms. Thiel wants to befriend me on Line, but I didn’t agree. I didn’t expect her to be so angry that she p oured juice on me.

Yvette was speechless.

It turned out that both men and women could be Angelic bitch.

Max lowered his eyes, his face full of affection. “Ellen, I don’t want to let you down, so I can only refuse Ms. Thiel…”

Yvette retched.

Max’s words were interrupted.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. Continue.”

Yvette covered her mouth, her face full of innocence. She really felt unwell and wanted to vomit!

Max’s face was full of anger. After being interrupted, he had to say, “Ellen, you have to believe me.”

“Max,” Ellen said with a smile, “you’re so silly.”

Max’s face was full of pride. He had tried this trick many times before. No matter how deep their friends hip was, it meant nothing in

front of a man.

In his eyes, Ellen was just a stupid woman.

Max stretched out his hands to hug Ellen, but before he could get close to Ellen, he felt a sharp pain in his crotch.

Ellen bent her knees, accurately and ruthlessly giving him a fatal blow.

Max immediately curled up like a shrimp in an oil pan, grimacing in pain, unable to utter a word.

“Do you know why I said you are stupid?”

Ellen looked down at Max with disdain. “You said that Yve wanted to befriend you on Line! How absurd! ”

“Ellen, didn’t you say that we are fated? But you don’t believe me now, I’m so sad.”

Max endured the heart–wrenching pain and tried to save the situation. He still did not want to give up on Ellen. After all, Ellen was the best woman he had dated.

She was young, beautiful, and rich.

The most important thing was that he had not had her yet.

Ellen narrowed her eyes and stomped on Max’s leather shoes.

“You only know me for a month, but you want to drive a wedge between us. We’re friends for seven yea rs!”

“Dream it!”

After getting rid of the playa, Ellen was no longer in the mood to eat there. She held Yvette’s shoulder and said, “Babe, let’s go. I’ll take you to another restaurant. Th e air here has been polluted by the stinky playa.”

Behind her, Max’s face was distorted, and his expression looked icy. He thought to himself, if they fall in to my hands, I will make

them suffer.

Ellen and Yvette had changed to another restaurant. It was a very famous high–end exotic restaurant in New York.

After ordering. Yvette said, “Ellen, I just heard that he wanted to drug you…”

Before she finished speaking, Ellen interrupted her.

“You don’t have to explain. I know that he must have done something despicable to make you act so ro ugh. After all, you have a good

personality Fortunately, you found out. Otherwise, I would be at a disadvantage if had me.”

The two of them ate for a while. Ellen looked at Yvette and hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help bu t ask, “Yve, what are you going

to do?”

Yvette knew what Ellen was asking about. She stirred the soup with a spoon, and the corners of her mo uth curved slightly. “I’m going

to leave the Wolseley Group.”

“Have you really thought it through? What are you going to do?” Ellen looked at Yvette’s somewhat pal e face and asked worriedly.

“Yes, I’ve thought it through. I want to try to be a broadcaster. Grandma said before that she wanted to see me on TV. Now that she has

poor eyesight, I want her to hear my voice.”

Yvette said calmly. Her face which was slightly tilted to one side was exquisite.

Now that the woman Lance loved the most had returned, she was no longer of any value to him.

She felt that she should be more sensible and make room early and didn’t annoy his sweetheart.

Ellen was very happy that Yvette could make a decision. After all, Lance had a complex relationship, an d Ellen was very afraid that Yvette would be injured.

“You should have woken up a long time ago. You served Lance every day. It’s unfair! You are beautiful and capable. You used to be a radio station commander in college. When you l eave the Wolseley Group, you will have a promising future.”

In the past, when Yvette deeply loved Lance, there were many words that Ellen was inappropriate to sa y as she was afraid of hurting her. Now that Yvette had finally thought it through, Ellen was truly happy f or her.

“Do you know that Charlie Raison is back? When you were in university, everybody said you and him are well–matched.”

Yvette was a little surprised. “He has been back, really?”

“That’s right. Didn’t you pay attention to Charlie’s Twitter? He’s a new favorite in the investment industry now and is very famous.”

Yvette shook her head. After graduation, all her focus was on Lance. She had lost contact with all of he r former schoolmates except


“Actually, I thought you and Charlie could be together back then. Although he was admitted into college two years earlier than you, he was really good to you. I was a little envious.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Charlie was very gentle to everyone.”

It was not surprising that Yvette did not think this way. She did feel that Charlie took care of her as she was a freshman while he was the president of a student union.

Ellen knew that Yvette was stupid, so she did not say anything else. She smiled and said, “You silly girl.”

“I heard that Jamie returned!” Yvette could not help but speak.

Jamie was Ellen’s fiancé in the past. Later, something happened to his family, and the two were separa ted by Jamie’s father.

Lance and Jamie had a good relationship, so after Jamie returned, the two groups had close cooperati on.

Ellen’s smile froze on her face for a second, and she looked a little awkward. “I know.”

“You should forget about the past, Ellen, Don’t live like this. Jamie is going to get married next month!”

Yvette advised her. She knew that Ellen hooked up with many men to forget Jamie.

Yvette did not want to watch her best friend hurt herself.

Ellen did not want to mention the past, so she smiled and raised her glass, “I don’t want to think so muc h about the past. Cheers!”

After the meal, Ellen went to the underground garage to pick up her car while Yvette was standing at the


Someone called her from behind. Yvette had just turned around when she saw Emilie, who was gnashin


After Emilie was kicked out of the company by Lance last time, the few remaining investors of her fashion company ran away after

receiving hearing the news.

Emilie hated Yvette very much!

Fortunately, Yazmin was back.

Everyone knew that Yazmin was the woman that Lance deeply loved! As long as she tried to please Yaz

Emilie raised her head and mocked, “Why don’t you stay by Mr. Wolseley’s side to protect him today? Th

Yvette’s expression was calm as she smiled, “Ms. Thackeray, is your face better?”

Emilie almost exploded in wrath!

Yvette hit her sore spot the moment she came up. She hadn’t even taken revenge on Yvette for the humiliation she suffered at the

Wolseley Group!

Emilie was going to tear Yvette apart right now!

“You bitch!”


Emilie was about to make a move when a gentle voice interrupted her.

Yvette followed the voice and looked over. Behind Emille was a woman in a wheelchair. It was Yazmin.

She had a natural and graceful smile on her face, which made people associate her with a well– educated rich lady who grew up in a

pampered environment.

The only flaw was that she was weak and needed to sit in a wheelchair often.

Yvette had read the report before that Yazmin developed leukemia and had been treated abroad..

When Emilie saw Yazmin, she suppressed her anger and introduced, “Yazmin, let me introduce you. Th

These words were too explicit, and anyone could understand what she meant.

Yazmin’s face instantly turned pale.

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