Chapter 5 - Secretary’s Secret Lover

Chapter 5 Shameless!

Yazmin retracted her hand and clenched it tightly. Her eyes turned red. “Lance, do you hate me?”

“No, you’re overthinking.”

Lance handed her a tissue and comforted her.

“I know, I am a burden now…”

Yazmin kept sobbing, “I shouldn’t have come back.”

“Don’t talk about yourself like that!” Lance took a step forward, held Yazmin’s

shoulder, and comforted her. “I will always take care of you.”

“Lance, I knew you wouldn’t abandon me.” Yazmin held his hand tightly, her eyes filled with infatuation.

Lance only left after Yazmin had fallen asleep.

After the door was closed, Yazmin, who had been sleeping soundly a second ago, suddenly opened he r eyes.

Just now, she smelled something that did not belong to Lance. Although it was very faint, she could be sure that it was the scent of a woman.

Other than Yvette who took advantage of the opportunity to seduce Lance, nobody could get close to hi m.

Yazmin gritted her teeth, and her face twisted in anger.

She wouldn’t let Yvette go easily.

After Lance got in the car, the assistant asked in a low voice, “Mr. Wolseley, where are you going?”

Lance loosened his tie with his hand and supported his temple with his fingers. He

answered a little tiredly, “Spring Bay.”

After arriving at Spring Bay, Lance went straight upstairs and skillfully input the


The door of the master bedroom was half–closed, and when Lance entered, he saw a

woman leaning sideways and sleeping soundly.

Her long black hair was disheveled, and the shoulder strap of her pajamas slid down,

revealing her round bosoms.

Lance touched her forehead with the back of his hand, and it wasn’t as hot as before.

He reached out and pulled the thin silk quilt up a little. The girl suddenly turned over,

her face flushed, and she unconsciously uttered the word “water“.

Lance turned around and fetched a cup of warm water for her. He bent down and called

her name in a low voice, but she didn’t react at all.

He raised his eyebrows and sat directly by the bedside. His big hand grabbed her

shoulder into his arms as he tried to feed her water.

Yvette might be thirsty as she drank more than half of it.

Under the dim light, Yvette’s cherry lips, which had just been moistened by water,

seemed to be inviting, and her slender figure was even more bewitching.

Lance’s eyes were red as he rubbed his index finger against the girl’s lips.

As if feeling the pressure, Yvette vaguely uttered a faint sound unconsciously.

Only then did Lance let go of her lips. Her body temperature was still lingering on Lance’s fingers, and somewhere in his body seemed to be burni ng.

He got up and left the room.

By the time Yvette woke up, it was almost noon.

It was Sunday today, and since Yvette didn’t receive any instructions to work, there was

no need to go to work.

In addition to her and Frankie, there were four assistants in the secretariat. They all took turns being on duty, and they were guaranteed to be able to handle all the affairs of

Lance at any time.

Yvette stood up and was stunned for a few seconds when she saw a glass at the head of

the bed.

Did she drink water before she went to bed?

She didn’t think too much about it and took a thermometer to take her temperature and found that she wasn’t running a fever now.

Yvette didn’t feel like moving. She just ate some food for lunch and took a nap. When it

was almost dark, her phone woke her up.

It was from her best friend, Ellen Robbins, who had just returned from a vacation.

abroad and asked her out for dinner.

When they arrived at a barbecue shop, Ellen immediately hugged Yvette and shouted, “Yve, I missed y ou so much.”

Yvette met Ellen when she was in high school. At that time, she had just arrived in New York when Green International School, a posh school, happened to be recruiting

outstanding students. The tuition fees were free.

Yvette had been a high performer since she was a child, and she successfully entered the

school as the first–place holder in the entrance examination.

However, the hierarchy in Green International School was very strict, and some busybodies looked dow n on Yvette, who had no background, and isolated and tricked.

her in school.

By chance, she helped Ellen and slowly got in touch with her, and the two became good


It was only later that she found out that the Robbins family was a famous energy tycoon

in New York and that Ellen was really a rich young lady.

But their different backgrounds didn’t affect their relationship.

They were friends from high school to university and were very intimate with each.


After a small talk, Ellen took the tall, ruffian man beside her and introduced him. sweetly, “Yve, this is m y boyfriend, Max White.”

Then Ellen secretly made a gesture, No. 17.

Yvette was speechless. Ellen meant that Max was her seventeenth boyfriend.

“I often heard Ellen mention you, Ms. Thiel. I didn’t expect to see such a beautiful girl. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Max reached out and shook hands with Yvette.

When Max spoke, his eyes kept glancing around, making Yvette feel very

uncomfortable, but out of courtesy, she still reached out and shook his hand lightly.

When Max withdrew his hand, he seemed to have unintentionally sunk his nail into her palm.

Instantly, Yvette had goosebumps all over.

When she looked up again, Max had already pulled Ellen into his arms, canoodling as if nothing had happened.

Halfway through the meal, Max got up and went to the bathroom.

When there were only Ellen and Yvette left in the private room, Ellen asked, “Yve, are you alright?”

Yvette knew what she meant. She had never kept what happened between her and Lance

a secret from Ellen. Moreover, the Robbins family was a high–ranking family in New

York. Therefore, Ellen knew more about Yazmin than Yvette.

Just as Yvette was about to speak, she felt nauseous and hurriedly got up to go to the


Yvette didn’t go to the bathroom in the room. She was afraid that Ellen would suspect

her, so she found an excuse and went out.

When she walked out of the bathroom, she heard a familiar male voice from behind the

water landscape.

“Bravo, I’ll definitely get her tonight… If I can’t, I’ll just drink more. Damn it, I’ve been tired of pretending long ago. If that silly woman doesn’t let me get her, I’ll have to drug her… Her best friend is gorgeous. It would be great if I can have both of them… W hen the

time comes, I’ll take some photos and videos. Buddies, we’ll fuck them together and see

if they dare to resist…”

The rest was all dirty and obscene words, which made Yvette clench her fists.

Max came out after making the phone call, but he did not expect to bump into Yvette.

He didn’t panic at all, his lips curled into a self–proclaimed cool smirk.

“Yve, what a coincidence.” After saying that, he pretended to be shocked. “How stupid I am. I called you

It made Yvette sick.

Yvette didn’t hide it and said coldly, “Mr. White, please behave yourself.”

Max seemed to have not heard her words and leaned forward. “Yve, I think I fell in love

with you at first sight.”

After saying that, he impatiently wanted to pull Yvette’s hand.

Yvette did not bat an eyelid as she retreated.

Max missed the target, but he didn’t mind at all.

He had played with many beautiful women, but those who were too easy to take the bait were not intere

In Max’s opinion, when a woman said no, it meant yes.

He leaned forward and said, “Why don’t we talk somewhere else?”

Yvette felt sick as if she had swallowed a fly.

Seeing that Yvette did not speak, Max thought that she had fallen for his charm, so he leaned a little clos are shy, let’s be Line friends first. I will send Ellen away later, and then we…”

Yvette obediently nodded her head.

Max smiled and could not wait to take out his phone. Then he leaned closer and said, “Babe, you are so

Before he could finish his sentence, Yvette raised the juice and splashed it all over Max.

Then, she smiled innocently. “Sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

It was the mulberry juice that Yvette had specially ordered the waiter to bring. The purplish– red color covered Max’s hair and body, making him look funny and


Max had been full of anger, but when he heard Yvette’s apology, he was too

embarrassed to flare up. He became lustful and pretended to be a gentleman. “It’s fine, babe. Look, you


Yvette endured her disgust. “Mr. White, can you be more brazen–faced?”

Only then did Max realize that Yvette was fooling him and instantly flew into a rage out of humiliation. “You’re fucking crazy. Don’t be so shameless!”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and was about to slap Yvette. The gentlemanly demeanor completely d

Yvette was not panicked at all. She calmly dodged to the side. Max failed to slap her and was knocked down by the juice on the ground. He directly fell to the ground, face down.

Max was so angry that he almost went crazy. He held his waist and got up. He gritted his teeth and curs

“What are you two doing?”

When Ellen noticed that the two had not returned for a long time, she came out to find

them but did not expect to see such a scene.

Just as Yvette was about to speak, Max spoke first, “Ellen.”

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