Chapter 5 - Secretly The Billionaire Boss

: Pained memories

Grey narrowed his eyes on him and wondered if he knew the strange man but his face was not at all familiar to him.

His eyes went wide when Alfred went to his knees. “Greetings, Hercules. It’s my pleasure to see you and even talk to you,” he smiled and finally stood up.

Grey was still skeptical, unable to believe a thing. It was a wonder that Alfred was referring to him as a master but he found it difficult to believe someone as rich as Alfred knew someone like him.

Then, that brought him to the fact that something was really amiss somewhere. There was something about his past that seemed to be connected to something very much important. No one could explain to him how his life was before he was found by the sisters at the orphanage. And he didn’t remember anything as well. It still felt like there was a fog in his memory.

“Where have you been?” Alfred was all smiles as he asked.

“For ten years, we’ve been searching, finally I found the successor of Hercules! Who would have thought I would find you, son?” He laughed. “You must be Hercules’s son, did your father tell you about us before he died?”

Grey blinked once,” I have a father? And he’s dead?” Just as he was done talking, he saw a flash of an image. He saw an older man walking side by side with a boy whose features looks similar to Grey.

“Tell them, it’s Hercules,” the man’s thick voice frightened everyone in the room except the young boy. Then he turned to look at him. “We are going to the party together, Grey.”

Then, he jerked out again and the image was gone and Grey was looking back at Alfred. It seemed like he was finally getting something out of his memory. Though, he wondered why it took so long.

“What are you talking about?” Grey still had a skeptical look on his face and he wasn’t really understanding it all. All he could remember were images and not entirely the whole lost page of his life.

“No one has told you about Hercules? He’s the best friend of the founder of our business empire Leo, we built a tremendous business empire, just to find you, The Hercules, our Big Boss” Alfred raised a brow. ” I, Leo, and your father.”

Grey stared back at him and a realization hit him quickly that he almost fell. He could see more images suddenly and it seemed like his heart was racing as he went through some trances.

Grey turned around and gripped the desk harder as he saw everything. Actually, something happened after his father and Leo had created the mafia group. The enemies turned up one day and tried to eliminate them. Grey and his father were on their way to the party when they showed up. It turned out actually that Leo betrayed his father. His father was killed right before him but he couldn’t reach him because the car accident had thrown him over to the other side.

He tried to crawl nearer and plead with Leo but his father was killed. One of the men also shot Grey.

Grey opened his eyes with a gasp. His heart pounded madly in his heart and a sudden headache set in. He had been trying so hard to remember his life before he was found by the sisters in the orphanage. But now that he has, he feels so terrible about it. And he only wanted to see Leo and ask him why he betrayed his father.

He turned to Alfred immediately. Looking at Alfred now and he could remember the name of someone he knew so well, “Do you know one eye, John? Where is he?”

Alfred’s eyes went wide with shock for a moment. “Yes! You do remember?” He sighed and looked sober. “John was killed in the attack. We found your father’s corpse but we couldn’t find you and we have been looking for you since then.”

Grey closed his eyes for another instant and dragged his breath. He felt so terrible. “My father was killed, I saw it.”

Alfred opened his mouth as shook took over him. “What? Where were you? I thought you didn’t follow Hercules to the party since we couldn’t find your body as well. Actually,” his eyes thinned and sadness mirrored it. “We thought you were dead.”

Grey furrowed his brows. ” I was dead! Three bullets to my rib and chest! I was fucking dead!” He yelled, angrily. He doesn’t want to think about it but fuck! How else was he supposed to admit to you the fact that his father got betrayed by one of his best friends?

Alfred moved to his desk, unlocked it, and brought out a picture. He walked back to Grey and stretched it out. “This is the three friends; Leo, Rio, and I.

Grey took the picture from him and stared down at the pictures. He recognized Alfred as he was still wearing the same face. His father was in the middle and then, there was Leo.

Grey still remembered the grin on Leo’s face as he shot his father in the head. He couldn’t scream, he couldn’t walk. The only thing he could do was yell in his head and cry out as the life was being sucked out of his father.

“Something is wrong somewhere,” he hinted and went to sit. He was still holding the picture and staring at it with such intensity that could frighten anyone. Why did Leo betray his father? Why did he kill him? The answers to these questions eluded him. Though, at that moment, he would like to snap Leo’s head off his neck and avenge his father’s death.

“What happened?” Alfred moved nearer. “Where have you been living all these years?”

Grey looked up at him, with pain in his eyes. ” I was living at the orphanage. I got out years later and started working hard to send myself to college.”

Alfred blinked once. ” I must inform Charles about this. Everyone will be happy to see you.”

Grey remembered something, “Who’s Charles, and What’s all this stuff about Hercules? I know it’s my father’s name but what’s so special about it?”

” Well, Leo, Rio and I built a business empire and a mafia group with over 20,000 members from all over the world. And Charles is the son of Leo, he took over ten years ago. Leo died while saving your father. He was burnt beyond recognition.”

Grey eyes went wide with shock. Leo killed his father. He was trying to save him. What the fuck was happening?

“But something is currently happening and we are currently keeping a low profile. And it will be best if you do the same,” Alfred hinted.

Alfred continued. “If they knew you were Hercules, they would definitely come to kill you, you will have to face tons of killers and assassins. I know you’re the best at fighting, but you can’t protect yourself every minute.”

Grey looked up at him with confusion written all over him. ” What can this problem be about?”

” I think you will need to speak with Charles about it. Though, I don’t think you guys can see at this moment as he’s being watched. It will only complicate you.”

Grey clenched his teeth. He didn’t want to see Charles. He didn’t want to speak with the traitor’s son.

“But why should I have to see Charles? And my father didn’t tell me anything about the mafia group. If he has one, he would let me in on it.”

Alfred sighed. ” Maybe he was just trying to protect you. And Charles is second in command to Hercules, which is you.”

Grey closed his eyes as bitterness swam into him like bees. How could the son of the traitor be in his father’s business? Also, why would Charles lie?

Alfred stared at him for a moment before he moved to his desk. He took a cheque and wrote some amount on it. Then, he walked back to Grey and stretched it out.

Grey opened his eyes and stared down at the amount on the cheque. It was a 100million dollars.

“I think you should have this. Till you can return to your position as the Hercules, you might need it.”

Grey stared at the paper longer than expected. It seemed like his life was about to make drastic changes. Though, there were lots of mysteries left to unfold.