Secretly The Billionaire Boss

Secretly The Billionaire Boss

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Chapter: 465
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Synopsis about Secretly The Billionaire Boss

Read Secretly The Billionaire Boss by Cat Smith. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereGrey, a delivery man who was treated like trash by everyone, betrayed by his girlfriend, fired by his boss. Just at the time he was desperate to death, an old man told him his real identity. Now, he's no longer the useless trash, he is called Hercules, king of the world!
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Chapter 1

: What life throwsThe blaring of music from the house was the only evidence that Grey needed to know that hergirlfriend, Nora, was really celebrating her birthday.But she told him she wouldn’t. And Grey didn’t understand why she would lie to him. They’ve beendating for six months now.Grey opened the door, and Nora and several friends were dancing together.Grey was really unhappy, he called Nora’s name severa

Chapter 2

: The set upGrey stared up at Seth for a moment, at the arrogance and the stupid smirk on his face. Well, he hadeverything under his control while the only thing Grey had was Nora. But not anymore. Nora was goingto leave him as well.“Nora, is this true? Or is this a prank?” He asked softly.Nora sighed, “Yes Grey, we are breaking up. Here’s Seth, my new man,” she introduced and Tracysquealed with happiness.Gr

Chapter 3

: Wishes for deathAvery gave him a dirty glare. “What sort of question is that? I should be asking you!”The door opened almost immediately and King walked in, with a wide smile on his face. “I knew youwere always with men. I just don’t know why grandfather wouldn’t trust me on it.”” What the fuck are you saying!” Avery snapped. ” I know nothing. I don’t even know how this idiot got onmy bed!” She argued.Smit

Chapter 4

: He’s a master?He staggered back to get his trouser from the bed. He was still feeling dizzy when he managed to slip histrouser on.The man sensing his actions guarded him to the car. Grey only had to tell the driver his address anddidn’t even know when they got home.When he stepped out, he stopped suddenly as he felt peace overtaking him. Suddenly, he wasn’t feelingpain as he initially was. It felt like he

Chapter 5

: Pained memoriesGrey narrowed his eyes on him and wondered if he knew the strange man but his face was not at allfamiliar to him.His eyes went wide when Alfred went to his knees. “Greetings, Hercules. It’s my pleasure to see you andeven talk to you,” he smiled and finally stood up.Grey was still skeptical, unable to believe a thing. It was a wonder that Alfred was referring to him as amaster but he found it

Chapter 6

: Who is he really?Avery looked over at the direction from where Grey went with worries written all over her. She wonderedwhat was happening inside and why Grey was taking a while before he came out.Seth laughed suddenly. “Seemed like the small boy was getting a taste of his medicine already.”Smith joined in. ” It’s just a pity he wasn’t even able to enjoy his wife before his death,” Smith teased.Avery’s hea

Chapter 7

: steel he’s made ofAvery refused to talk with Grey until the end of the party and they were heading towards the car.Avery stopped walking and turned to look at Grey. “I hope you know there’s no fucking way I will comehome with you. I can’t live in a house like that,” she snapped.Grey watched her for a moment. “I’m your husband after all, why can’t you?” He teased.Avery scoffed. ” Seriously? Is this because

Chapter 8

: frustration“Pizza man! Delivery!” a man yelled from outside of Grey’s house.Grey smiled and picked a hundred-dollar bill. He opened the door and stretched out the money.“Thank you for ordering. It’s $15.”“Keep the money!” He replied immediately and took the pizza from him. He closed the door before theman would say anything else.He stared at the pizza and remembered he hadn’t ordered pizza in forever beca

Chapter 9

: face smacking? Gregory was a tall and sturdy man like Grey. He was just slightly taller and with a face that could bedescribed as being handsome.He was dressed in a Dormeiul Vanquish ii suit worth $95,319. Everything about him actually speaks rich.Grey had also heard about him but it was the first time he would be seeing him.“What the fuck is happening here?” Alfred asked the moment he was closed enough. G

Chapter 10

: claiming the position” Not mine!” Gregory snickered. ” I haven’t accepted you as my boss! And I’m going to challenge you!”Alfred turned to Gregory. ” Stop this Gregory!” He snapped.“Let’s fight. If you lose, you will forget about being Hercules and take some money to make a lifeelsewhere.”” What the fuck is this! That’s not happening!” Alfred screamed at Gregory.Grey stared at him for a moment and took the