Chapter 6 - Secretly The Billionaire Boss

: Who is he really?

Avery looked over at the direction from where Grey went with worries written all over her. She wondered what was happening inside and why Grey was taking a while before he came out.

Seth laughed suddenly. “Seemed like the small boy was getting a taste of his medicine already.”

Smith joined in. ” It’s just a pity he wasn’t even able to enjoy his wife before his death,” Smith teased.

Avery’s heart skipped a beat at their words. Well, it was something Alfred could do.

“Come on! Mr Alfred doesn’t tolerate rags like him. He’s not going to be left alive,” Seth suddenly took a glass of juice. He sipped it and laughed again. ” Somehow the weather is good.”

“Come on!” Smith feigned seriousness. “It’s bad weather afterall. A dog would die!”

They both burst into laughter while Avery felt her feet gone cold. Her body shuddered at the fact that she was turning into a widow just a day after she was proclaimed married.

“Don’t call my husband a dog!” Avery retaliated. She couldn’t take it anymore.

Smith looked over at her. “What is he then? I bet dogs are even better than him. And Alfred can recognize that from miles away.”

“Yes,” Seth supported. “Who doesn’t know that Alfred doesn’t take nonsense! Grey was a criminal anyways and deserved to die,” he made a little smile, feeling pride in himself.

The door opened suddenly and every direction turned towards it.

Amazingly, Grey walked out with Alfred, unharmed.

Shock kept Seth and Smith speechless and motionless for a while as they watched Alfred and Grey advance towards them.

Seth’s eyes went wide. “What the fuck!’ he muttered thickly while his grip on the cup hardened. “Why didn’t Mr After kill him? It looked to me that he didn’t even touch him.”

Smith raised skeptical brows.” I’m as shocked as you are. Why will they spend such a long time in the room and his nose hasn’t even been broken?” He complained.

“Here,” Alfred started when he was closer to them, with a bright smile on his face. Actually, one can say he was happy. The only thing they didn’t understand was what he was happy about. “Here’s Grey, a son of one of my friends.”

” What the fuck!” Seth almost yelled out loud but he quickly comported himself. He knew who Alfred was and would never offend him. He looked at Smith quickly. “How did the low life become the son of someone that Alfred knows?”

Avery was also shocked by the revelation and somewhat relieved that her husband wasn’t entirely a pauper. Though, it was still surprising that Grey was living in the kind of house that he was.

She later concluded it could be that he went bankrupt. Even if that was the case, it only showed that Grey’s father wasn’t as rich as the Robinson family. And certainly,not as rich as Alfred.

“And yes,” Alfredo continued. “You should all enjoy the party,” he announced happily and walked away.

” What the fuck just happened? Mr Alfred isn’t even sending him out again! Has he forgotten I told him that Grey was a criminal? He broked my fucking nose!” He spoke angrily, then looked at Smith. ” What’s going to happen to us now though?” He complained fearfully.

” Hey, come on!” Smith nudged Seth by his shoulder. “Grey isn’t that intimate with Alfred. There’s no possible way he could be. Who knows, he could have been an adoptedson.”

Seth nodded as well and the shock was suddenly gone from his face. He drank his wine comfortably now. He watched as Alfred disappeared through the crowds.

“Don’t you think something is wrong?” Smith said again, suddenly. ” Alfred is walking away. That means he’s not interested in him.”

Seth raised a brow at him and looked over at Alfred and the suit he was wearing. It was one of the lowest suits in the party.

“How did they get connected? How could that idiot be someone that Alfred knows?” Seth was still skeptical.

Smith shrugged. ” Like I said earlier, I don’t think he’s really that related. If he was, do you think Alfred wouldn’t have kicked us out?” He ascertained.

Seth gulped down the whole content from the cup with him. “Yes, you are right.”

“Also, it seemed like Alfred doesn’t even like him a bit. Perhaps he hated him to start with. If Grey was truly someone he loved, he wouldn’t have left like that. He would have tried to get familiar with him.

Seth nodded finally. ” You were right. This is proof that Alfred doesn’t even like Grey that much.”

Grey remembered everything now. infact, more images of himself were entering his head. He remembered how much he knew in combat. But the situation at hand only allows him to stay hidden again.

But he couldn’t stop thinking about the loss of his father and John. Grey missed them so very much. He wondered how he survived. He got shot three times but he survived? It felt like a miracle.

Seeing that he was alright, Avery went cold again. She tried to act like she doesn’t even care and plastered a dark frown on her face.

“I thought you were not going to come out again,” Avery said coldly.

Grey smiled. ” Were you worried about me?”

Avery picked a glass of water. “Not a bit! You should be careful anyways if you love your life,” she muttered.

Seth and Smith moved nearer again.” Seems like the son isn’t getting the desired treatment,” Seth teased.

” I bet he wasn’t a beloved!” Smith laughed.

Seth laughed and his gaze searched around him quickly. ” What the fuck were you two discussing inside?” He asked anxiously.

Grey didn’t reply and took a cup of wine. He sipped it slowly with a heavy heart.

He didn’t even have the time to exchange words with them. What was on his mind were the people he had lost.

“Fuck!” Seth cussed. “He’s such an idiot.”

Grey turned towards him suddenly, with a stab of annoyance. He could actually break more of his nose at that moment