Chapter 10 - Secretly The Billionaire Boss

: claiming the position

” Not mine!” Gregory snickered. ” I haven’t accepted you as my boss! And I’m going to challenge you!”

Alfred turned to Gregory. ” Stop this Gregory!” He snapped.

“Let’s fight. If you lose, you will forget about being Hercules and take some money to make a life elsewhere.”

” What the fuck is this! That’s not happening!” Alfred screamed at Gregory.

Grey stared at him for a moment and took the wine in front of him. He didn’t use the cup and instead gulped it down. In the process, some of the alcohol poured all over his body but he didn’t care.

He hit the bottle on the table forcefully and looked over at Gregory. “I accept the duel.”

“What?” Alfred turned to look at Grey. “You will not do this.” He opined.

“No, Alfred,” Grey said. “I think this is exactly what we have to do.”

Alfred let out a defeated sigh when he realized that the two were bent on having a duel.


Within an hour, Gregory had found a perfect boxing club. Actually, it was one that Gregory loved going to.

He made sure that there was no one around to witness the fight, except for Alfred who would be the living witness.

Gregory took off his wristwatch and gave it to one of the workers who walked out immediately. “Maybe you should have a rethink because I won’t go easy on you,” he threatened.

Grey smiled. ” I was going to say that to you.”

Gregory scoffed and looked up at Alfred. “Who are you placing your bet on? Me or Grey?”

Alfred stared at Gregory for a moment. ” Hercules obviously. He has hidden skills you might be surprised by.”

Gregory laughed. ” You are going to regret this!” He promised and moved to the ring.”

Grey nodded briefly and pulled the ropes away to get inside the ring. He watched Gregory for a moment and made a quick assessment of him.

The way he threw his punches, showed that he was fast but well, Grey had trained to be faster than the lion. He knew how much he spent to be the best. Though, at that time, he didn’t know exactly why his father wanted him to train.

Grey took two steps closer and watched him for another moment. He went on his stance, with one foot space between his legs, while his eyes were moving with Gregory’s movement.

Gregory punched the air again and then turned towards Grey quickly, catching him unaware but he knew his every move before he started.

Grey dodged quickly, only missing Gregory’s punch with only a hair breadth.

Gregory launched another punch at his stomach but Grey made a quick curve and punched Gregory on his shoulders instead.

Gregory got pushed away but he soon regained his stance and advanced toward Grey again.

“You should give up Gregory!” Alfred yelled happily.

And at that moment, Grey decided to end the fight once and for all.

Gregory launched an uppercut attack at Grey but he dodged it and turned clockwise quickly towards Gregory’s back. He hit Gregory’s neck slightly. He slumped and started gasping for air.

“What the fuck have you done to him?” Alfred moved nearer with curiosity.

Grey smiled at him, then hit Gregory’s neck again. Gregory coughed out and his breathing was suddenly returning to him.

Alfred laughed. “He’s our Hercules after all!”

“Fuck!” Gregory cussed. “What the fuck did you do to me?”

Grey stretched out his arm to him which he caught and he pulled him up with it. “It’s a secret,” he laughed.

Gregory laughed. “We should get drunk and catch up with each other.”

Alfred laughed. ” I told you he’s Hercules.”

Gregory turned to him. ” And I’ve just accepted that. He’s really fit to be our boss.”

Grey smiled, amazed by the sudden change in Gregory. He made to talk but his phone rang suddenly. He picked it up and discovered it was Avery.

He looked over at the two men before he pressed the receiver. “Yes, hello.”

“My parents are back and they already knew what had happened. They want to see you. You are supposed to come to my grandfather’s family house now.” Avery’s voice was as cold as ice.

Grey eyes went wide. ” What? Now?”

” Now Grey! You ruined my life, remember?” And the line went off.

“Is anything wrong?” Gregory questioned as he walked out of the ring.

“Yes, new trouble

Gregory raised skeptical brows at him. “Trouble? Who dares disturb Hercules?”

Alfred laughed. “Now, you are acting too forward. Have you forgotten that Hercules is going undercover?”

Gregory threw him a glance. ” Now that Hercules is back, we will be off the hook soon.”

“Yes,” Grey came in. ” But I would like to keep a clean identity until the coast is clear. Though, I will need someone to hint me on the current of things.”

” Charles is in the best position to do that but he’s out of the city currently,” Alfred complained.

Gregory turned around to pick up his shirt. “Call him and let him know that Hercules wishes to see him.”

” No,” Grey said immediately. Though he didn’t want them to know about who had really killed his father. He was treading cautiously .” We don’t want to arouse suspicion from the opposition. We will wait for him to get back,” Grey decided and walked out of the ring. ” And it’s not really a problem that you can handle. My in-laws are back.”

Gregory laughed and turned around to look at Grey. ” I would like to see you some other time.”

Grey looked at Alfred and realized he was already walking out of the boxing club. ” Through Alfred. I will be working at his company for cover. It will be a perfect way for us to see without anyone suspecting anything.”

Gregory nodded. ” Farewell then,” he said and turned around. “I wonder who isn’t lucky to be married to Hercules,” he teased and eventually walked out of the place.

Grey sighed and looked down at his phone. He was a bit anxious about how his meeting with his in-laws would be.

When he walked out, he sighted Alfred already waiting for him by the car. Though, he knew that he wouldn’t be going in his car.

His heart took on a slow pounding in anticipation of how meeting his in-laws would be.