Chapter 9 - Secretly The Billionaire Boss

: face smacking?

Gregory was a tall and sturdy man like Grey. He was just slightly taller and with a face that could be described as being handsome.

He was dressed in a Dormeiul Vanquish ii suit worth $95,319. Everything about him actually speaks rich. Grey had also heard about him but it was the first time he would be seeing him.

“What the fuck is happening here?” Alfred asked the moment he was closed enough. Gregory stood by the car and he seemed to be on a call.

“I’m sorry sir but the only thing going on here is about this man. I refused his entry because he was a thief.

“What!” Alfred yelled angrily and slapped the waiter on the face. “How dare you call him a thief? And why the fuck will you refuse him entry. Is this your restaurant or my restaurant?” He boomed. “Anyways, I invited him here and for treating my guest in such a way, you are fired!”

“Oh my!” The waiter went down on his knees immediately. “Please don’t fire me!” He pleaded.

Grey looked up at Seth and Nora. There was a surprised look on their face as they hurried into the restaurant.

Grey smiled, feeling happy in himself.

“Please,I’m so sorry! Please! I’m so sorry for looking down at you!” The waiter screamed desperately, his gaze on Grey as he was led out.

Grey watched him for a moment until he was out of sight.

“Please, do come in,” Alfred urged and walked ahead while Grey followed quickly. He noticed that Gregory was also walking behind him but he was careful to keep his pace.

That was actually the number one characteristic of being proud.

They took another route by their left and walked out to various rooms by the left. Before they could step inside, a waiter hurried closer to them.

“Welcome boss, can I get you something?” He said with respect. His eyes darted at Grey, then back at Alfred.

Alfred nodded. ” Yes, wines will do. Can I get the list of wines that you have currently? I mean top-notch.”

The waiter smiled. ” I have it memorized already. So, we have Tequila Ley which costs $3.5 Million, Billionaire Vodka which cost $3.7 Million, Isabella Islay Whisky which costs $6.2 Million, and Armand de Brignac Midas which costs $265,0000,” he replied with a bright smile, feeling proud of himself.

Grey exclaimed softly. Wines that cost a lot of money. Who would have thought he would be able to drink wines like that?

Alfred thought for a moment. “I have special guests with me today. So, I think I will be going with the highest. Isabella Islay Whisky is best. I want three in the VIP room right now.”

” Understood boss,” he took a short bow and turned around quickly.

” Why must your Waiter mention the price of your wines before you choose the one you want?” Gregory said suddenly, with a teasing voice, yet his voice was deep and with a strange aura.

“Because I don’t follow the taste of wines, I go with the event of the day. And the prices of the wine would determine what event it would go with.”

Gregory chuckled. ” Weird equation.”

Alfred moved to the first door and unlocked it. He stopped to look back at Greg. “There’s privacy here,You won’t have to worry about anyone revealing your identity.”

Grey nodded and followed him inside the exquisite room. It was a big room with a small round table and six comfortable chairs around it. There were two bouquets at each side of the room, close to the table.

There was a big chandelier hanging over the table that almost looked as though it would come down at any moment.

They all moved to sit. Grey used the opportunity to give Gregory a deep scrutiny. Nice cheekbone, well- carved eyebrows that could move at intervals, and a mouth that played quickly.

The way he sat, Grey realized that it showed power. He commands power and he wouldn’t be someone that would easily be ordered around. And Grey might have a problem with that. Though, it was nothing that couldn’t be settled that night.

” so, ” Alfred turned slightly towards Gregory. “I found Hercules’s grandson but he’s currently undercover which is why I had to call him here.”

There was a soft knock on the door. It opened almost immediately and two waiters walked inside. One was with two buckets of wine while the other was with a bucket of wine and three glass cups.

“Anything else, boss,” the guy stepped aside while Gregory helped himself by pouring the wine into the cup.

“No, I will call you if I ever need to,” Alfred assured and the waiters walked out.

” I supposed he is Hercules?” Gregory moved the cup to his mouth and watched Greg through the transparent glass.

“Yes. I wanted him to meet with the elders. I think he should do that before he would come to the group to address the members.”

” There’s something that amuses me,” Gregory scoffed suddenly and looked down at the wines on the table. “I wonder why you are the one doing the talk. Is the Hercules dumb?”

” You will not speak like that to Hercules!” Alfred said at once.

Grey laughed and looked up at Gregory for a moment. “I like your boldness. No wonder you are the boss but you should accept who you are. I am Hercules and I am here to take my position.”

Gregory laughed. ” Seriously? You were absent for so long!” He snapped. ” You can’t just come back one day and start claiming the position.”

” Right,” Grey nodded briefly, ” I know I have been absent for so long but I’m back and I will try all I can to prove to everyone how much of Hercules that I am.”

Alfred smiled. ” That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Gregory scoffed suddenly and forced Grey’s gaze towards him. He wasn’t really expecting him to accept him immediately.

Gregory was known for his stubbornness. That aside, who would let a kid like him control him?

But what was he supposed to do?