Chapter 1 - Secretly The Billionaire Boss

: What life throws

The blaring of music from the house was the only evidence that Grey needed to know that her girlfriend, Nora, was really celebrating her birthday.

But she told him she wouldn’t. And Grey didn’t understand why she would lie to him. They’ve been dating for six months now.

Grey opened the door, and Nora and several friends were dancing together.

Grey was really unhappy, he called Nora’s name several times but she didn’t hear that because of the loud music.

Rushing to her, Grey grabbed Nora’s hand, Nora held his hand too and turned her face to Grey with a sweet smile.

But when she saw Grey’s angry face, her smile disappeared.

“Why did you come here?” Nora asked calmly.

Grey said,” I think you told me that you wouldn’t celebrate your birthday, so now what’re you doing? Why are you lying to me?”

Nora responded mockingly, “I had a lot of friends. They have decided to celebrate for me. It wasn’t a big deal, anyway you didn’t even have money to do it for me!”.

Grey was in silence, he had been saving up for four months to get her a nice birthday present. Working as a delivery man was the most stressful work ever and Grey had to go hungry sometimes especially when he was bent on satisfying his girlfriend.

The music stopped, and Grey looked around the apartment. The apartment was the first thing Grey did with his salary while he got a room outside the league. But he almost didn’t recognize the room again. The wall paint was now cream in color. There was a huge home theater around and a large TV set. The chairs have also been altered which shocked Grey because he doesn’t remember getting new types of furniture.

All Nora’s friends saw Grey coming in, but they didn’t care about him at all, they all knew that Grey was only a delivery man, and he even had no money for a birthday party for his girlfriend.

“See the wretched boy! Who invited him here anyway?” A feminine voice hissed suddenly and Grey turned towards the speaker.

“Is he your boyfriend, that delivery man?” The woman with heavy makeup looked at Grey, “I don’t think he deserves such a beautiful girl like you.”

Nora was awkward, but in fact, she totally agreed with what the woman said. She was a Havard student now, and Grey was only a delivery man.

Although he paid for all of her costs in university. And he met her recently after he had struggled with college as well.

Grey had a lot to ask them. Like why won’t she come to the party with her girlfriend? Nora was the celebrant and she was his girlfriend.

Grey however decided to let the matter slip. He had always gone through insults like that in the past, especially the first time he entered Harvard to see his girlfriend. Though, Harvard was a place he was familiar with. But he had always gone through insult even when he was still a student in Harvard.

He realised something quickly; how the riches trampled on the poor, what happened whenever you aren’t rich or whenever your family goes bankrupt.

It was something Grey decided to get used to since he woke up in the orphanage.

“OMG! Seth is coming!” Tracy squealed happily and Grey turned around.

Hearing Seth’s name, Nora rushed to the door. Grey was surprised, why was she so excited about Seth’s coming?

Grey looked at the door, a handsome man came in, he was wearing a fancy Armani suit, with a smile on his face, every girl in the room was looking straight at him.

Seth came into the room, seeing Nora and holding her hand naturally, Nora felt a bit nervous since Grey was still there, but she didn’t refuse Seth’s act.

Wait a moment! Who the fuck was Seth to her?

Well, Nora started working at KK corporation and it belonged to Seth. Nora did it to save money for school.

And Grey wondered how the two got together to the extent that they could hold hands in such a manner.

Grey walked closer anyway with the box in his hand.

“Nora, happy birthday,” he greeted with a smile, ignoring the stares and the murmuring coming from the background.

Nora went stiff for a moment before she and Seth turned to look at him.

There was a disgusted look on Seth’s face as he beheld Grey for a moment. “You told me you broke up with this guy already and I clearly said I don’t want to see him at this party,” Seth complained. He looked older.

Grey thought he didn’t hear it well at first. He looked over at Nora, ignoring Seth’s words. It could be a prank anyway.

Grey stretched out the box, “I got you a present.”

Nora eyed the box for a moment, took it, and threw it away. “Are you blind or deaf? Or both? Can’t you hear all he’s saying?”

Grey went still for a moment. He still doesn’t even believe that someone was ordering his girlfriend around in the house he got for her. Life was really full of sarcasm.

“Damn Nora, why will you throw away his gift? He could have saved up all the salary he earned two months ago for this,” Tracy hinted with sarcasm.

“Seriously?” Seth laughed, “how could you move with such a pauper. This guy can’t take care of you.”

“I know,” Nora accepted, “I just pitied him as to why I stood in the relationship but I’m fed up with that. I need someone to take care of me.”

Tracy giggled, “The only thing he’s so good at is fucking. You know he has a big cock,” she murmured and looked over at Grey.

Nora blushed slightly and quickly looked away.

Grey couldn’t speak, didn’t even know what he was supposed to say. He had never expected such disgrace to come upon him.

Though, he had been managing his life with no family. According to what the sisters at the orphanage told him, he was found injured and there was no trace of his parents. And well, life have really been full

of hardship for him. He got insulted at every moment. His only hope was Nora. It was only in Nora that he found peace but he didn’t realize she was only staying because she pitied him.

“Ok, I will help him then,” Seth said suddenly and Grey looked at him.

Actually, Grey was an inch taller than Seth.

“If you can lick my shoe, I will give you a work as security man in my company. you can earn 1000 bucks for that, have you ever earned that much, loser?” he boasted.

“Come on, accept the offer, maybe in ten years you can get your salary raised to 1200 dollars!” Tracy urged with a teasing smile.

Grey looked back at Nora, at the woman he gave his heart to the moment he was lost, the moment it felt like he would never find happiness in life.