Chapter 2 - Secretly The Billionaire Boss

: The set up

Grey stared up at Seth for a moment, at the arrogance and the stupid smirk on his face. Well, he had everything under his control while the only thing Grey had was Nora. But not anymore. Nora was going to leave him as well.

“Nora, is this true? Or is this a prank?” He asked softly.

Nora sighed, “Yes Grey, we are breaking up. Here’s Seth, my new man,” she introduced and Tracy squealed with happiness.

Grey doesn’t even know what was making her so happy. If he ever had a way to pay back, the first person he would teach a great lesson was Tracy.

And the sad thing was that she never loved him. And he really thought they both had something for each other.

Grey bit back his tears, he wouldn’t cry.

“Poor guy, you didn’t even touch this woman’s hands right? You’re really pathetic.”

“If you can lick my shoes, I may give you a job as a security man in my company, how about…1000 dollars per month?” Seth taunted.

Tracy laughed, “Oh! That’s very kind of you Mr. Seth, if I were you, I wouldn’t talk a word to this homeless beggar. Hey loser, why don’t you just get on your knees and lick shoes? This is your job interview!”

Seeing people insult Grey, Nora said nothing but staring at Seth smiling, she must thought that she made the right choice to be with Seth, instead of Grey.. More whispers filled his ears as he proceeded to kiss Seth’s shoe.

Grey looked up at once and watched the smirk on Seth’s face. He got up quickly and punched him on the face.

Seth reeled back and Grey had to stop for a moment to help him. He didn’t actually expect the punch to hurt him so much or cause so much blood on his face. But Grey was so angry to even realize it.

He ran out of the house before Seth’s guardians would come after him.

But yes, they came after him and he ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He ran for a moment until he got to a garden on the side of the road. He jumped inside and hid behind some flowers.

The men stopped at his exact location and their gaze searched around before they left.

Grey stayed for some minutes before he walked out of the garden. He felt all the sadness he had been having all day. He had been trying to fit into society but it seemed like the world wasn’t even meant for people like him.

That apart, why couldn’t he just love like everyone else? Why does he have to fall victim to love? After all, he had done to her. He even gave her half of his salary. He did everything for her.

Why then did it all have to happen as it did?

Grey felt the tears under his eyes but valiantly wiped them off. He wasn’t going to cry. He was only going to get drunk.

Life was a waste anyway.

Grey walked into Layon bar. Layon is one of the most popular bars in Brighton. And the reason was because it has hotels and suites. Also, it has a restaurant and gymnastics.

He ordered four bottles of beer and walked out. He settled down a few kilometers away from the bar. He didn’t want to stay inside the bar for fear of oppression. There were a lot of rich men inside and staying

with them would remind him of Seth.

He drank the first and second beers. By the time he was drinking the third one, he was already feeling tipsy. Though, somehow he was still able to remember Nora which wasn’t the result he wanted.

He dropped the third can and proceeded with the last beer. He started feeling funny halfway and suddenly, he fainted while the can dropped from his hand and wasted on the floor.

His eyes went closed and he fell into a deep slumber.

A man took a step closer to the bar and stopped. He was a tall man in a tuxedo suit that complemented his dark hair.

“I said you should find anyone! I must settle it all for tonight!” He screamed annoyingly and turned towards Grey. He regarded him for a moment and a smile exploded on his face.

“Don’t bother you, idiots!” He screamed once more and beckoned one of his guards closer.

“Yes Boss,” the man said.

Smith was still looking at Grey. “Get that man inside room 409.”

The man raised skeptical brows. “That’s where madam Avery is?”

Smith turned to give him an icy glare. “Did I say I don’t know that? Just do what I asked and stop asking foolish questions!” He yelled again. It looked like he loved yelling.

The man bowed slightly and looked back to beckon two men over.

“But,” Smith said suddenly and the man turned to look at him again. ” Get his trousers off. That should do the trick,” there was a smug on his face as he made the suggestion.

The men complied and soon got inside the room where Avery was, sleeping. They carefully placed Grey on the bed beside her.

Though, it was a miracle that she didn’t stir at all, till they did their job and walked out of the room.

It was like forever when Grey finally opened his eyes. Actually, he felt more comfortable which aided the alcohol in his system. He turned on the bed until his hand touched skin.

Violently, his hand was yanked away and a huge slap landed on his face, accompanied by a loud squeak.

“What the fuck have you done to me!” The feminine voice screamed.

Grey blinked once and tried to concentrate even though the slap hurt him so much. He sat up and his gaze searched around quickly.

Unable to understand where he was, he looked back at Avery. “Who are you and why am I here?”

How the fuck did he get into bed with a stranger and his trouser was even missing. What the fuck had happened?

The realization of it struck him suddenly and his heart made a sudden thud.