Chapter 6 - Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Gale woke up from his dream. She looked at him sleepily and asked, “What…what’s wrong…” She had done nothing. Did she disturb him by talking in her sleep? Was she sleepwalking? Shawn’s face became more and more ugly. Gale whimpered and said, “I told you I shouldn’t sleep here. Sorry, I’ll leave.” She quickly bent down, picked up the pillow and quilt, and walked out. However, she had no idea her hair was a little messy because she had just woken up, looking rather attractive. Shawn pulled her into his arms before she could take more than two steps. “Are you trying to seduce me with a coquettish look? I’ll give you what you want!” “I… um…” Shawn leaned in and kissed her deeply. Gale was frightened and unconsciously opened her mouth slightly. He mocked. “Oh, so you want more?” Gale regained her senses, and she hurriedly closed his lips. He squeezed her chin so hard that she gasped in pain, and her lips opened as if she was inviting him. How could she kiss Shawn… They are enemies! “Even if you stand in front of me naked, I won’t want you.” Shawn bit her lips till he drew blood. “Gale, you are just my plaything. Dirty!” The blood dripped from the corner of her lips and landed on the back of his hand. Gale had no idea why he went crazy. She could only stand with her head bowed, with no right to resist. Shawn looked at her deeply and was upset. “Get lost.” Before she could take more than two steps out of the door, she heard Shawn say, “Not that far!” Gale slept outside the bedroom door. She dared not fall asleep because she was afraid that she would provoke Shawn again, so she stayed half awake until dawn. At about eight o’clock, Gale heard footsteps at the door and immediately got up and stood up properly. The door opened, and Shawn gave her a glance. “Morning, Wood… Mr. Wood,” she hurriedly greeted. Shawn was very upset when she looked refreshed, as though she had a good night’s rest. He had not managed to sleep last night! He said coldly, “A lowly person is worthy of a lowly life. You are only worthy of sleeping at the door.” Gale asked tentatively, “Then I’ll sleep here in the future?” “Certainly!” She breathed a long sigh of relief. Sleeping outside is more comfortable than sleeping on the bed with him…! Seeing her relaxed expression, Shawn became even angrier. “Follow me to the company. You should not be lazing around at home!” he ordered. “Yes.” After breakfast, Shawn sat on a Rells Reyce and drove away. Gale walked to the Wood Group. It was

past ten o’clock in the morning by the time she arrived at the office. Although everyone was busy, it was strangely quiet. Gale asked in a low voice, “Fiona, is there anything I can do to help?” If Shawn knew that she was idle, he would definitely lose his temper, so she should take the initiative to find some work to do. In the whole company, only Fiona knew her identity. “Um… He has not given any orders for the time being,” Fiona said and glanced at the office, “President Wood seems to have eaten gunpowder today and has already scolded the three directors. I don’t think he slept well. Why don’t you buy a cup of black coffee and bring it in?” “Okay.” Gale passed a pharmacy when she bought coffee. The clerk was packaging some pills, and the faint medicinal smell wafted out. Gale stood in front of the counter, “Hello, can I please have some medicine.” “Hold on.” Ten minutes later, Gale returned to the president’s office. She knocked on the door, and Shawn’s irritable voice came out, “Come in!” There were also two company executives in the office, with their heads drooping after being scolded. There are broken cups on the ground. Gale squatted down and silently packed up the broken pieces of porcelain. “You came out with this sh*tty marketing plan after three months?” Shawn threw the documents on the ground. “I will give you five more days. If you can’t finish it, you will voluntarily resign!” “Yes… President Wood.” Shawn leaned back on the chair and rested his head on his arm. The more he thought about it, the more upset he became. He raised his hand and swept everything off the table. Gale had just collected the broken pieces when suddenly a heavy folder dropped on her hand, cutting her hand. “Ah…” Hearing the voice, Shawn was stunned, and then he remembered that Gale had just come in. He stood up, only to see her squatting on the ground. Gale hid her injured hand behind her and said, “I’m here to bring you coffee.” Shawn frowned deeply. Gale took out another packet from her pocket and said, “And… this.” “What is this?” He picked it up and looked at it, and said with disgust, “It’s ugly.” Gale said, “It’s a sachet I made. It contains a few herbs to help sleep and calm the nerves. You should be able to sleep well if you put it by your pillow.” Shawn threw it directly into the trash. “It’s unnecessary.” In his opinion, Gale was mocking him for his insomnia last night. She was getting to him. That was not a good sign! Gale sighed. Her father had taught her how to make the sachet, and it had worked really well. She hoped that Shawn could sleep well so that his temper would also improve and everyone would not be worried. She gathered her courage and tried again, “You can

try it for your sleep…” “Go out!” Her kindness was disregarded. After Gale left, Shawn looked at the few drops of bright red blood on the carpet. She was injured. His eyes moved to the sachet in the trash can again. After a few seconds, Shawn turned around and made a phone call. “Have you found out who the woman was that night?” “No…” He commanded forcefully, “Hurry up! Find her at all costs!” “Yes, Mr. Wood. We have a few suspects, and we are going to continue our investigation!” Gale hung up the phone. He had to find that woman as soon as possible. Otherwise, something will happen sooner or later if he keeps Wen Gale by his side! She is a vixen, and she is the best at seducing men! Gale held her palm, walked to a corner where no one was around, and then slowly spread it out. The wound had closed up, and it was no longer bleeding, but it needed to be cleaned up and treated with medicine; otherwise, it would become inflamed. However…she had no money to buy medicine. The only money left on her was spent on the sachet, but Shawn threw it away without a second thought. She had to find a way to make some money. Gale decided to find a temporary job nearby, which was better than being an idler in the Wood family, which would aggravate Shawn. If Shawn needed her, she could come back any time. Gale wasted no time after making up her mind. Coincidentally, the restaurant opposite was recruiting dishwashers, and the wages were calculated by the hour. She went to the front desk and asked, “Excuse me, I saw that you are hiring…” Before she could finish speaking, she heard two voices behind her. “Isn’t that the cleaner?!!” “Oh, isn’t this the honorable Mrs. Wood!”

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