Chapter 5 - Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Realizing that she had said something wrong, Paula hurriedly covered her mouth. “It’s nothing. Since you are part of the Wood family, you should know the rules. Look at how indecent you are!” Gale raised her hand to cover her body. “I’ll change right now.” “It’s really embarrassing. I don’t know what Shawn likes about you. Any girl in Sea City is better than you…” Fiona said contemptuously. Suddenly, a gray suit was draped over Gale’s shoulders. It felt warm and smelled familiar. “No matter what she does, it’s not your place to lecture her.” Shawn took her into his arms, “Aunt Fiona, you are too lenient.” Gale wanted to avoid it subconsciously, worried that she would get wet and dirty him. Shawn insisted on hugging her firmly, which made her even more frightened. Shawn clearly was not thinking straight… It was her who wanted her to go through the rain. Does he have a fever causing his confusion? When Paula saw him, she quickly put on a smile. “Shawn, I’m just setting some rules for my daughter-in-law.” “My rules are the rules. She doesn’t need to follow yours!” Paula’s smile froze on her face. Gale was even stiffer. Shawn was actually defending her. Shawn hugged her deeply and thoughtfully and walked to the villa. “Housekeeper, see off the guests.” “Yes.” Gale was not used to it and dared not move. “Who was that just now?” “It’s just my stepmother.” “Oh…” Gale replied a while later, “You must have offended her by speaking up for me just now.” Shawn replied lightly, “What does that matter?” “She is not qualified to bully you.” Shawn pursed his lips lightly and said, “In the whole world, only I can bully you.” Gale’s heart trembled when he heard it. Even humiliating her was his right. No one else could. “You apologized to Paula just now, right?” Gale lowered her head and answered, “Yes.” “Slap yourself.” She stared blankly at him, not knowing where she had gone wrong. Is it because she apologized to Paula? Shawn did not explain and raised his brows indifferently. Gale gritted her teeth and slapped herself hard. It had to be loud, forceful, and have a red mark on the cheek to satisfy Shawn. Otherwise, there will be a second slap, a third… until he is satisfied. “That’s right.” Shawn pointed at the insulation box on the coffee table and said, “Go, open it.” Gale complied. As soon as she opened the lid, she smelled a fragrant fragrance, which enticed her appetite. “This is…” “The soup from Paula.” Gale remembered that her mother used to make soup for her often, but in the future… she will never taste

her mother’s cooking again. The probability that a vegetative person waking up was too low. Gale suddenly wanted to cry, but she dared not, so she could only blink her eyes quickly to force the tears back. Shawn held Gale tightly and raised her chin. “Gale, drink.” Ah? Is she forced to drink? Gale said, “It’s not right…This is what Paula prepared for you.” “Drink as much as you want.” Shawn said impatiently, “From today onwards, you will drink all the soup she brings.” He even picked up the spoon himself, scooped up the soup, and fed it to her. “I’ll drink by myself…” “Drink.” No way, Gale could only open her mouth. An inexplicable smile flashed in Shawn’s eyes. This soup was made for men. It can affect fertility, causing difficulty in impregnating women… That would be perfect for Gale to drink. She is a woman, so this soup has no effect on her. Even if there is an impact, so what? Why would he care about her life and death. Gale had no idea, and it happened that she was hungry too. “Signed it.” While sipping, Shawn threw an agreement at her. She looked intently at the divorce agreement. She just got married and now getting divorced. What exactly is Shawn planning? “Three months later, we will divorce, and you will go out of the house. In the next three months, you must be a good Mrs. Wood.” Shawn had absolute confidence that he would be able to find the woman who slept with him that night within three months. By that time, Gale’s existence would be meaningless. He will marry that woman. That night, all her beauty… made him unconsciously start to miss her. “Okay, divorce.” Gale agreed, “However, I have conditions.” Shawn sneered deeply and said, “What qualifications do you have to negotiate with me? Want me to let your mother go?” “No.” She wanted him to… investigate the cause of his father’s death. That was Shawn’s sore spot, which cannot be touched or mentioned. Anyone who dares to open it will be courting death! Of course, Gale knew his temper, but she had no other way. She said cautiously, “Have you ever thought that maybe your father’s death… is caused by someone else?” As she expected, Shawn’s complexion quickly sank like a dark cloud. He kicked over the coffee table, and the soup spilled on the ground. “Gale, how dare you mention this!? You don’t want to live anymore?!” Was she scared? Certainly. Gale still bit the bullet and carried on, “My father is an experienced doctor. At the juncture of life and death, he can’t be careless enough to use the wrong medicine… ah!” Before she could finish her sentence, Shawn grabbed her neck. “Say one more word!” The air in her lungs was slowly thinning, and Gale was about to faint, looking up at his handsome face.

Shawn’s deep forehead bulged with blue veins, and the strength in his hand became stronger and stronger. “I will never stop having my revenge on your father. Gale, are you delusional to absolve your father? Dreaming! I will make your Warm family live a life of pain and sorrow!” “I just believe my dad…” “Shut up!” Shawn interrupted her fiercely, “The evidence is conclusive. Your father also pleaded guilty and went to jail. What else is there to say!” “He was forced to confess… ” A dark shadow appeared in front of Gale’s eyes, suffocating her. She thought it would be good if she just died like this. She was relieved. Living was too tiring. However… Shawn let go. He said like a demon, “You won’t die so easily. I want to keep you tortured day after day.” Gale fell to the ground, tears falling unconsciously. It seems that she can only rely on herself to find out the truth about Alex Wood’s death. Gale had no time to wallow in her sadness. She wiped away her tears, got up, lowered her head, and followed Shawn to the bedroom. “I’ll just sleep on the floor.” She was very self-aware. Shawn ignored her and stood by the window smoking a cigarette. Gale lay down on the floor, curled up into a ball, and closed her eyes. She was not bitter because sleeping here was a thousand times better than in a messy mental hospital. After finishing his cigarette, Shawn turned her head and found that Gale was already asleep. The bright moonlight fell on her cheeks, lining her snow-white skin, her long eyelashes cast shadows, and her lips were bright red and tender… He was tempted to kiss her. Shawn quickly looked away, entered the bathroom, and took a long cold shower before calming down. He actually had feelings for Gale! Damn it! Shawn shook his shaggy head, strode back to the bedroom, and grabbed Gale from the ground.

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