Chapter 5 - Son-In-Law Madness


It was very cold! This feeling was like when he fell in a pool of blood years ago, his life coming to an end, his eyes seeing death.

The only difference was that at that time, Xu Nan appeared, like a warm light, using supreme medical skills to pull him back to the world.

And now, this hell-like coldness came from none other than Xu Nan! The sky had collapsed! The Commander of Nanjiang, who had a great strategy, controlled the battlefield, and always acted rational, was actually so impulsive for his sister! The dragon epaulets on the ground were so dazzling! Yi Tianlong suddenly had a sinking feeling.

The person behind all of this had made a grave mistake! Extremely wrong! No matter what, he should not use Xu Nan's sister as a breakthrough point! At the same time, the anger in Yi Tianlong's heart surged.

He knew too well this man in front of him! For the sake of Dragon Country, for Nanjiang, for the sake of the billions of people, Xu Nan had sacrificed too much.

He was desperately bleeding in the frontier, but his closest relatives had been bullied to this extent! If it had not been for Xu Nan's medical skills, the girl on the sickbed would have already become a corpse at this moment, right? This hatred was already monstrous! If it were his closest relative being treated like this, how could he be more rational than Xu Nan at this moment? Xu Nan stepped forward and was about to leave.

Yi Tianlong's eyes were dazed, as if he saw a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.


Yi Tianlong quickly stood up, rushed forward, and grabbed Xu Nan's wrist.

"You can't stop me, which you know very well."

Xu Nan's tone was always calm.

Behind the calmness was the killing intent that could destroy heaven and earth.

Yi Tianlong trembled, but he still said, "Marshal Nan, don't mess around.I'll help you!"

When Xu Nan heard this, he suddenly turned his head and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

"You'll help me?"

"Yes! I'll help you!"

Yi Tianlong nodded heavily.

"Marshal Nan, no one can stop you in Nanjiang, but in Chongcheng, there are some things that you can't reach.I am different.I can mobilize all my resources here to help you take revenge.All the people involved cant escape.’’ Xu Nan looked deeply at Yi Tianlong.

"You are afraid that I will go completely crazy, right?"

Yi Tianlong did not answer, which was equivalent to acquiescence.

He helped Xu Nan against the law of the country.After the matter was over, he would be done for.

However, if he didn't help, Xu Nan would do it himself, and then the entire city would be covered in a layer of blood! Although he could stay out of it, but Xu Nan...

"Alright, I'll let you help me."

Xu Nan nodded, and his eyes couldn't help but reveal a wisp of extreme resentment.

"Help me find out where my irresponsible father is.His daughter was tortured like this and almost died! Where is he?"

Yi Tianlong was stunned and then said without thinking,

"KTV." Xu Nan smiled.

But his fist made a cracking sound.

The anger in his eyes was so thick that it almost solidified.

Good father! His daughter was almost tortured to death, but this good father was still eating, drinking, and playing at the KTV! No matter how much the setting sun struggled, it still met with its temporal end after the last ray of light, and then the whole sky was shrouded by the night.

While the bustling Chongcheng, with colorful neon lights on, began to liven up as people's spendthrift nightlife unfolded.

Three Gates was the name of the KTV.

Everyone in the city knew of it as a Gold-Consuming Lair.

And the master of the Three Gates was Liu Xuan's father, Liu Sanchong.

The uncrowned king of Chongcheng! At that moment, in a small private room of the Three Gates.

Xu Yaozhong smiled as he held up a glass full of wine and said to a middle-aged man with a big belly, "Chief Qu, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. I, Xu Yaozhong, am honored! I offer you a toast."

Chief Qu glanced at Xu Yaozhong, his eyes full of contempt and ridicule, without hiding anything.

He forced himself to raise his glass, but before Xu Yaozhong could take the initiative to lower his head and touch it, he flipped his hand, and all the wine in the glass was splashed on Xu Yaozhong's face.

Xu Yaozhong's smile was stiff, but after he reacted, he did not dare to complain.

Instead, he was extremely excited.

"To be able to make Chief Qu pour me a glass of wine, I, Xu Yaozhong, will be honored to speak of it in the future! Thank you, Chief Qu! Thank you, Chief Qu!"

"Hahaha..." In the private room, Chief Qu's subordinates laughed unscrupulously.

Xu Yaozhong resisted the grief and indignation in his heart.

He raised his head and drank all the wine in the cup.

Then, he took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it over with a disgusting fawning smile.

"Chief Qu, this is all the money I can gather.It's not a lot.It's just two million yuan.I'll give it to you.Please, for the sake of our old friendship...Ouch!"

Before he finished speaking, Chief Qu suddenly raised his leg and kicked Xu Yaozhong to the ground.

Xu Yaozhong's forehead touched the corner of the wall, and his eyes were dizzy.

The scarlet blood flowed down his forehead under the five-colored light, looking a bit strange.

"Old friendship? In the past, the Xu family was very powerful.I was just as flattering and fawning as you today.But what about you? You are only willing to give me some leftover soup to drink."

Chief Qu smiled sinisterly.

"Master Xu, I have waited for this day for a long time! Do you know? Your warm smile at that time was so disgusting in my eyes!"

"But I still have to thank you.If you hadn't given me a mouthful of leftovers, I wouldn't have been able to accumulate my original money, and I wouldn't have been able to curry favor with Mr.Liu.How could I have had the qualifications to make the Xu family head grovel in front of me? Hahaha! Come, crawl over here!"

Chief Qu picked up a bottle of expensive wine and poured it onto the ground.

He grinned and said, "Lick it clean."

Xu Yaozhong lowered his head in disappointment.

Blood was still flowing down his cheeks, dripping onto the ground.

He was so angry that he wanted to destroy this world! The patriarch of the Xu family, who had once been comparable to the four great families of Chongcheng, had fallen to such a state today.

He had been humiliated by a person who had once been inferior to a dog! But he had to endure! Otherwise, what would happen to his daughter? His son had been missing for six years.

But his daughter could not afford to suffer more! Xu Yaozhong closed his eyes in pain.

He placed his hands on the ground stained with blood and knelt on his right knee.

He lowered his head and no one could see his hysterical pain.

For his daughter! For his daughter! Let him humiliate him, let him enjoy himself, let him step on his head and laugh happily! Only in this way would there be a trace of a chance to save his daughter! Xu Yaozhong, who had his eyes closed, had yet to kneel on his left knee when he suddenly felt someone press down on his shoulder.

"Chief Qu, don't worry.I will climb as steadily as a dog." Xu said in a low voice.

"You are like a dog, then what about me? Dog's son?" A calm voice echoed in his ears.

Xu Yaozhong trembled violently and then looked up.

The blood on his forehead was about to blur his vision.

The light in the room was already dim.

Even so, Xu Yaozhong could still clearly see the face of the young man in military uniform.His lips trembled.

For a long while, he could not say a word.

After a long time, he lowered his head.

He couldn't dare to look at his son! His son, who had been missing for six years, had returned.

It should have been something to be happy about, but...

He had let his son see his father, who was as humble as a dog! At this moment, Xu Yaozhong wished he could smash his head to death!

"Hey, who is this? Young Master Xu? Ha, right! That's right! It's Young Master Xu!"

Chief Qu seemed to have recognized Xu Nan.Six years was a long time for many people, but for some, it was too short.

"Come!" Chief Qu had a perverted look on his face.

"Young Master Xu, crawl to me too! Hurry up and crawl! Hurry up!"

Xu Nan raised his head and smiled.

"Six years...I fought in Nanjiang just to protect such scum?" His smile disappeared.

Xu Nan lightly said, "These six years were not worth it!"

At the same time, Hong Zhuang strode forward.

Her killing intent was extremely strong! These scum were even more disgusting than the enemy soldiers who burned and plundered her nation!

Faced with this kind of people...


Killing them could quench her disgust!!

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