Chapter 4 - Son-In-Law Madness



Xu Nan looked at his sister who was lying on the hospital bed, her body filled with death intent.

She clenched her fists tightly, her nails digging into her palms, and blood dripped down drop by drop.

It was very painful! However, this kind of pain could not compare to one in ten thousand of the pain in his heart.

He panted heavily.

It was as if a volcano was about to erupt in his heart, wanting to destroy this world! The dignified Nanjiang Commander controlled a million troops and resisted the invasion of enemy countries.

For a full six years, he had slaughtered thousands of miles and protected the Dragon Country time and time again.

Everyone could hear how he had displayed his might at the border, but no one knew how much he had paid for his country and the people.

He had wandered between life and death countless times, and he had survived countless times! If he were to take off his clothes, they would see that his body was covered in hideous scars.

Layer after layer! This was a medal made of iron and blood.

It was the glory that he had branded for this country! However, when he turned around, he realized that he was so weak.

He had protected billions of people, but he could not protect his only sister! This sister who had been cheerful and lively since she was young, seemingly delicate but never willing to admit defeat, her spirit had almost dissipated! She was courting death! This world, to her, no longer had any meaning for her existence! She could not find a reason to live! And the desire to live before was just to take one last look at her brother who had been missing for six years! This glance satisfied her and made her want to leave this world without any regrets! What exactly happened??? There was a terrifying aura around her, and the cup on the table was covered in cracks.

A light touch would shatter it into powder.

"Hong Zhuang, let Yi Tianlong come in to see me."

Suddenly, the tender voice of Hong Zhuang outside the door rang out, like ten thousand years of ice, penetrating deep into the bone marrow and soul.

Hong Zhuang's pupils slightly dilated, and her determined heart, which had been baptized by the flames of war, violently contracted.

This was the first time that Marshal Nan had been so angry.

He had single-handedly wiped out the nine great war gods of the enemy kingdom, securing the victory of this battle.

Now, it was the second time! If it was not handled well, the huge city would be filled with rivers of blood which was sure to shock the world! Footsteps came towards them.

Yi Tianlong came.

Xu Nan's voice was resounding.

There was no need for Hong Zhuang to convey it.

Anyways, Yi Tianlong could hear it loud and clear.

Just like Hong Zhuang, Yi Tianlong could not help but feel fear in his heart.

The Golden Dragon Supervisor was like the emperor's most important messenger who held the sword of Shang Fang, an imperial sword giving its bearer arbitrary powers.

He was responsible for supervising the border of Nanjiang, restraining the general of Nanjiang, preventing the general of Nanjiang from having too much military power and being disloyal.

In terms of status, he was even higher than Xu Nan.

However, the fear in his heart was so strong! This fear was not directed at himself.

After all, Yi Tianlong and Xu Nan were friends...

They were comrades-in-arms who cherished each other! Nanjiang was once broken into and Yi Tianlong should have died in battle.

It was Xu Nan who saved him and Nanjiang.

But because of this, he knew Xu Nan very well.

This man's anger had reached its peak at this moment.

The sky of Chongcheng was about to collapse! Hong Zhuang turned to let Yi Tianlong into the ward.

Yi Tianlong saw Xu Nan, who was as tall as a mountain, and also saw the blood dripping from his palm.

At this moment, Yi Tianlong took a deep breath.

He felt sad for some people!


Xu Nan did not look back.

He slowly raised his hand and pointed at Xu Bei, who was unrecognizable on the bed.

His tone was so calm that it was almost numb.

"My sister, Xu Bei.I want to know what happened to her.Tell me."

The commander-in-chief of Nanjiang was in charge of the military power thereof.

His position was extremely high and he could be called a provincial official.

However, because of this, he was restricted greatly.In the inland city, he was not allowed to have any of border marshals’ claws and teeth (t/n: "Claws and teeth"means "loyal subordinates"in Chinese). Otherwise, he would be accused of treason.No one was an exception.

The Golden Dragon Supervision was a huge department.

The intelligence network was spread all over the country and was the best weapon in the Dragon Country.

As long as the Golden Dragon Supervision wanted to find out the information, there was nothing that could not be uncovered.

Xu Nan was sure that Yi Tianlong had found out the cause and effect.

He wanted to know.

Yi Tianlong did not want to say it before because so many people were involved that even the core higher-ups were conspirators.

But now, he had to say it.

Xu Nan's anger could no longer be extinguished.

Someone had to pay the price of blood! However, Yi Tianlong had to carefully consider how much he said.

Looking at Xu Bei who was lying on the bed like a breathing dead, Yi Tianlong could not help but feel angry.

No matter what the reason was, it was going too far to torture a girl! "Before today, I did not know the existence of Xu Bei, nor did I know that she is your sister."

Yi Tianlong said thoughtfully, "You are from Chongcheng City.You should know about the four big families of Chongcheng."

Xu Nan nodded.

The four big families of Chongcheng, Zhou, Qin, Wei, and Gu.

The four big families all had border backgrounds and were descendants of famous generals.

Later, they left the army for the business world and used Chongcheng as their foundation to weave a huge spider web.

They had extraordinary control.

However, if Xu Nan's sister was reduced to this sorry situation by the four big families of Chongcheng...

A hint of blood appeared in Xu Nan's eyes.

Then these four big families would be rooted out, old and young, men and animals!

"Your sister's matter is not caused by the four big families, but it is also somewhat related.The ones who really made the move on her are three rich kids from them.The key culprit is called Liu Xuan..."

Yi Tianlong said hurriedly.Xu Nan listened calmly.

As such, half an hour passed.

Until later, before Yi Tianlong could finish, he subconsciously closed his mouth.

He hid a lot of things, but he did not dare to hide anything about Xu Bei's torture.He told everything in detail.

Even he, the examiner, felt a chill in his heart.

Liu Xuan was clearly a young girl, but her thoughts were vicious and her methods were ruthless.

Even he felt a chill down his spine.

But Xu Nan did not react! Yi Tianlong's heart sank to the bottom of the valley.No reaction? Could it mean that his hatred was So terrifying that it defied any reaction?

"I got it."

Xu Nan looked up and was about to leave.

"Arrange for someone to take care of my sister."

"Marshal Nan!"

Yi Tianlong's breathing was heavy, and his eyes were extremely complicated.

There was even a hint of pleading in them.

"Don't make a move...Really! With your power and status, your every move is in the eyes of those who are concerned.Once...once you..."

"I know."

Xu Nan calmly turned around and looked at Yi Tianlong.

Yi Tianlong only felt that Xu Nan's eyes were like knives and swords which were piercing his own eyes.

At the same time, Xu Nan's eyes were filled with pain and sorrow.

"You have concealed a lot of things, but I can hear that the reason why my sister encountered this is not that she happened to know some secret.It was just that someone wanted to deal with me, so they started from my sister."

Yi Tianlong hurriedly said, "Since you've already known it, why do you still..."

Before he finished his words, Xu Nan raised his hand and interrupted.

"They are very smart, but they are also very stupid.In that case, I will play along with them."

With this, Xu Nan raised his hand again.

Yi Tianlong seemed to think of something and was so shocked that his facial features were distorted.


It was too late to stop it! Xu Nan's hand had already ripped off the shoulder badge with a golden dragon pattern! "lam no longer the commander-in-chief of Nanjiang, and everyone will have to pay the price for this!"


Yi Tianlong stumbled and fell to the ground, his vision turning black.

The all mighty and high Golden Dragon Supervisor felt as if he was in an icehouse at this moment, shivering.

Chongcheng was bound to have blood flowing like a river in it! No one could stop it now!

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